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[Independence] Helping your tulpa become more independent with flashcards


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Tulpa independence with flashcards!


This is a relatively short guide, but it's helped me tons. I'm really happy I thought of doing this, and I'm going to start doing this daily.


So I discovered that my tulpa, Fancyboy, is terrible at parallel processing. I had decided, why not show him simple math flashcards, so he can get better at this? He's not exactly independent yet, but this strategy for tulpa independence has helped him in a variety of ways!


First off, the link to the website that is really great to use: Addition Flashcards!


What you need:

  • A vocal tulpa
  • Yourself (of course!)


What you need to do is get them to answer the flashcard questions, until they get better at it. I realized this was working when we worked on more advanced questions and he got the right answer a few times in a row. Eventually you will realize that your tulpa is thinking apart from you, and isn't just using your own thoughts to formulate it's own ideas. This is why I felt like I was parroting for a long time, my tulpa could not think for himself. With these flashcards, my tulpa is able to think on its own.


If your tulpa gets discouraged (like Fancyboy has many times before), just encourage them to keep on going! They can do it!

Even if your tulpa isn't good with math or numbers, it still helps to do the simple equations. I'm bad at math, and it seems that Fancyboy is doing better than I am with these flashcards.


I'm not sure if there's a correlation between doing this and parallel processing, but I'll find out if there is!

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That's not a bad idea at all

Me and my tulpae will certainly try it, as we need to work on parallel processing as well.

Edit: this is working with aura already, i didn't really think of working on parallel processing before, thanks much for the guide cozmopolitan

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20 minutes and we're already seeing noticeable progress! And we're really horrible at parallel processing. Thanks for the guide :D


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It’s a helpful method at a glance, but for what specific purpose seems to be ambiguous. The purpose seems to be shifting through parallel processing, vocality, and independence. Some people may be skeptical on whether or not parallel processing is even probable in the first place, but I guess with all trends that seem pragmatic during the time the forum had little insight on tulpas, it became a household word.


I’m not sure what to label this as since it’s useful to get the host and tulpas to make a game out of things, especially if they happened to be studying for something. Though at some point the limit would be how much they can do this before running out of ideas (and having to go back to brain storming a bit longer).


I figured at some point there would be an inconsistency in confirming whether or not the tulpa would actually become more autonomous from the host’s conscious thoughts, especially if the host memorizes the answer with ease. But I guess this is where people will just have to be creative and take this guide submission as a supplement.


It can be useful in a “Tips” subforum instead, and looking back at my attempts at it, it was a good way to get into forcing more. Though I’ve used more militant ways for responses months after posting in this thread, it can be useful for anyone that wants to add some variety in their sessions.


Presuming there's an "Independence" or "Sentience" section, this gets my approval. If not, it's better to be in a Tips section.

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I'd approve this for tips and tricks.

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Well, flashcards are cool. I've actually done this before. It's pretty fun too. Approved for tips and tricks.

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-Neville Goddard

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