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How to Use Hour Counts Safely and Effectively


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Edits look good, only a few grammar mistakes and a few clunky sentences. I have no issue with any of the points given, it's a useful resource for those unfamiliar with the pro/cons of hour counts. Approved, but it'll still be beneficial to look over my notes here: (Google Docs Link) -Gavin

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Thanks for all your reviews, I’ll reply to them all in this post.





There's no need to make them feel guilty for decreasing their target. Missing a day or falling short of your target, won't actually keep someone from succeeding in creating a tulpa.


I definitely agree with you, which is why in the original version I did say that the reader could change their hour counts for any reason. I’ll come back to this below.


My suggestion would be to just leave out references to laziness.


I can’t do that. This is something to help people who struggle with laziness (as well as clear up the confusion surrounding hour counts in general.) Not all guides are for everyone, and if the reader feels that a particular guide is of no use to them (e.g. this one because they don’t struggle with laziness) then they don’t have to use it. I can’t make this guide a perfect fit for everybody and if I remove any references to laziness it will fail in one of its intended purposes.


It feels less helpful and more counterproductive to guilt the reader if they fail at some point with the hour counts. When people say "hour counts are bad," one of the reasons is because it's easy to beat yourself up over not doing the "correct" number of hours.


I agree with you again which brings me back to the first point. In the original version I did say that the reader could change their hour counts for any reason, but as you already pointed out that change was requested by a previous reviewer, and I think for good reason too. I think I can introduce another change that will satisfy you both though. From the second “Do” I’ve added “try your best to”, I’ve removed “not because you can’t be bothered or you feel like a break.”, and I’ve added “If you can’t meet your targets all the time, that’s no reason to worry! Maybe the targets you’ve set for yourself were too unrealistic, if so, reduce them. You shouldn’t feel guilty and beat yourself up if you fail to hit your targets all the time. Hitting your targets is desirable but not mandatory.”


The number should be something reasonable (not random) to keep you working steadily toward your goal.


I also agree with that, thanks for pointing it out. I’ve removed the words “random choice or” and changed “whim” to “choice”, so it’s changed from “your hour counts will be based on random choice or personal whim” to “your hour counts will be based on personal choice”[/hidden]





The wording here is kind of weird, using "they" instead of "it" when referring to a singular noun, "the practice of hour counts."


Fixed. Changed from “They were” to “It was”.


Quote: not because you can’t be bothered or you feel like a break.

Well, I wouldn't scorn taking a break as long as they know it's temporary and they'll get back on track afterwards.


True, and I already removed this after Yuka’s review.


I can see this paragraph being a little confusing to a newbie, they might not get why you're talking about hour counts if you think they're arbitrary


Yeah, what I’m really talking about here are the targets. I’ve made this paragraph clearer by replacing every instance of “hour count” with “targets”.


I think the focus should probably be on "it doesn't matter exactly how many hours you spend forcing, just as long as you are doing it consistently and to the best of your ability."


I’m stealing that. Added to the end of the same paragraph.


I think it would be good if there was a little more elaboration on some of your points to help newcomers who might be confused, like when you said "the tulpa isn't going to wait for you to hit your goal." Well why not?


Added “because progress is determined by effort, not by arbitrary numbers.”


It also might be nice to add some sort of concluding paragraph to wrap everything up, but that's a nitpick.


I thought about it, it’s difficult to do so whilst making it concise and without repeating myself though so I left it out.[/hidden]




[hidden]Improved most of the grammar to make it less clunky and more concise. Added bold and underline for the first sentence of each point. Didn’t add a closing paragraph for the reason mentioned in my response to Indigo. I also didn’t change ‘practise’ to ‘practice’ because the latter is US English.[/hidden]


I've made all my revisions so you guys can look at it again.

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I wish every Submission went like this thread, with stuff consistently being suggested and acted on with the occasional suggestion declined with explanation by the OP

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"Practice" is the noun in BE as well. "Practise" is the verb in BE. -G


That's correct, 'Practice' would refer to something like a 'Dental Practice' whereas 'Practise' refers to something you do.



I wish every Submission went like this thread, with stuff consistently being suggested and acted on with the occasional suggestion declined with explanation by the OP


Thank you  :D

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I think the edits you made are reasonable and you have a much stronger draft than you did before. Approved for tips and tricks.

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