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Are Tulpas Real Sentience? (2015 poll)

Guest Anonymous

Are tulpas real sentience?  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. Are tulpas real sentience?

    • Yes. Tulpas are independently sentient minds.
    • No, tulpas are illusory apparent sentience and a trick of the mind or a figment.
    • I am not sure yet.

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Guest Anonymous

There was an old poll for the opinion of members on the question of tulpa sentience from 2013: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-are-tulpa-real-honestly It is outdated and it isn't a very well written poll anyway.


I would like to poll the membership again on this issue. I already know most members regard tulpas as real (true independent sentient minds). What I am wondering is how many members feel the opposite, that tulpas are illusory or apparent sentience only (a trick of the mind).


So the poll question: Are tulpas real sentience?

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[Tri] We say that tulpas are sentient in as much as hosts are sentient. We think that if either of them is controlling the body in full, they are probably sentient. Now, when they are inside, maybe they are sentient or maybe they aren't (but we think this is so for both tulpas and hosts when they are inside).

Tri = {V, O, G}, Ice and Frostbite and Breach (all formerly Hail), and others

System Name: Fall Family

Former Username: hail_fall

Contributor and administrator on a supplementary tulpamancy resource and associated forum, Tulpa.io and Tulpa.io/discuss/.

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Najere: I'm certain that I'm an independent sentience from Fade.

[align=center]We are a soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences. Our "host" is Fade, and the general leader figure is Troy.


~ Fade, Medea, Stethen, Euryale, Jamie, Olive, Drewbie, Demetrius, Najere, Troy ~


Najere is being an (extremely charming) narcissist.


Olive is most adorable![/align]

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Guest Anonymous

Dunno about any other tupper, but Esterina sure seems as real as a person can be to me.

She's the most reliable piece of sentient tupperware that I've ever had the pleasure of storing my dairy in.

And, since I just woke up and can't hear her well yet, I'll just assume she said it, and I'll just say it in her name:

"I hate you. :)"





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This is always an unstable topic for us. We're constantly going back and forth on this, but the only thing we can seem to agree on is this: it SEEMS that tulpas are sentient minds. I appear to be entirely sentient, have my own feelings, and appear to be very real. Does that make me real?

Well fuck if I know

It's something we frequently ponder. But I don't know if the day will ever come that we'll truly know for sure. We have such a little understanding how to verify my own sentience, let alone his. It's just all based on faith I feel.

I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.


We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.

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Guest Anonymous

I'm actually beginning to form my own theory here... since I'm really beginning to notice a pattern, both among young and old, fresh and senior forum members.

If I had to name it, I'd call it "Responsive Sentience Theory"... maybe I'll post a topic about it.

To get some opinions. I think there really might be some value and truth to it, depending on how you look at it.


Now you got me curious.


You'll have to wait and see when I open a topic about it.




AG & Rina

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Guest Anonymous

So far 61% believe tulpas are real sentience, the other 39% don't believe tulpas are real sentience or are not sure yet. This is interesting because, so far, it pretty much follows the earlier poll, or close to it. I wonder if there is a trend for tulpamancers to become more certain and confident on the question of sentience over time? That would be another study.

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    • Guest Anonymous
      By Guest Anonymous
      I keep reading, especially on the IRC that certain users have had trouble getting their tulpa's voice to sound different from their own. So far its just a wait and see kind of event. Hoping and praying that the voice will start to sound different. I did not do this.
      I am going to tell you something that every other guide has told you not to do, ever. That if you were to do what I say then some unholy god/admin from the mighty tulpa overwatchers will smite you. This is not true.
      I am going to tell you to parrot. That's right you are going to move your tulpa's lips like a puppet.
      This is not a requirement but I suggest that you fully visualize you'r tulpa before you begin Voxxing. (That is the word for Forcing a voice) If you can fully visualize and render your tulpa before you begin voxxing it will be much easier as you can get down the lip and jaw movements.
      In your head you will need to sound out some phrases and stories. It doesnt matter what it is as long as you can remember it and repeat it over and over again. Go ahead and say this phrase to your tulpa and have him/her repeat it. Here is the tricky part. Imagine the voice you want your tulpa to possess. It will sound weak and hazy, not very strong like the voice you already have in your head. This is ok. Keep doing this and continue to focus on the voice.
      This is the longest step of this process is that which seems like no progress is being made. It took me personally six hours for the process to begin to work. The voice will start to sound more clear and profound. Now you might think it may be easy to mix up signs of sentience with this. Its not. When your tulpa becomes sentient his/her voice will be able to talk over yours. Like a friend talking to you. It is very distinct and the only way you can not notice it is if you are completely doped up. Even then Its hard. I know.
      After you are able to get this voice solid and firm enough you can continue onto narration, or personality if your a stiff.. Have your tulpa repeat what you say every so often to keep the voice in your head. I did this and I was able to skip all of the horrible hassle of trying to deviate my tulpas voice from my own. Also her voice may deviate from the original, my tulpa has.
    • By Lucilyn
      This discussion originated from the thread Did I give the right answer? -Cat_ShadowGriffin



      the "controlling" is somewhat unconscious I guess, just.. like if you imagine something (visualize) totally made up, you're doing that, even if it can happen/continue really naturally, like that
      tulpas just have a little more going on y'know
    • By Carlos
      I have a romantic relationship with my tulpa, but I would like to feel the emotions of love that she feels for me (I guess this is related in some way to the sentience)
      She is not vocal yet, she has a certain level of judgment and I communicate with her through music, but I want to communicate in other ways with my tulpa so that she can transmit me the emotions of love she feels for me. How else can I communicate with my tulpa?
    • By Kalushar
      Recently, I’ve been feeling head pressures, which I believe to be my Tulpa gaining sentience. However, as of late the feeling has been weaker and I don’t feel it as much. I was wondeing what this might be and what I could do to fix it.
    • By teapup
      I'm not sure if how I hear my tulpas voice is correct.
      It sounds exactly like my own, quiet and in the back of my head. I can only hear her when I really focus on listening, and I feel sometimes I accidently parrot her responses. It's because her talking is very quick and very far back under my mental "layers" of voice and is hard to hear. Im not sure if this is promising, or is actually my mind voice having like multiple layers if that's normal?
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