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Different way of developing tulpae


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More and more I'm finding out that it's easier to develop a tulpa by "passively" developing them instead of doing it only on set times for some set amount of time. The reason I think it is more effective is, because if you interact with them at any time during the day whenever you feel like interacting, it makes you unconsciously recognise the tulpa as another person, because you interact with people at any time you feel like it, not only on some set times.


I would like to hear your thoughts and hopefully someone to make a guide around this principle (and probably around the "Tulpa exists if I believe it does" principle), so that we can later make an experiment on this to see if it is indeed better to work on tulpae passively rather than actively. Also it could be that doing both will get you the best results, so don't forget to include that in the experiment.

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Yeah I think you are right. It does make it a lot easier when you have the ability to drag the Tulpa around wherever and whenever you like in real time. It makes me personally feel more attached to her and seems more friendly to engage in activities with her around the clock rather than having an oppressive alarm clock telling me what to do. But it is also good to do it actively as meditation and hard tulpaforcing gives good results.

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Personality - Playful, cheerful, enthusiastic, chilled

Smell - Baileys

Stage - Narration and imposition

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I enjoy the passive method of forcing. No risk of falling asleep, a lot of new experiences for your tulpa to see and hear and learn about you and how to respond to situations, already gets you used to the idea of imposing them wherever you go, and you can spend as much time with your buddy as you can without worrying about people seeing you sit in the dark in your room for 6 hours a day.


Jaden sits on my shoulder or walks alongside me almost everywhere I go, and I've found I have gotten to the point where I expect him to be there even if I haven't been thinking about him/summoned his presence. He's just there with me already.


Though visualization is always easier with full tulpaforcing for me, so it's still fun to have those sessions in there occasionally to interact.



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Usually when i'm out i like to see what's around me and comment it to my tulpa, i try often to explain to her what i am thinking and stuff like that, sometimes i even end talking about her in 3rd person (maybe something i should work on, i don't even know if this is bad or good), the thing is, i usually try to feel her with me everytime i can, but i thought this was the part of "narration" so i don't understand how the passive method works at all.


TulpaCouple makes it sound like it is a good method for imposition mostly (i understood it that way, sorry if i'm wrong but english is not my strong) so i'm not really sure about what one can do in this "passive" method

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This is basically what I've been doing, basically just imagining my tulpa there with me/next to me pretty much all the time. I will also narrate at random times throughout the day when I feel like there is something worth talking about, like explaining what I'm doing or what's going on, etc.


Of course I have no idea how effective this is or how much more/less effective it is compared to forcing, as I haven't started forcing yet (was going to start my first session in a couple hours) and my tulpa has thus far not communicated with me in any way, so take what I say with about a pound of salt.

Tulpa's name: April

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Working on: Stuff

My Progress Log


"A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind." ~ Robert Oxton Bolton

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I also use this method and try to impose and narrate as much as possible. The hardest time is at work when i get distracted by focusing on work.

And since i work with my fingers a lot i keep drawing a dot on my left thumb where i can see it often. So even if i get distracted, it wont last long.

They say great science is built on the shoulders of giants - not here.

At Tulpa.info we do all our science from scratch; no hand holding.

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I think Fede already wrote the guide you're hoping to be written.



Use Fede's tones.


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I did both, at points. He followed me around most of the time and then sat posed on a chair when I wanted to do more direct forcing with him.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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