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If you want to contribute to development of tulpamancy knowledge base, we ask you to provide detailed (as if you are teaching a beginner) and well-reasoned (within framework of your experience and concepts) answers* to these questions. They will contribute to a more holistic study of theoretical and practical aspects of tulpamancy. Collected information will facilitate and accelerate creation of a collection of synthesized answers (comprehensive guide), which will contain experience of those who answered.


* Create a text document → Answer each question → Send the document (txt/md/doc/docx - these formats are preferred) with your answers to this email:





News channel: https://t.me/openCCIT


Tulpamancy questions:


1. What is a tulpa?

2. How to create a tulpa?

3. How to make a tulpa become autonomous (show independent activity, including communication)?

4. What can hinder development of autonomy and how to get rid of such obstacles?

5. Describe process of active forcing.

6. Describe process of passive forcing.

7. What mistakes can be made in forcing and how to avoid/correct them?

8. What do you usually do with a tulpa?

9. What does a tulpa do when host is temporarily not in contact with it (does not direct attention/does not interact)?

10. How to achieve complete "immersion" in wonderland?

11. How to meet a tulpa and interact with it in a lucid dream?

12. How to learn imposition (to see, hear, smell, touch tulpa as if it were material)?

13. How to perform possession and switching?

14. Tell about phenomena encountered in tulpamancy (co-front, fusion, etc.), and also describe how to implement them.

15. How to improve/increase abilities/skills of a tulpa?

16. What to do if a tulpa behaves badly/interferes?

17. Share any useful information (which you did not mention in answering questions, as it was inappropriate in those cases).


P.S. Apologize for terribly written text. I don't know English.

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18 hours ago, Casitys said:

Create a text document → Answer each question → Send the document (txt/md/doc/docx - these formats are preferred) with your answers to this email:


Why do you need an email? I feel weird about people sending emails and clicking on website links from people they don't know 


I assume people will reply to those questions in this thread anyway 

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