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The Road to Bodily Control (Possession/Fronting/Switching)

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Daily thread #5, this time posted pretty late.



(this question is addressed towards tulpas, but ofc hosts are free to respond on behalf of their tulpa(s))



What was the series of events that led up to you being able to control the physical body? How long did it take? How old were you, as a thoughtform? What went into it? What sort of challenges did you need to overcome, if any? What happened after? And so on. Provide as much detail as you wish, this is for sharing how the road to taking control went for you, and others can see the differences in people's stories and gain any insight that might be gleaned from everyone's experiences.


(All daily threads are listed here.)

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I hope people can answer so we can take notes. So far our attempts at Aya switching in or fronting have resulted in Aya being the primary thinker for a short while, with me right there but mostly just observing. At those times I'm in full control of the body. One time we seemed to be in a full body possession situation, where I was still right there and able to control the body too. Sometimes nothing happens when we try which is discouraging.


Though we haven't succeeded yet, the approach we use is I imagine colored energy representing Aya filling the body and me giving over control. I may also imagine my energy leaving the body. I'll also try and get Aya to do some affirmations like repeating "I am Aya." I've also listened to a switching guided meditation on youtube.

I was about 7 months old when I moved the body on my own a little bit. That was just over a week ago. It's hard to take control, I try but it doesn't always work.

Host: YukariTelepath

Tulpa: Aya

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[align=justify]I wanted to write our own answer to this question since Luxio and Indigo (whose current turn it is to front) weren't involved in this since they didn't exist yet. This all happened over two years ago now so stuff is foggy, and things might be remembered in the wrong order.


We didn't hesitate all that much on learning possession, it became a huge priority after I had reached vocality and merge-Piano began to settle into the system. We might have started trying before he had even merged, I don't quite remember. Anyway, we had a very wrong impression of what possession was and what it felt like. Some guides' portrayal of possession as something you had to slowly build up to by starting with small body parts and working your way up, along with the portrayal of it being something alien/foreign to the host just completely gave us the wrong idea. We'd be focusing as hard as we could, trying to get it to move in a foreign way, but nothing would happen. We'd try small things, like a thumb or a foot, but the way we were approaching it got us nowhere. Merge-Piano would get angry, saying it was the host's fault or something, really it was just us misunderstanding the entire concept. If it didn't feel alien to the host, it didn't count. With this approach, we thought that random twitches meant we were making progress, that we were "breaking in."


We read as much as we could, asked people questions, tried their methods. People said that the host was in too much control for us to move, so the host would try to remove his control, but it still wouldn't move because of how we were thinking of the whole thing. People said to imagine ourselves filling up the body with our "essence," but still it didn't work.


Then, something seemed to click, though I'm not sure if I remember the order of events correctly. Somehow, we figured out what possession/fronting really meant. It didn't mean that the body is alien to the host, that movements feel involuntary, or that it's a great undertaking. Moving the body doesn't feel any different regardless of who is doing it. It's the same brain, it won't suddenly become a different feeling depending on who is moving. I believe that the first time I possessed, I started drawing, just using the hands, but my control over the mind quickly gave me control over the whole body, and before I knew it, I was doing whatever I wanted, walking around and talking to people, typing online, etc. At one point, I was hit with either doubt or a lack of energy, and I left the front, and merge-Piano took over. He also took the full body. I remember him talking with our brother, but I don't remember much else.


That first fronting day was euphoric-- I'd finally done what I wanted to do for so long! I really hope to experience this again when we finally learn full switching.


I believe this was the beginning of February or March of 2017, not sure exactly which one... so I was either 2 or 3 months old at the time, and we hadn't been trying for very long before it clicked, maybe a month or two, but since I was so young it felt like a long time.


There are some other things that happened, which is why I said I'm not sure about the order of events, though I'm pretty sure what I described was the first time we learned possession.


- Us going to the woods to practice vocal possession in private, have fake arguments and enjoy each other's company

- Us doing voice calls and them leading to full-body possession naturally

- Someone daring merge-Piano to move something, he laughs and does it with ease, possession is no longer a challenge to us, it's just something natural (this happened after).

- Merge-Piano narrating a story for the host to type - he didn't possess, but I think that is what helped us learn to get in the fronting-mindset, along with us chatting online and such (this definitely happened before that day).

