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Poll: What is your current experience with visualization?
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Tier one
1 4.76%
Tier two
2 9.52%
Tier three
4 19.05%
Tier four
6 28.57%
Tier five
4 19.05%
Tier six
3 14.29%
Tier seven
1 4.76%
Tier eight+
0 0%
Total 21 vote(s) 100%
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[Visualization] How can I improve visualization, where do I stand in the community?
I was reading Twice Sparked's PR and had an inspiration of thought, so I just catagorized these per my experience with myself and others, so as to form a matrix of comparison and road map for anyone who cares. This is my interpretation.

In addition to the percentage of immersion (0 to 100%) I have conglomerated a rough set of tiers after talking to many other systems on this topic. Where do you fall?

Visualization Tiers

Tier one is nothing but maybe a blob or solid color.

Tier two is something like being able to visualize simple things that aren't very believable and are lost quickly.

Tier three is say visualization of a room, with movement, might be unstable.

Tier four would be, 40% immersive, visualization isn't a problem, detailing certain things are just beyond you for the moment. (Where I was April 2018)

Tier five would be fully realistic memories of events with immersion over 50%, now we're able to really get some amazing experiences. (Where I was October 2018)

Tier six, spikes of damn near reality, baseline visualization of 70% or better as compared to reality, multiple points of view simultaneously full detail on anything you concentrate on, open eye, closed eye, no appreciable difference. (Where I am now).

Tier seven, I speculate, would be close to, if not full reality equivalent, 100% immersion, dream-like visualization at a baseline. (Where a couple other systems I've talked to say they are.)

What happens above this and temporarily above baseline is purely amazing. Hypnagogic or meditation enhanced wonderlanding is clearly and completely superreal at times; in every sense better than a lucid dream. I've had quite a few tastes of this.

How do we get there? Practice every day, struggle to visualize what you can't, practically strain yourself, become obsessed, and above all, have fun doing it.

I don't turn off wonderland anymore. It's there now, I can see my tulpas sitting on a couch, smiling at me. It's what they do most of the day, watch me and gab, in their pajamas (except Ashley). So the spikes of superreal happen spontaneously when I'm physically sleepy, and if I do relaxation meditation. (For me, they used to be hallucinations, now they're mostly enhancements to normal visualization, and I definitely appreciate that, though audio still sounds like a hallucination, it's better, and it's coming from them in wonderland, not a random spot or all in one ear like it used to be.)

Relaxation does boost performance, and allow for longer duration spikes, on par with lucid dream length on average. My goal is to be above tier seven, and enjoy my interaction with them on a whim at 1.2x reality. When we're there, we'll see just how much better the horizon looks and keep marching on. I never would have thought my visualization could be as good as it is now, but now I'm dreaming of the impossible.

Where do you fit in? If you don't care, that's fine, we know some people don't feel it's important or necessary at all, but my system among others can agree that visualization is definitely a quality of life improvement and ironically makes the systemmates feel more tangible and real.

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My actual visualisation is at high tier 5, but my imposition is at tier 7+ and since I can impose entire surroundings I can basically use imposition as a better version of visualisation™, but since that's different from proper visualisation I suppose that I'm at tier 5
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Well... for me right now it's somewhere between Tier three and four. I'd say I can visualize anything, but it is often blurry, dim, or partially missing, like looking at an image reflected on a glass surface. Sometimes an image is fairly clear, but it's hard to maintain the background or peripheral areas. If I "try too hard" things can get worse, or I may even get stuck looking at the back of my eyelids. On the other hand, sometimes it's pretty decent, I can run my hands through the sand on an imagined beach and feel it. I can mentally simulate most senses, drawing on my memory of those things, but it's not like real life--I don't feel it in my actual body and I guess my mental body senses are weaker. I should also mention that my memory of real events is on the same level as my visualization, and my dream immersion is maybe Tier five for visuals but usually lacking other senses.

