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Planting a Tulpa Seed and How to Listen to It


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Post has been updated.


"A. Contacts" has been changed, yet again. I have removed my views on what I believe tulpas to be, and tried to downplay any undertones of this. J.Iscariot, did point out a glaring flaw in this section. I had no recommendations of how to check to see if you understood your tulpa correctly. This has been added. I have also clearly stated both before and after the section about what I'll just call quasi-parroting that this is not common, or a widely practiced technique (this flows into the following section, i. Individuality).


Jean-luc recommended that I follow up on my piece about tulpas needing attention, and I have done this briefly in ii. Deviations.


Drakaina has pointed out grammatical and spelling errors that have now been fixed.


Thank you everyone for your ideas and contributions, this guide would not have made it as far without you. You may continue to voice your concerns and give criticisms/ideas, but they will not be added/considered nearly as often as they have been.

Host: Ayre

Tulpas: Coda and Segno


Shameless Progress Report Plug:

Ayre's Opus 1: Informal informative index of inhabitants in an invisible inner-world.

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Well, doesn't look like anyone has any further comments, so I assume the previous approvals still count. Mine still does.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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