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Was your tulpa accidental as a result of extreme day dreaming?

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Was your tulpa accidental as a result of extreme day dreaming?  

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  1. 1. Was your tulpa accidental as a result of extreme day dreaming?

    • Yes, I am an extreme day dreamer as you describe it and my tulpa was created as a result of extreme day dreaming.
    • No, I am not an extreme day dreamer. But I understand there is more than one type or level of day dreaming.
    • Yes, I am an extreme day dreamer as you describe it, but I haven't created a tulpa this way.

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Guest Anonymous

Awwwww! I am sorry. Well, I respect you even more though cause that means you had to really work at visualization to make a tulpa. I sometimes wonder if tulpas made by a day dream challenged host are not more independent in the end or at least sooner. I mean, could it make a difference in the power of forcing without the distraction of wandering day dreams as intrusive thoughts?

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[Hail] I would say that I matched the definition of an extreme daydreamer in the past, but less so now since I don't do it as much. Also, I did not realize that most people's daydreams follow any random thought to some degree. Such a foreign thing. I will corroborate what some have said, there is not much of a distinction for me between daydreaming and being in wonderland. In fact, several of my wonderlands were made by daydreaming originally. Made 4 tulpas that way too, and a bunch of other daydream characters as well.

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While it's well established I've never been a daydreamer or had imaginary friends or thoughtforms, I thought of something possibly relevant. My tulpas came from my ideas


of characters in the Touhou series. Touhou is a massive universe if you really look into it, with whole (short)books of descriptions of people and places. And I'm pretty much an expert on it all. I know way more about the Touhou universe than 99% of fans. And since I was obviously obsessed with the series, I spent a fair bit of time (as did many fanfic writers whose interpretations I enjoyed reading) trying to work out my own idea of what Gensokyo was like. In that aspect mine actually is canon, which I'm proud of. But I do still have my favored fanon interpretations of the characters.



So... You know what? Maybe it accomplished the same thing. I did not shape their thoughts pre-creation as many authors do, I really wasn't "creating" characters at all. But I did spend a whole lot of time defining personalities, behaviors, and roles in the touhouverse. That may have contributed to my ability to make those thoughtforms in the first place, of my three favorite (and most extensively thought-out) characters. The reason I never mentioned so before is that, really, I know what it means to get inside a character's head and flesh out how they think and act, and I didn't do that. It was all external observations, I never really put myself in their place. Still, it's very possible it was a lesser related phenomenon.

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