Since I started tulpamancy, my visualizations have become more... lively? If I imagine a little mouse character on my desk, it will start sniffing and scurrying around. It's much easier to visualize things in motion, a still image will generally disappear after a second or less. So in wonderland I try to keep things moving, and I can go on a wonderland excursion for ~40 minutes and I just put up with the lack of clarity. I very much would like to improve my visualization skills. I suspect immersing for longer periods of time daily would go a long way, unfortunately I have a lot of other things I need to work on. Once my tulpa Aya became vocal, we mostly spend active forcing time working on improving vocality. Which means hardly any time spent in wonderland.
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I feel like this is maybe a biased perspective from someone who's not really experienced the lower levels of visualization. Not your fault of course, but as someone who falls between 3 and 4 I think, those descriptions don't click with me at all.

The visualization is there - the details feel like they're there - but they just aren't. Nobody visualizes "a blob of color". It's an intangible spectrum of feeling or even knowing there should be detail, but having transparency at like 2%, I guess. For us, there's flashes of complete forms/details that aren't just a mental "missing texture", but for the most part it's only really a knowing that their forms' details should be there. I mentioned before that Reisen and Tewi do have human ears, but that the detail never really comes up with our level of visualization. I visualize their faces all the time, but the "mental missing textures" are filling in most of it. What I truly get is an extremely "transparent"/faint base of what they look like, with lots of just "knowing" the other details are there. Trying to focus on/see them (eyes, a hat or bunny ears, sleeves... anything really) is the bulk of our visualization practice. (The rest we rarely do is scenario visualization, like our wonderland)

Anyways. Our visualization sucks. Wasn't sure which tier to put so I went with the lower of my choices, because four was somehow one step away from "fully realistic".

I would say at the next "tier" up from wherever we're at, which we can get close to if we do a lot of visualization in a week (several 30-60 minute sessions at minimum), is where visualization starts to passively include actual details and not just the knowing that they're there. When looking at Lucilyn, I'd see her sleeves and hat and dress and their colors, as opposed to right now where looking at her face might include the nearby hair, bottom of the hat, and maybe the starts of her sleeves (and the rest I "know" is there but am not technically seeing, if you were to snapshot my visualization), for example.
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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.
I typically have tier 4 visualization that on good days jumps to tier 5, where before it was a tier 3 with the occasional jump to a 4. However, I would also have times where my visualization would crap out and drop to a 2 or a 1, which still happens now sometimes. I have had rare slight tastes of a tier 6 here and there.

Obviously, whatever you're doing, it's working, and you're better than me.

@Lumi, a tier 1 is black out. It's frustrating, but it means the brain is done and needs a break.

Honestly, I think this tier list is pretty good. I don't find it confusing.
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Especially since our conversations helped define this list, Cat. I know what Lumi is talking about though because I remember that before experiencing the higher tiers, I couldn't imagine they were even a thing. Yeah, maybe tier 7, 8, 9-14 are still just steps toward my goals, and so I can see why you'd think ut should go step 4 -> then perfection. It's like you think, if it was only this much better, wow, then it passes that expectation for a few brief moments and you think, oh dang, that's a big jump, but the goal is still there.

I also have to visualize for my day job, so that's going to give me another advantage.
It's more that I can imagine quite a few steps between where I'm at and what "lifelike" would be like, there's many checkpoints in between I can see from here.

More than lifelike is irrelevant to me and I'm not interested right now. Lucid dreams being lifelike is all I want in life, and if it gets better from there then that's nice, but my expectations and standards are firmly in place.
Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.
My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.
Zia voted on my account, but of course it's about her level of visualization (tier one), mine would be 5 or 6 in physical reality, 5 or 6 in dreams (lucid dreams), 7 in Wonderland

About "struggle to visualize what you can't, practically strain yourself, become obsessed", yes that's what Zia has done, but "above all, have fun doing it" was impossible in that almost-blind situation. What she got is that she actually strained herself, with no results.

Have fun, I wish you to reach the mythic tiers 7 and beyond !
Hi, I'm Vādin, Zia's tulpa/permanent guest.
Sorry to hear that Zia, I can only say I'm not alone in the current community, this forum being a small fraction of that.
I'd say tier 5. My visualization is really good, I can picture anything that I want in a few seconds and make it look extremely realistic and detailed. My wonderland experiences tend to feel like actual memories if I were relaxed enough but it's the damn immersion thing that I'm lacking. If I focus a lot on what I'm visualizing it can get very vivid tho, but definitely not like a lucid dream.
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