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My tulpa Neon has been in development for over a year (I had a hitch where I was trying to make three tulpae at once, Neon is my first tulpa) and I believe he is sentient. (I have no real evidence that he is sentient because I'm getting mixed messages) But the thing is that whenever I as him a question of some kind, I always think he saying something but I feel like I'm saying it. (Just a heads-up I used to puppet/parrot him to develop him faster, got the idea from an old thread)

Does anyone know why this? And did/does anyone else get this?


Neon(Anthro): Working on... Something...

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I've been doing this for a while, just stopped. The trick is to just take every message as it comes.


I think it happened because I expected some terrible change to take place, something that would enlighten me to where I could just hear everything. That doesn't happen, as far as I've seen.

For now, just take it as a thing that happens. Whatever you think you're saying for him is really him.

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