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Mind Synthesis Guide


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Approved for Guides.


The guide itself is a bit small, but it works. I've done something very similar while working on my auditory imagination which used to suck a lot (this happened before I read this guide). Repeated practice of some imaginary sense will eventually develop it, even if initially, in the worst case scenario (where it's very underdeveloped), it may feel hopeless. Just recalling some memory of some stimuli over and over again until it becomes more vivid works for improving your imagination of that sense in general - eventually you can do so much more than just that one memory - the entire sense will start working (thus you'll be able to imagine voices, sound effects, and so on).

The tips about integrating senses are also quite useful. I would also recommend asking your tulpa to better integrate their will, emotions, thoughts into what they're getting you to perceive (when you're imagining them) - it can make interaction with them a LOT more fun.


There's one typo that I noticed: "When your ready", which the author should fix, if he ever comes by.

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I'll agree with guides. Imposition isn't a topic we see covered much and honestly how much can you say in a guide for it. Scrappy gets the technique across well without being too long winded about it.


So, approved for guides.

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