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Am I hearing myself or my tulpa?


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I'm about 18 or 20 hours into my tulpa (I don't keep count) and I think I'm getting some signs of sentience. I started getting responses at just 15 hours or maybe even earlier.

What I don't know, though, is if I'm hearing myself or my tulpa.


For example, I'll visualize her, say "hello" and she'll reply back, but I don't know if this is me fooling myself into responding. I don't think I'm parroting, but it doesn't really feel "alien" exactly, it feels sort of like I was expecting her reply, or that the question was tailored so she could only answer with what I expected her to say.


I asked her what her favorite food was, and she said ice cream, though that's the only food she knows so far (because I narrated to her that she likes ice cream.)


She does not talk to me unless I initiate conversation and focus on her, and it's hard to hear her unless there's complete silence around me or very little disturbances.

When I talk to her, I can "hear" her through my right ear only, and when I'm finished talking to her, I usually get a weird "headache" in that same ear, too.



tl;dr: I don't know if my tulpa is talking or if I'm subtly fooling myself, is this "normal"?

I know nothing is "normal" with tulpae, but I'm wondering if other people who are farther ahead of me had similar experiences.

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Sounds like the tulpa to me. Their replies will be very predictable at first but that will pass as you keep practicing with speech. Just keep talking, maybe do some speech exercises like using their mind voice as your own and practice saying sentences.

Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012

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Guest applesauce99

I'm in the EXACT same position. I just believe it's her (my tulpa, Miku) no matter what anyway.

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Definitely the tulpa i'd say. Sounds like she has some access to your right ear already? Feeling her "presence" somewhere on the external part of the right hemisphere of the brain is something i'm experiencing, it might be what you meant to say. Try to bombard your ears with pink or white noise while you're at it, it can be an alternative to complete silence.

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I'm exactly at the same spot. I just assume it's her when listening to a reply. If it sounds like I'm parroting, I ask her if that was her, then I silence my mind and wait for a response.

I have 10 tulpas, but I'm only actively working on Reah, my first tulpa currently.

Progress Report

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Hit that point 2 weeks ago or so, it is indeed your tulpa. I did find at times that I would think a response was her, then get the actual response a few moments later, but it's best to always assume it's them.

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>in ear


Anyway, my advice? Just assume it is her/him, far better off. Just say "If that was you, I'm proud of you."

My opinions are all subject to change.

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Even if it's just you, tell yourself it's her.

Tell yourself everything you get out of her is her.

I'm not a fan of straight-up puppeting, but when it comes to these situations, really, there's little to lose and everything to gain by convincing yourself it is all real. Since that's sort of how tulpas are made in the first place, through determined belief in their existence.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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