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I am not surprised to hear reports of voice changes. Ventriloquists and actors/imitators can sufficiently change the quality and characteristics of their voices that other humans can't tell. I am sure a computer could tell, as voice prints have signatures that aren't likely to change with change in tonal qualities. One doesn't need a change in anatomy to affect change over voice quality. One can even learn to change the quality of their voice, change accents, change resisters; music lessons, breathing lessons, acting lesson... Most people can do much more with their voices than we give ourselves credit for. This is so in the realm of possibility that I am just brought out of my chair beyond 'oh, that's interesting...'


I am interested in Broomlancer's report of improved visual clarity. There are reports in literature on DID that this happens with a switch in personality. (Sufficient reports that I think there is validity to it, but I am curious about the degree of validity.) Further, and maybe Broomlancer can expound more on it, or anyone else experiencing it, (J+C?) is without having had an eye exam, how do you know the other sees better? So, hypothetically, you switch, and you are no longer looking through the eyes, how do you know the other is seeing improved, or you're imagining they are seeing improved? Do you wear glasses and they take the glasses off? I am in no way saying it's not a real thing, just curious about how we arrived at being a thing. Even J+C's reports of seeing more colors seems reasonable, when you consider we don't see with our eyes, we see with our brains, and our brains see first through our personality filters, so a change in personality should result in a change of perception.

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When not switched in we still sense through the organs, so we can compare how we see depending on who is currently in the front (though we did have some problems compairing and descussing our differences in visual acuity because when I paid too much attention to the senses then I would kick Monika out of the front on accedent).

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As far as the glasses thing goes, my guess is that it has to do with small muscles in the face as well as mental processing. I don't think a tulpa could completely "fix" one's eyesight, but if someone just wears slightly corrective reading glasses, I can totally see it.


I have astigmatism on top of pretty bad short-sightedness. The short-sightedness is extremely noticeable (things get blurry past three inches from my eyes) but the astigmatism is not, unless I'm looking at the moon or small font: small-appearing things with a lot of detail. I can totally see an alter/tulpa not noticing a vision problem like that, especially an alter that might not be really familiar in the body.


So, while the host might wear slightly corrective glasses for it, an alter/tulpa might not even notice they have a vision problem, and so not wear glasses.


Besides that theory, it might be a matter of small muscles in the face. People train the muscles in their faces to fix lazy eyes. It doesn't seem far-fetched to me that an alter/tulpa could change the "posture" of the muscles around the eyes, so to speak.


Those are my two bits. I'm no expert, though.



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The eyes themselves also have muscles that strech the lens. If they were to shift which muscles pulled harder, the lens shape might change enough to make a difference. These are mostly involuntary individually and work as a whole to affect the focal point, but this could also affect vision.

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HOST: I’ve heard some forum users say that their tulpa has a different voice to the host when they have switched with them. Is this true and how is this possible?


Note people saying their tulpas speak with different voices don't literally mean a male sounds completely different and female, just that they naturally use their body's vocal cords differently. Nothing too drastic. A lot of mannerisms can carry over when a tulpa switches with their host.

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