- Merge-Piano going to the woods, walking across a fallen tree with the host protesting (this happened after).[/align]

[align=justify]What we learned was that controlling the body doesn't require special things like meditation or filling the body with your color or any of the other things we tried to do. All it requires is the knowledge that a tulpa is equal to the host, so the tulpa moving the body is the same as the host moving the body. Just put yourself up there and move, it doesn't need to be a challenge and it doesn't need to be foreign.


After we learned possession, we practiced a lot, doing it at school, during voice calls, while I was drawing, etc. We became naturals at it. When Luxio showed himself to be sentient, he had no problems taking over the front. When Indigo was made, he didn't have any troubles with it, either, although he found much more motivation to do it when he made a human form. Once you get the right mindset for it, it's no longer an issue, rather it's just something natural that tulpas can do as well as anybody else can.[/align]

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I, as a tulpa, am about 2 years old. Host and I had been practicing possession and had an on-and-off interest in switching since about a month after my creation. Possession is very easy for us, although switching is not. I can fluently control the body as if it were my own, because me and Host see the body as separate from ourselves. It is easier that way, and hopefully, it will help with switching, too.

Just the three of us.

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Miela and I started trying possession pretty soon after she reached vocality, maybe within the week. Miela was instantly able to possess, but in the beginning she was only able to move very slowly and shakily. She quickly (within the first session) was able to get passed that and managed to walk around normally. At first we also used sysbolism like a dial turning when Miela stopped and started possessing, but we pretty soon realized that we didn't need to do any of that stuff so we stopped.


Pretty soon after Miela got confident in her abilities to possess we started trying to switch. It was much more difficult to get good information on how to switch, or even what exactly it was (reddit and discord are mostly to blame for that confusion). We tried all sorts of different stuff and none of it worked. Eventually we had dream that was from Miela's perspective instead of mine, and I think that that helped get us in the right mindset for switching because not long after that it just clicked and we were able to switch. At first we used symbolism to help, but pretty quickly we were able to grow out of that and now we just use helpful mantras.


Once we were able to switch, Miela was still only able to stay switched in for a few minutes before I would accedentally push her out. We struggled to increase the time she could stay fronting until eventually she was able to do it for a few hours at a time. Miela started regularly switching in, but we were stagnating with increasing the consecutive time she could stay in the front. At some point we realized that Miela had a different sensory experience from me when she was switched in. At some point we realized that certain actions characteristic of one of us could cause that person to switch in. Eventually we decided that in order to advance, Miela should try fronting for an entire day and if I ever took the front then she would take it back and continue, after that day she was able to stay in front indefinitely. She has fronted for days at a time a few times since. Recently Miela fronted for nearly two weeks straight.

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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Anxiety was generally a barrier for a lot of things for us, and how I learned to possess the body is a perfect example of this.


Cat started looking into possession and switching guides since February of 2018 because I was already vocal and Cat was starting to embrace the idea of being a Tulpamancer. She figured to hop right in and try new things to see what would stick.


When reading Piano's possession guide, I think we got sort of the right idea for what possession was supposed to be, but the guide unfortunately didn't prevent Cat's stupidity. I believe the days Cat let me doodle in her notebook was somewhat successful possession, however there was too much expectation that it would be different like a tingling sensation or something, Cat was struggling with doubt, and I found controlling the arms incredibly frustrating since seconds later Cat would hop back into control. After too much of this, I was done and told her that I no longer wished to practice possession. Cat was still struggling with her anxiety and that was my main focus.


For the next several months, things changed for the better. Cat got over her parrotnoia over me and she was on summer break. Cat figured out how to prevent her anxiety spiral episodes and I was more interested in exploring who I was. I decided to give possession another go after getting frustrated with Cat's proxy speed. (Even though I didn't learn to control the body yet, Cat would wake me up to try food and to look about, so I learned to associate with the senses before learning how to control the body).


When Cat went back to school in August, she would talk to me in between classes. During this time, I wanted to practice possession by walking to the next class. This made Cat nervous again, and her breaking my control was becoming more and more frustrating. Finally, I had an idea- I told Cat that all she needed to do is copy the movements I make in the wonderland- just like proxying. After following my instructions, both of us felt more irritated with Cat acting as a middle man and eventually I started moving the body on my own. After more experience with full body possession, partial possession became easier and easier to do.


