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Different Voices


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Here's something a bit light-hearted.


Our system likes to voice call a lot. We didn't really think there was any difference between our voices other than Indigo, as he has a higher pitch with more of a lisp. Sometimes, though, we accidentally swap who's talking and don't notice until we realize what we're saying. This happened one time with me, and I said, "Whoops, it's Tacio now" and the friend we were talking to said, "yeah, I noticed." I was surprised by this, because I didn't know the difference was enough to be able to tell. Apparently, though, we all have different enough tones and inflections for people to notice, and we didn't even realize. So much so that I can take over from my host talking, for example, and people will know. People were always able to tell when it was Indigo, because his voice is very noticeable, but I didn't think that the rest of us were that different.


Has your system noticed unintentional speech differences? Can people tell when you swap who's talking? (Forced differences don't count lol, they have to be natural)

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When I switch or possess the voice, it tends to be more relaxed and a bit "lighter" sounding. I don't strain the vocal cords when speaking like my host does, if that makes sense. It's noticeable but probably not as distinct as my host's, as I don't speak over voice chat often.

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My tulpas tend not to talk in voice with other tulpa-knowers, and they're more or less posing as me in real life (but it probably seems like I have some fairly different/consistent "moods" to those who know me), but even in text a couple of our friends who know them can tell who's fronting. But that's only when they're not talking in public (like a Discord group), because we all use the same general way of typing for that, it's like a mix of all of our vernaculars. It's basically a switch we can flip depending on if we're in a tulpa-y environment or not, simultaneously letting them speak how they normally would and say words like "us" and "we" instead of "me" and "I".


If they were allowed to talk as they normally would in voice though, you may be able to tell. None of them go for any more "girly" a voice than is default, but you would notice Lucilyn was a lot more happy sounding and talks a bit faster, Tewi's more serious/dry, Reisen's demeanor is easier to tell than the sound of her voice but the things she said would tip you off. I maintain that Flandre does have differences in speaking and thinking compared to me, but they're just indistinguishable unless you know both of us extremely well.



Wait, [Possession]? I really don't think anything short of [switching] is correct for this conversation topic, but whatever. Possessing to speak sounds pretty dang advanced, just as hard as switching itself IMO.

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When Devin fronts*, at least one of my friends can tell the difference in our speech. I have to wonder if there's a visual cue too, because it feels like Devin relaxes my face more than I do.


(*We have no idea what kind of fronting it is.)

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Switching requires the host to disconnect in some way, ie stop thinking, stop feeling, stop processing, etc. Possessing just requires the tulpa to be the one in control, doesn't need the host to leave. Our host can't leave, so it's possession.

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Unless one of us is straining the voice to make it sound different (which is often awkward and not worth the effort), the only difference is the talking speed which can easily be written off. If it's faster, you could just assume that it's because something exciting is happening. Nobody IRL or in calls has been able to tell the difference.

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This is true, in fact my tulpa doesn't just have a different voice, but when she is switched in all the colors pop more, and far away things look more clear. If we both took a vision test she would probably score a bit higher. She is also left handed, while I am ambidextrous.

As for how it is possible, I suppose that the tulpa doesn't follow the same patterns that the host does when switched in, and as a result the tulpa can unlock things that the host never had access to, so long as the potential to do such a thing was in the body the whole time

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