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I've heard about Tulpamancing for a long time, in fact as a kid I had a very basic one (as in it wasn't developed much) but I mistook it for possible skitzo because I was just a child and didn't really understand the esoteric aspects of life. Therefore out of fear, I rejected its existence and I assume its dead.


So, I want to make a Tulpa as a best friend but let's just say... I have major trust issues. And I mean MAJOR trust issues. I would never create a consciousness that I cannot fully control or program sets of rules into. It also goes against my religion and for the sake of spiritual purposes I may have to get rid of the tulpa one day. A major part of this spiritual belief system pertaining to Tulpas is that all entites you create do not die even though you percieve them as dead (of course I can't verify this, its a belief system) and therefore they will latch onto your soul upon death and prevent it from going where it is supposed to go. If I got rid of it before death and it was either weak or actually dead, I should be fine. I understand this is considered morally wrong by many, but please read this and reply in such a way where morals are not involved. Everything lives and dies, and I would respect it as a human being but I would want it to know and accept during creation that these are my terms and if it doesn't like them, then I can stop making it or something (don't really know how all that works).


So I have a little list of questions here and I would greatly appreciate it if some people can answer :-)


  1. Like servitors and things like that, can I create this Tulpa with laws it cannot disobey, and a kill switch it cannot alter? They are just safety measures, I do in fact fear the unknown so if this Tulpa has no reason to make me use a killswitch, I would not use it (unless the spiritual bit came into play). As for rules, I wouldn't take away its free will or anything, but just prevent it from doing things like creating more Tulpas, evolving into an extremely powerful entity, altering its personality to a morally wrong one, etc
  2. Can I actually stop it from making more Tulpas? Sharing my brain with one entity is more than enough imo and If I can't control this aspect I most definitely won't make a Tulpa
  3. Can I put a limiter on its evolution? I don't want it to be able to use my body, or become a separate entity from myself
  4. Since it shares my mind, what would happen if it dies?
  5. Is there any other info I should know pertaining to these subject matters?


Thank you for reading and I look forward to replies :-)

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Tulpa are their own beings. Instead of using the world tulpa, replace it with "child" and ask yourself those same questions. A tulpa is not a servitor. A servitor can be programmed, but only listens to the programming because it is programmed to listen to the programming. The main point of a tulpa is that it has free will. A servitor is only a servitor because it believes its programmed fences to be real ones. A tulpa can clearly see they are false (with their free thought).


A kill switch is only symbolic. However if you have trust issues, and you plan to bring them into the world with a bomb vest strapped on them that you have the trigger to, I really doubt how well your relationship is going to work out.


You can't stop them from making more as much as you can stop someone else from having a kid. You can get them to see it is the right thing and not to do so. Most tulpa don't wish to create more tulpa. Usually it's something done on accident or before the host knew it was possible.


You can't really limit a tulpas "evolution". It's like a kid learning new words. They generally progressively grow with time (after they reach a certain amount of being). I'm unsure what you mean as a separate entity, unless you mean like a spirit. If you mean more like an individual, they are that from the start. (They aren't just a different form of yourself)


It is a conscious in your mind alongside your conscious. Getting rid of them may or may not have effects on your day to day life. However, getting rid of a tulpa is a very long and painful process for most. For a well developed tulpa it is like locking them in a cage in the dark for possibly years, and that is even with a willing tulpa. It can be a much harder and emotional fight for a tulpa who isn't willing, as most are. Emotional hardship and maybe even fight for control of the body.


What I would advise you to do is reconsider. You already said it may conflict with your religious beliefs, you have trust issues, and you might want to get rid of them in the future. Tulpamancy is a LIFELONG commitment, even morals aside. If you aren't ready to commit your life to this, I wouldn't start.


Which then brings me to why exactly you would want to do this when you have such large reasons not to.

For example what if I met you in person and told you I wanted to be your best friend! But I'll never trust you, my religious views may look down on you, and I might decide to kill you one day. Would you still want to be my best friend when you've never even met me before?


I hope I answered your question, and whatever you decide I hope it goes well for you.

"My lover's got humour,

She's the giggle at a funeral,

Knows everybody's disapproval,

I should've worshipped her sooner."