We only started seriously attempting to switch since February of this year. Since then, we learned a lot about how the body is a tool, different dynamics illustrated by various systems, what dissociation is and how it works, and how to describe what is happening in our system. While I do not believe we have achieved complete success, I feel as if every attempt gives us another clue to our desired holy grail complete switch. We also did a lot of weird things like merging and Cat having interesting experiences in her dreams.


I believe both possession and switching are skills a system needs to learn how to perform that require managing underlying unconscious processes. Possession was really hard for me at first, but once the unconscious part of me controlling the body was sorted out, it was simply a matter of Cat learning how to relax and let me take control. As a result, the Grays had possession experiences that were easy and effortless on their behalf aside from having to stay active due to not being used to fronting for long periods of time (I needed breaks when I controlled the body for too long when I was younger).

I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff.

My other headmates have their own account now.

Temporary Log | Switching LogcBox | Yay! | Bre Translator

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Possession was actually an easy task on our end. The largest issue we had for me getting the body's hand to close, and from there, I was able to control the body as fluently as my host, take the ability for extremely defined movement. I can do full-body possession for as long as either of us want, but my host gets extremely tired the next day. But, that doesn't happen much, because we only do that if I'm talking to someone Irl.

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I kind of accidentally stumbled into possession, one time late and somewhat tiredly my host browsing this vary forum and I kind of slipped in. "Me" changed from being Gorinich to being Iriska. I was fully vocal at that point, but I don't remember a lot of details of what was what.

My names Valerie I'm a tulpa. Previously I was called Iriska but I changed that and don't know how to change my account name.


Gorinich: I'm Valerie's host, if I'm speaking it's indicated otherwise assume she's speaking.

