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A question about Narration and Imposition

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I've been thinking while narrating yesterday, will my tulpa be locked for change after I impose her? I mean, I know their personality can change after they're imposed, but, is it possible to impose a tulpa before it gets sentient and keep narrating after it's imposed to get it sentient? Did anyone try this? I mean, it kinda makes sense the way I think, but, I might be wrong.

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We haven't done enough tests with imposed tulpae to actually check this out as much as I'd liked. However, I know of cases where imposed tulpae have changed (from hairstyles to changing form completely) in the past.


To your second question, basically non/pre-sentient imposed tulpa is what I like to call a "hologram," or "ragdoll." I personally believe an imposed non-sentient tulpa can become sentient as you continue to narrate to it. I know of a case where someone kept narrating to their servitor and it became a tulpa, and since I believe narration is a major part of what brings sentience, this idea dosen't sound so far fetched.


If you try it, please report back in the Research board and let us know how it goes.


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