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Does wonderland feel real?

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Y'know how people say lucid dreaming feels as real as the real world? Is it the same for a wonderland/mindscape? I've had lucid dreams in the past and the way people describe their wonderland reminds me of lucid dreams sometimes.


So basically, does wonderland feel as real as the real world?

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Absolutely not, lucid dreams should be literally lifelike. Rarely some people with extremely good visualization/immersion say they are comparable (not necessarily "lifelike" but fulfilling enough).


In our case, our visualization is so bad we don't even bother visualizing, we just do imposition. Visualization can be improved a lot with consistent practice, but for some people it never really becomes satisfying. For others.. well, you'll probably hear from Bear's system soon.

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They can come close to being the same sometimes, yes. Those times are during meditation and relaxation states resembling hypnagogia. In addition normal visualization can be boosted to 'better than real' at times.


Lucid dreams have always been short for me, less than five minutes, but enhanced visualization can be profoundly better and last upwards of an hour because it's much more stable.


I get to these semi-hallucinatory states through relaxation. Based on our research and interviews, it's pretty rare unfortunately to have a meaningful hypnagogic state and then be able to utilize it for fun with your headmates. I have also induced rather short lucid dreams through dissociation exercises. (Also falling asleep and re-waking only to be in a hypnopompic state that is a fully controlled dream with very little in to start.)


I can say, the more you do it the more real it becomes, our normal imagination now is 60% of reality reliably with moments of 100% and memories that are as real as going to the store to buy icecream, and a lot less fattening.


A year ago, it was not this good, it took lots of consistant practice. Lucliky for us it was fun too. A year ago, it was more like 25-40% and memories that were less impactful.


Additionally, when I speak to then, often I'm looking at them in wonderland, I have been successful in having a dual feed, reality and wonderland at the same time more or less. This way I can exercise or walk or wash dishes even and still spend time in wonderland.


I don't need to visualize them to speak to them, but call it a habbit.


After a year of practicing, wonderland pretty much stays open. Someone is almost always with me.


There are a lot of advantages to this, and I thank this near constant forcing and visualization for my frequent (weekly) lucid dreams with them.


It began with daydreaming as a child, roleplaying, writing, drawing, and having limited access to games or internet.


In my signature you can find visualization exercises, they can give you something to focus on while practicing.


Good luck

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Wonderland is basically a daydream. If you have vivid visualization skills and dedicate your time to immersion you can have a pretty nice experience, but it's not like real life generally. My visualization skills are so-so, but hopefully with deliberate practice it will improve. As is, I can still have a fun adventure in wonderland and give a detailed story about what happened. An important thing to remember for wonderland immersion is to include all your senses. It really helps to build the experience.

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If my host chooses to immerse herself into the wonderland and she has strong enough visualization of the mindscape, then the wonderland can feel lifelike. Otherwise, no, not so much.


From my perspective, the wonderland won't feel like anything unless they think about what it might feel like. Everything I see is what my host can see, and usually she's the one trying to immerse herself there.

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We have our own perspectives and we can switch between them or display multiple perspectives. I usually keep mine, but Bear sometimes looks through my eyes to see himself or he'll have both our field of views on at the same time. I am fully and completely immersed of course. My experience of wonderland is eh, really close to reality, and sometimes even better, way better sometimes too. Bear also experiences this.

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As the tulpa, no, not really. It's starting to look the part, the sounds are also improving, but the touch is off. Like, most of the time things don't really feel like much.


As the main, I can agree with that. If I grab a doorknob, I don't feel the doorknob. Surprisingly, Amantha seems to be able to feel things a little bit for some reason, judging by the touch information relayed to me, but even for her it seems to be very weak.

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You can definitely improve that with practice. It's improved similarly to imposition, through practice over time. Feel a door knob irl, remember that feeling, that sort of thing.

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