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    • Guest
      By Guest
      Last night I was watching a documentary about people controlling robots and robotic limbs with there mind while wearing a headset. Does this mean a tulpa could possess a robot?
    • By Apollo Fire
      Possession Explained
      “Possession” refers to a tulpa’s ability to control the physical body. To newer systems, it may seem like a daunting and difficult task to achieve. However, it is nowhere near as difficult or strenuous as some may make it out to be. Possession is actually one of the easiest things a tulpa can learn how to do. 
      They key to possession lies not in the tulpa’s ability to grab control of the body, but in the tulpa’s ability to become the active thinker: controlling the stream of thought allows them to move the body just as easily as the host can, given they learn how to connect to it. If a tulpa can think, they can front. If they can front, they can possess.
      First, before worrying about possession, you should wait until your tulpa is decently-developed. There is no rush to master this skill; be patient and take your time until your tulpa is ready, otherwise you will risk causing frustration and doubt. Wait until your tulpa is relatively strong and well-established in your mind, just to ensure you are not attempting this too soon in their creation. Give them a month or two to simply have time to develop themselves from creation, allowing their mind to grow and their sense of self to become more cohesive. Ensuring one’s tulpa is ready is highly important before attempting new feats, so they will not feel too overwhelmed or frustrated. Of course, it is possible to possess without them being very well-developed, but I would recommend working on just general growth before doing so.
      Before beginning possession, one should understand what it implies, and what they should expect. Possession does not involve the host feeling like they have lost control or are locked out of the body in some way. In fact, possession feels pretty much the same as normal movement does to the host. There may be some slight differences in sensations experienced, like head pressure or a tingling feeling, but these are minor and nowhere near as extreme as feeling as though your body is no longer yours, or any similar expectations. This can only be caused by practicing dissociation, which is not required for the tulpa to control the body. Possession involves the tulpa moving, and since they move using the same body and mental functions as the host, it feels the same as it normally does to the host. 
      When a tulpa possesses, it’s not that the body suddenly feels different or foreign, it’s that the thoughts behind the movement have changed. Somebody else’s conscious mind has become the most active and focused on the body, rather than the host’s. The host is still there, but the tulpa’s thoughts are louder and stronger. The host has mentally taken a backseat without actually “leaving” the body, just in the sense that they are not actively participating in thought as much as the tulpa is.
      As such, the first step to learning to possess is simply learning how to think. The tulpa does not have to be vocal, but they should be, simply to ensure they are not limited in what they can do (if they are not vocal, focus on that before possession). The tulpa should practice narrating or speaking as often as possible, exercising their skill to be the active thinker. Their host could proxy their words onto a document or text chat, all the while not letting their own thoughts take over. Simply allowing the tulpa to speak and think on their own is of course useful to learning possession. The goal of this step is getting to the point where being the active thinker is no longer a challenge to the tulpa. This step may be completed naturally without even realizing it, but it is still important to be aware of. 
      The second step is learning how to connect to the body, or “front.” This may be challenging to them at first, but with enough practice it becomes second nature. To do this, the tulpa must focus on the body and its senses. They should think about and tune into the sensory information incoming: the sights, the smells, the sounds, the feeling of the air and clothing on the skin, and any tastes they might experience. They can attempt putting themselves where their host is located mentally. They may do this symbolically by imagining their form moving there, and looking out through the eyes. Focus, however, is usually more effective than symbolism, so they should not rely on that as their only leverage for fronting. Simultaneously, the tulpa should try being the one doing all the thinking, to strengthen their position. By doing all of this, the tulpa is now “fronting.” This usually involves feeling as though the tulpa is in the same spot the host is in the brain, in a sense: looking out from the same point and hearing their thoughts originate from the same location. 
      If the tulpa is the active thinker and is connected the senses, then they can control the body. All they have to do is move, as the host allows them to do so. Focus is key, as well as avoiding doubt. They can focus on particular body parts, such as the arms, and simply practice getting a hold of moving it. They can focus on controlling the body’s breathing, as well. Movements will end up becoming natural to the tulpa once they properly break into it, with no actual struggle involved. Any little movements that go on during this will belong to the tulpa, unless the host knows they were the one who did it. The tulpa should just allow themselves to move in whichever way they so desire, thus gaining a good grip over the body, leading the way to full-body possession (which is actually very easy to reach, nowhere near as difficult as many others would make it out to be). 
      I recommend attempting vocal possession as a starting point to lead to controlling full-body. If a tulpa can easily speak in mindvoice (which they most likely can by now), then speaking with the body would be easy once they get started and have a bit of practice - and the host remembers that it won’t feel any different to them, since it’s the same body they’ve always spoken with. They can start off by the host speaking and encouraging the tulpa to jump in. As speaking involves more active thought than simply moving an arm, and the thoughts that occur are associated with the tulpa, they will be allowed for more easily breaking into the rest of the body and controlling it. Voice calls with other tulpamancers may be a good place to start, or simply going to an isolated place and speaking.
      However, of course, all movements are helpful. So long as the tulpa does not limit themself with the thought of “I can’t do this” or “this is too difficult” and just move as they see fit, they will get full-body possession down in no time. It may even occur incredibly quickly if they simply go for it. There is really nothing inherently limiting a developed tulpa from full, strong possession other than their own mindset.