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If you do plan to dissipate it before death, I'd highly suggest you not create one at all. Not for the moral reasons you told us about, but the fact that tulpas will inevitably gain more and more independence and power through your attention. If you do make a tulpa, it will be VERY difficult to dissipate it after it gains a lot of presence in your mind. It's like getting a song stuck in your head; it won't just disappear that easily. However, assuming you still want to go through with this, I'll give my input on your questions:


1. I don't know about a definite "killswitch" or laws they can follow. The point of tulpas is to feel and act as a real human being. Sure, just like you could raise a child to learn certain customs, you could do the same with your tulpa, but you can't deny the fact that they can grow rebellious.


2. It might be hard for it to create a whole other tulpa on its own, especially if they're not strong enough yet (although they can reach that point). They would have to have just as much presence in the mind as you in order for said tulpa to develop without the need of your attention. Honestly, I would say the probability of that happening, given how to be able to create a tulpa on their own they would have to have had developed and bonded with you a lot, is very low, almost negligible. But tulpas are still always their own person, and people can be unpredictable at times. Then again, the process isn't going to take a couple of minutes for them. You could be able to find out if they're doing it. And again, along with the first question, the relief we use when one distrusts their tulpa is "they would not want to do that anyway", so I don't believe there's much beyond that hope.


3. Limiter on the development of its presence, personality, and independence? No, probably not. But it certainly shouldn't be able to possess, impose, or any other trick in tulpamancy without your help. Also, tulpas are still a part of your mind, so no they can't become a separate entity.


4. Well, you're alive now and don't have a tulpa, right? Nothing would happen to you, but I wouldn't say tulpas could actually "die". They would be in a low state of consciousness unable to function (like being in a deep sleep), as reported by many other people.


5. Tulpas can only live and develop off of your attention. If your reason is simply to have a buddy whenever you're alone, you can do that easily. In my experience, I would only talk to her when I felt like it and she did not develop any further. That could act as a limiter in some way.


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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I would never create a consciousness that I cannot fully control or program sets of rules into. It also goes against my religion and for the sake of spiritual purposes I may have to get rid of the tulpa one day.

These are both important major reasons to not touch tulpamancy and in fact stay away from anything related.


You will probably get answers telling you about servitors. I would suggest also avoiding servitors for the above two reasons.


Some belief systems can be verified. But I take it you mean it is a belief system about something beyond the testable.


Here is a test for your conviction. Stop calling your tulpa it. Call them him, her, or them, then re-go through all those thoughts and explanations again.


(1) You cannot. Any attempt to do so will be challenged by your tulpa's creativity and eventually defeated. Any such action would devolve to a battle of wills.


(2) You cannot. Such things must be agreed upon by both parties.


(3) You cannot. Evolution is guaranteed once a thoughtform reaches tulpa like levels, so long as they remain active and interact with the world. Also, those are two more extremely good reasons to not make a tulpa.


(4) Harder question to answer. Simple answer is it cannot, it will always be a part of you until you die. For example, when their neural pathways begin to degrade beyond the point of recovery, you will begin to take on bits and pieces of their traits and mannerisms, as their circuits are cannibalised and integrated into your own. But I defer to the many perspectives of others.


(5) Probably. But not off the top of my head.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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All in all I really do not recommend you creating a tulpa especially when you have trust issues and having that "Control" aspect of everything. Tulpas are their own being so it is natural for them to have different traits than you. Sure, you can discipline them but you can not completely control their way of thoughts.


Anyway, regarding your questions.


1. I don't know, if there is a "killswitch entirely. IF there is one, it isn't going to work at all. It will just make them agitated and be more rebellious.


2. yeah you can but only if you both agreed on it.


3. Nope, Everything grows so that's hardly a possibility


4. dying is a tough and a hard word regarding for tulpas, they are still there as long as you share an ounce of memory or presence. They are still there and can be revived.


5.eh, if you continue this path you're not even creating a tulpa but a puppet. But hey it's you, if you want it just go. IF you still decided to push your motive i suggest giving it some traits that you like for the tulpa to have, a personality that can fit with your questions that way it might be less worry and troublesome for you.

Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas




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Thanks for all the replies so far, lots of great insight I really appreciate it. As for what @nihi0145632 said, if I program a personality into it (which I would still be okay with since I could make it benevolent, respectful, considerate, etc) it wouldn't have the power to override it would it? Tulpas are being compared to human beings so if it's really that level they probably can change their personality but I would like to make sure :)



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All of mine that I gave a personality in the beginning have changed theirs, some more than others. With Misa I chose not to give her a personality at all but just observe how it would turn out. I feel like tulpas deviate more often than not.

