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Is it normal for a Tulpa's voice to be somewhat...robotic?

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I couldn't find any mention of this using the search, so I'm sorry if this was answered elsewhere.


I try my best to visualize a space for me and Xay, when I try and talk with him (I think that's called Forcing?). Usually it's pretty tame - he'll give a vague, half-worded answer that I can understand, or I'll moreso "feel" his response. Tonight, though, it almost kinda looks like those textboxes in analog horror series?


My brain is easily influenced by things, and his responses still seem "in character" for him - it just isn't his voice at all. It "sounds" (I have a hard time imagining sound) harsher and like the soundfonts from Undertale or something. Is this normal? Do I just need to focus more on "wrapping" his voice around his words, or is it just my brain being a little weird from binging Nightmind all night before settling in to talk to Xay?

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What's been on your brain recently can influence this sort of thing, my tulpas' voices might sometimes sound like the singer's in a song related to them we've listened to recently for example, since they don't have especially established exact voices. Their "mindvoices" are established of course, but that's more feeling than actual sound.

Otherwise, I'd say it's just a matter of needing more vocality practice/development. Tulpas will become more consistent in their traits over time if there's been focus on them, but if you don't bother with something like them having a specific-sounding voice as we haven't, that might get influenced here and there. Though such things have never been permanent for us, just in-the-moment stuff, since we still haven't focused on establishing specific-sounding voices just because they sound such-a-way for a while.

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