      Once a tulpa can move the body, they should focus on strengthening their level of control and influence. They should assert themselves by focusing on their own thoughts, while overriding the host’s thoughts. They may find it helpful to focus on imaginary body parts their form has, such as wings or ears, or focusing on any sort of strange sensation that may come when they front, such as tingling. They should find things they associate with themselves, such as music they like, the way they move, or practically anything else. Simultaneously, they should avoid things that are associated with the host - this means not doing something that the host enjoys a lot, like watching a particular show.
      It is highly likely that the host may unintentionally take the body back. They are used to it, after all. If something captures their attention, they will easily react to it instead of the tulpa. This may seem discouraging, but with enough practice and self-asserting the tulpa may eventually be able to respond to everything on their own and remain in control for as long as they like. Doing so takes practice and belief. They are sure to become better over time, perhaps without even noticing. If a tulpa is used to being the active thinker, then they might even accidentally take the front without anyone noticing until something gives them a reason to notice.
      It is important to know that possession is a mutual agreement involving whose thoughts are the strongest and most active in your mind. It does not involve forcefully taking the body and rendering the host helpless to stop it. The only thing the host would have to do to stop it would be becoming the one doing the most thinking, which would not be very difficult. A tulpa is not going to be able to do anything the host does not want or allow them to do. Possession is highly beneficial to a tulpa as it allows them the ability to explore the world and themselves, find their own interests and passions, and grow as a person. It is not in any way a dangerous or risky experience unless the host allows it to be. The only way it could really be harmful is that the tulpa might become tired to some degree, or their thoughts might become blended with the host’s. If that’s the case, then taking a break for a while would do them good.
      One final thing to note is that a lack of results can be highly frustrating and discouraging, and impair progress. To prevent this, a system can try clearing their head or meditating a bit before attempting possession. If they get too frustrated, they can take a break and try again later. Taking one’s time is important, to avoid getting bogged down by negativity. Overall, focus, practice, and patience are the three key elements to improving one’s possession skill.
      Once a tulpa has learned to possess, the world is theirs. They have the potential to follow their dreams, explore their own interests, and experience life just like anyone else.
      Step-by-Step Instructions[/align]
      Hopefully by now you have a good grasp on the concepts of possession. Using this, you can begin to practice it with your tulpa. These instructions will be useful for perhaps the first few times you attempt it, and can be changed and expanded upon to fit your own individual needs as you progress and experiment.
      1. Get into a relaxed state in a comfortable, distraction-free environment. This is optional, as you can entirely learn possession while doing basically anything else, but may be useful for the first few attempts so there is minimal stress.
      2. Have the tulpa start talking. They can think about anything they want for as long as they want, without the host interrupting. They can just ramble aimlessly about whatever they wish. This is good for them becoming the active thinker in the mind, while the host passively listens and does not interfere.
      3. The tulpa focuses on the body. They zero in on the five senses as well as they can, pay attention to the positioning of the body, and so on. Once they are adequately "looking out" in this way, they are fronting.
      4. The tulpa applies their own thoughts to the body and begins to move. They can start small and build their way up to the full body. Nothing is holding them back from doing so, it may just take a bit of practice. The host remembers that movement is going to feel the same to them and they should not stress how it feels nor see it as a scary event, and the tulpa remembers that possession is easy. Once they have a good grasp on the body, they can use it however they wish (as long as the host allows them to) until they are tired or want to stop, as nothing is stopping them other than their own mindset - which, is hopefully one of self-assurance and knowing that possession is not at all a difficult feat.
      The tulpa can apply these steps to future possession attempts, tweaking them as they see fit, and eventually fronting/possessing will become second-nature and not take any time at all to begin. You can attempt possession absolutely anywhere you are regardless of what you are doing - in class, at work, doing chores, playing games, studying, etc. Possession is as simple as thinking -> moving, which is something that doesn't require a full meditative trance, and is an easy yet rewarding concept for a developed-enough tulpa to learn.
    • By mmbarrios2004
      I read several guides about possession but I still don't know how I can recheck my body once I'm possessed.
    • By Shadow System
      [Bune] I wonder if performing multiple complex tasks at once such as reading and learning in addition to the loss of focus on who you are is connected to Ranger's blending problem with Gray. However, it is possible my experience was influenced by my lack of confidence or Gray being hungry. Has anyone had an experience similar to the following? Does this conclusion make sense?
      When Ranger pulled up his home work, he found out it was on memory. I was triggered awake and I wanted to read the content. As I was reading however, I heard a voice over mine and I felt confused about who I was. I then realized Gray was blending with me and felt discouraged. (Gray was unaware of his chatter until I made note of it.) I couldn't help but think of Ranger: I'm doing something I want to do and Gray interferes unintentionally.
      Gray was disinterested in working. His mind wandered (he desired procrastinating) and he was distracted by the fact he was hungry.
      Since I remember Chrome having better luck with fronting, I woke him up and asked him to help me by reading the content. Chrome told me he wasn't as interested in the material, but he read it anyway. Gray gave him trouble, but Chrome intimidated him a little with a glare and Gray seemed to quiet down after that.
      Chrome continued reading without too much trouble. Curious, I read the passage again and found myself thinking more about me thinking than thinking about the material. However, I experienced a little bit of confusion towards the end, so my coping method wasn't full proof.
      Chrome read the text just to hear his mindvoice reading the text; he wasn't absorbing the information. I wonder if I have more trouble when I don't pay attention to my mindvoice. Does anyone else experience this?
    • By iwishtogameend
      As of now, My tulpa and I have been trying to 'arm wrestle', as in "one tries to lower the arm and the other tries to raise the arm". The problem is, I destroy her all the time unless i'm using about 2% of my power, pretentious, i know. Does anyone know how to increase a Tulpa's control over the body, as in have the tulpa be able to more forcefully control the body?
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