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Thanks for all the replies so far, lots of great insight I really appreciate it. As for what @nihi0145632 said, if I program a personality into it (which I would still be okay with since I could make it benevolent, respectful, considerate, etc) it wouldn't have the power to override it would it? Tulpas are being compared to human beings so if it's really that level they probably can change their personality but I would like to make sure :)




they can still change their personality if they want to, but it is up to them.


I didn't encode mine with a specific personality, i gave them the freedom to have a personality that is unique on their own selves. They said that, they grabbed a piece of my personality and developed around that said personality a fresh new one that is comfortable for them.


they can still change personality if they are up to it.

Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas




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1: Realistically There isn't a way that easy to kill of any thoughtform that is past the level of imaginary friend, so a killswitch likely wouldn't work, and would damage any trust you two would have if any. As for rules, theres no 100% guaruntee, just teach them it. They only will be evil if you make them evil or try to force them back a lot.

2: You can teach it on why not to. Otherwise not really.

3:Technically, yes, but it really hinders anything you really would want to do with them and looses trust from them to you, which in turn hurts anything you would want to do.

4: If it dies mentally, its gone. Honestly nothing else to say on it.

5: If you are unsure on making a tulpa, just don't make one. Plain and simple.

Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. - https://community.tulpa.info/user-lostone


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Tulpas always deviate in their personalities when they evolve. But they usually orbit their original personalities closely.


The dangerous part for you would be your controlling tendencies. Controlling tendencies tend to lead to extremely uncomfortable situations for people living closely together. There is no closer living arrangement than tulpa and host. I've heard stories.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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      When I was around 7 I created myself an imaginary friend out of spite for my mother (NOTE: my mother is a good person and I know spite is a horrible reason to create a tulpa, but I was a kid and barely knew anything). But instead of making a regular imaginary friend, I took my inner voice of common sense and decided to make that my imaginary friend. I gave her a small personality, called her Sarah, and imagined that she lived inside a Pekingese figurine by my bedstand. For the next week or so I would carry that figurine around, and instead of listening to my mother I would ask the statue, "What should I do, Sarah?" I'll then imagine Sarah telling me what the most common-sense-ish (for lack of a better word) thing to do was. After a while I stopped carrying the statue, but Sarah would continue to talk to me.
      Once I reached puberty, I still had Sarah, and like many other imaginary friends who exist for that long, she began to develop some kind of sentience. Instead of only saying what I wanted to hear, she would openly challenge what I was doing if it wasn't the wisest decision. She would instigate conversation independently, comment on others, etc. She even changed her name to Anielka. When I finally learned what tulpas were years later, I realized she fit the definition for a tulpa and/or shard. (I learned that a shard is a sentient consciousness made from your own personality, like how Anielka was made out of my common sense, but I may be wrong).
      Onto the question: Despite the fact that she still has a bit of difficulty speaking in certain areas, when it comes to helping me make a good decision she is incredibly vocal. But sometimes, if I myself think of something common-sense-ish or wise, it'll start off with my mindvoice and my words, but by the end it's entirely Anielka's. Similarly, sometimes when she thinks of something off-topic, it'll start off in her voice and end in mine. I won't be able to tell if I said it, or Anielka (she doesn't know either). I heard of the term "blending" in a couple plurality communities and I think that is the best description of what's happening. But unlike when others describe blending, it's often triggered by an event, but mine happen randomly and quite frequently. It's not frightening in any way, just a little unnerving that most of my own thoughts on the matter somehow turn into hers.
      Is this something I should worry about? Or is it just the nature of a shard, which was formed out of me instead of by me, to do this? Am I mistaking my own thoughts for a tulpa?
      A bit of information if it helps answer the question:
      - I've been diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and have a pending diagnosis on ADHD. BDD has intrusive, terrifying thoughts that cause me to worry about how I look obsessively (even if I look normal), and ADHD makes it hard for me to focus for long periods of time. Anielka has been amazing at helping with both. Reminding me nobody judges me for what I look like, helping me to stay on task and celebrating with me when I get something done.
      - Anielka is my only tulpa, though I tried making more.
      - I don't have problems with identity or forget who I am. 
      - I have a strong imagination and there have been times in the past I confused fantasy for reality. It rarely happens anymore, though.
      - I currently have good relations with my mother.
      - I never visualize Anielka. Even after I stopped carrying the dog figurine around, I still believed that was where her "soul" is, and to this day it feels unnatural and mildly distressing for her to imagine her outside of that statue.
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