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Early Contact and Establishing Connectiom

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I'm pretty new to tulpaforcing, and have just started the narration process. I've been telling myself what is happening or what I am about to do, but I feel like the sentences in my thoughts aren't really going anywhere. I've also had this problem while in a forcing sesssion (I'm working on personality). I go through the whole thing for 20 minutes each trait, but I feel like my ideas aren't really "sticking". I don't know where to direct my thoughts, and i've been careful not to try and visualize so as to not mess up the process and end up with a servitor.


Tl;dr: During early stages of forcing, where should I direct my thoughts to? Does anyone have specific methods to channel personality with visualization?

Tulpa name: Liz

Some traits: Confident, Open-Minded, Motivated

Progress: Working on Visualization

Sentience: Rare pressure responses

My progress with Liz.

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Guest Albatross_

For personality you don't need to direct your thoughts anywhere. I had this issue for my first few hours; I thought, if I'm not concentrating these thoughts somewhere then nothing's happening. After a while, though, I realized it didn't matter; I could recall my tulpa's personality in my head and that's all that's needed.


If you're still working on personality it's not recommended to do narration, precisely because of the issue you are having. It's better to visualize a form in your head and get that down; then, when you start narrating, you can direct your thoughts at that form.


If you're really having trouble with where to direct personality thoughts, and you can't accept that just defining them is all that's needed, you can try making some sort of abstract placeholder that represents your tulpa's personality. I tried this with a glass orb that I mentally etched/carved traits into, but after 3 hours with that I sort of discarded it because it wasn't needed.


Also, welcome to the forums!

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First off, you have to have a good idea of your Tulpa's personality. That's why you do the personality work.


It might feel stupid to talk to yourself at first and as you said you have no idea where to direct your thoughts to. I also felt this way at the beginning, but now i talk to my Tulpa pretty much anywhere, (even though I haven't gotten a 100% credible respons)

You have to find the direction yourself. Just experiment a bit and when you get into the right direction, you will know.



Good Luck!

What is a Tulpa? Blog

Rainbow 'Alyx' Dash


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I remember I started talking to pretty much nothing, then I focused on one of these lights you see when your eyes are closed (I think it falls under hypnagogia cathegory?) and always concentrated on a single dot that I could put apart. But really, it was because I didn't want to talk at random. As time went on, my speech became more fluent and easy to redirect inside my mind, so I'd say it's a matter of both preference and time.

http://wirelesslog.tumblr.com/ - My tulpa blog, updates regularly.
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I always just think of it like talking to her the same way the characters do in Dragon Ball Z with the whole "sense them and talk to them in your minds with magic." Or, simply, telepathy.

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My guess is that the ideas can't actually stick when you're at early stages of the process, and though your speech is going somewhere, it isn't recognised by anyone but you, your own mind. After all, there's no one else to listen yet. But you should have a general personality in mind when you're addressing your tulpa; you should get the same feeling of familiarity you get when you're talking to someone you know well, and a way to establish such a feeling is by narrating traits and attributes. But I don't consider that important. The most important action, in my opinion, is talking to the tulpa, and if the topic is your desired personality, so be it. In fact, I consider it one of the most productive things to talk about.

Now, the tulpa itself may not gain much more from that than from any other rant, but the memories of the sessions should remain there, and when the tulpa is sentient, you can ask it to go through those memories, since it supposedly possesses the ability to recall memories in excellent detail. So, if you came up with a constructive or original idea or something helpful to the tulpa during this stage, it wasn't wasted.

So, all of that is a reason why I'm doing personality and related stuff over again, now that my tulpa is sentient (or so I believe). Another reason is that I don't really know what else to talk about, and narration about daily, mundane stuff I find very tedious. It's mostly just suggestions or hints, though; I don't tell my tulpa what to do or how to behave.

But hey, I'm hardly one to wildly hypothesise, as my tulpa isn't even vocal yet, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

I hope you guys won't start burning me in effigy (or worse) for uttering such heresy. a joke, of course

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i've been careful not to try and visualize so as to not mess up the process and end up with a servitor.


visualization is fine during the early stages, it's imposition you need to save until last


what I did was spend just a few hours on visualization to create a 'first draft' form for the tulpa that I could use to direct my narrating and personality work at, which I found to be much easier than talking to seemingly nothing, the problem you appear to be having

Name: Lyra

Form: http://i.imgur.com/JjMxK.jpg

Sentience: Emotional responses, occasional brief vocalization

Currently doing: Personality & narration

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I'm just guessing focus harder and try to really associate the personality traits with the tulpa. Believe in what you're doing.

[Note: Opinions]

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