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Having trouble imposing

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Narration is feeding your tulpa attention by talking to it, spending time with it, etc etc. They most likely won't respond directly at first, but give it time. Give everything time, you strike me as the type of the person who just wants to blast through everything at once.


Tulpas need attention to survive and develop, so narration is how you give it to them. Think of it like feeding them, I guess. Make sense?


As for your imposition question, the other members are right. Take your time and don't rush. Rushing is probably the worst thing you could do and will only lead to a lot of problems down the line.

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Guest amber5885

The best peice of advice I can give you is summed up thusly.


If you want your tulpa to act, think and be a seperate real life person you need to treat them like a thinking, acting seperate real life person.


And be patient. You didn't learn to talk and walk in a day, neither will your tulpa.

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Totally true you guys I do feel alot of head pressures everytime I ask a question although I think he does talk already.. ive asked him his favorite stuff and ive gotten the most suprising weird answers like I know what hes saying ... for example ive asked him what his favorite color is or his favorite number... his favorite color is green and number is 5... my fav color is light blue and fav number is 7... so im guessing hes telling me these things, I do tell him all the things I want to tell him and ill try telling him about my day to! Thanks guys such great help!

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