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How do i know if my Tulpa is talking to me?


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I really want to know...how do you know when your tulpa is talking to you? Will you hear them, as if someone was really talking to you in real life? Or is it like how you think, you know the words in your head? Or does it vary per person? I couldn't find any info about this.







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I feel like it varies in detail, medium and frequency. For me it started as a presence or warm feeling, then projected intent or emotions, then kind of an alphabet soup using my mind voice, like cutting up newspaper clippings to form sentences. Once she was more comfortable and autonomous she ventured into chiming in with what we know as her voice. Other tulpamancers can hear a strong, clear voice in their head day one. It's really a when you know, you know, situation. It'll be a something that isn't you and responds when you think of or try to interact with your tulpa.

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Unless you're referring to imposition, you will hear your tulpa through your "mind's ear," so to speak. When you're reading this, unless you're reading it aloud, you're hearing a sort of parody of either your own voice or my presumed voice in your head, no? A similar voice to the one that you think with. That is how your tulpa will communicate with you. It may take time for your tulpa to develop his own mind voice, but it will happen. If you're ever unsure if something thought was you or your tulpa, think, "Did I think that?" Sometimes, the answer is unclear, and in which case, just say it was you. Being unsure about who said what and worrying too much about it can lead to making a bunch of "walk-ins" that you think are tulpas when in reality it's either you and you don't realize it or it's an intrusive thought. Basically, just try to listen for thoughts that aren't your own. 



47 minutes ago, ignis_tiger said:

Or is it like how you think, you know the words in your head?

This would be called audio imposition, where you "impose" things conjured in your mind onto your real 5 senses. It's quite difficult, but quite achievable. I haven't heard much of anyone achieving it in recent memory, though. 

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For me, I hear him in my head. Like my own thoughts, but in a different voice.


I believe some people can hear their (imposed) Tulpas as if they were an external person talking to them, but I am not one of those, and I doubt I ever will be. It's not something we're striving for. We're not striving for imposition either, tbh.

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If you don't know if they are talking to you, ask them to always start conversations and such with your name.

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You should hear your tulpa as another voice in your mind, as getting to where you can hear them through your ears takes a lot of effort and training for most people. You could also be able to feel their presence in your brain while they’re thinking and also sometimes hear their thoughts, if that helps.

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