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Possible Method For Faster Sentience


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Blank vote on this. There's not any noticeable symbolism, it's just explaining a theory behind sentience, and how one may develop "faster" progress. Title might be misleading, though it's saying "possible," and not necessarily making a militant approach in deeming it as the only way to theorize something like this. Like most guide submissions, or any philosophy utilized to conceptualize things like this, they're self-fulfilling prophecies. Not that it really affects the guide submission, but it's just adding on to why I feel I have a blank vote on this.


I personally used this submission and the other one made from OP (I think for vocality) as a supplement towards the development of Eva in particular in my initial stages. But I admit I shifted beyond this due to being able to just go through the motions, and not justify every single little thing through the journey. It can be useful for newcomers to alleviate doubt, and see how self-fulfilling prophecies that don't backfire obviously is going to be useful. And to also remind them of why self-fulfilling prophecies in relation to the tulpa phenomenon is part of the subjectivity in how people conceptualize and validate their tulpa's level of sentience.

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Definitely not a full guide, so I disapprove this for guides. It might work in tips and tricks as there is some very important and useful musings in there, and the author even mentions that this is supposed to make us think instead of just blindly following his words. But I'm not sure if this is really written in a way that would make it a tip. It almost seems more like an article of sorts, but if it's moved to General Discussion then the important tip part of it will be missed.


Hard to say. Perhaps resources, perhaps tips and tricks, perhaps even general discussion. Definitely not a guide, though, but I did enjoy reading it.

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I'll go with Tips & Tricks on this one:


Tips and Tricks, the division should be whether or not they outline a proper method. If they don't actually give instruction, or the instruction is purely symbolism, it belongs in Tips and Tricks. There's obviously a big grey zone in which case the guide writer should be allowed to decide, or maybe edit the guide. Basically the same criteria apply to tips as do to guides.


Link to this quote: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-new-guides-section?pid=89919#pid89919


It doesn't really give an instruction, and like Sands mentioned, it's more of getting people to start thinking more than militantly following the OP's disposition on this with their heads cut off. Not much symbolism with instruction, so it really fits the first aspect waffles mentioned in the quote above me, so approved for Tips & Tricks.

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I'm unsure where this should go. It's not a guide, maybe a tip, but not entirely. It could in Resources or Tips and Tricks, or even in General Discussion or Research. If people want this to be in Tips or in Resources, count my vote as an approval for that, although personally, I'm not sure it really fits in either of them.


It's a hypothesis about the tulpa creation process, and it's a mindset someone could adopt.


We've had other mindset guides which were disapproved before. In my opinion, having a good mindset is very important for creating a tulpa and a good guide will either come with one, or at least give a few popular examples. Unfortunately, I'm not sure we have any subforum in the Guides section/forum which is supposed to contain such topics. Is this a good thing? I don't know, a mindset is something one usually has to form for themselves, but at the same time, it's also very important to know the mindset of others, especially those who wrote a guide which you're reading or those which (claim to) have a tulpa - so that you could compare it with your own situation, your own experiences and your own mindset, and so that you could know if some particular advice may be useful to you or not.


As for the contents:


Some of the things mentioned are agreeable, while some I'm not entirely sure about.


Personally, I'm more of the opinion that one should learn to deal with doubt head-on and learn to better perceive their tulpa. That said, for some people, it's entirely possible for the boundary between their will and their tulpa's will to be thin initially, which is similar to what this article is hypothesizing - and at least in my opinion one of the major goals of creating a tulpa is letting them develop their own agency/will. This mindset isn't bad, but people shouldn't forget what their goal is and encourage their tulpa to think more on their own - which is something that should happen naturally the more attention the tulpa is given, the more one interacts with their tulpa and the more chances they get to think about things (such as when you narrate to them and give them things to think about).

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Approved. I think it's Tips material. Despite having 'method' in the title, Bin doesn't actually give a method.


Oh and anyone saying "resources" when they're just not sure can fight me. It's not a resource.

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Approved for tips and tricks.

"Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them... Nothing can take it from but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized."


-Neville Goddard

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