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Tulpa Anatomy


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So exactly how much detail should i be putting into this? Will the just the basics be enough?


Good guide btw , i was wondering if i should do this or not


I did the basic stuff- Brain, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Stomache, Intestines, Bladder, Bones (easier than it seems) and veins.


You could do the central nervous system, but it's not necessary to believe it's real.


Make sure to put blood in there and feel the heartbeat and breath once you put those in. Everything else is optional/too much.


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Guest Albatross_

So exactly how much detail should i be putting into this? Will the just the basics be enough?




it's all in your head, so...it's your prerogative



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For others that are making ponies and want to try this: http://www.deviantart.com/download/266613688/pony_anatomy_101_by_spiritto-d4eqgfs.jpg


Because equine back-legs are weirder than most people realise.


Name: Elyse (Elly)

Birthday: 29th May, 2012

Physical description: 5"8 thin human girl. self-identified age 18. ~1ft, vivid red hair sometimes in a ponytail. light-skinned. green eyes.

Progress: entirely vocal, speaks often, but only 1 hallucination; her saying "Hiiii". Great at possession.

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So exactly how much detail should i be putting into this? Will the just the basics be enough?


Good guide btw , i was wondering if i should do this or not


Thanks! Glad it's informative for some people. How detailed you want to be is up to you. I went pretty thorough with mine, but you could also just force the things that which serve an immediately apparent function, like heart, lungs, brain, veins, nervous system, spine, stomach, etc. I think nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems are the most essential to making your tulpa appear fully alive, but however much detail you want to give is up to you.

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Vocal cords. Things that made my tupper from a mute to a chatty one. I was asked to post MY WAY here, but it honestly wasn't anything complex and not really even a "way", just some normal forcing bullshit.


Study vocal cords fgts.



Oh man look at this drawn picture of vocal cords. I could post photos but well yeah. Kinda icky. Go Google them. Also you don't actually close vocal cords for speech, not completely. It just stops airflow. You gotta keep them slightly open.



And that's where vocal cords are. Good fun.



I just went into his throat, made some nice vocal cords and controlled them with my probing mindfingers, showed that you can't keep them completely open as then you will just breathe and make breathy noises. You also can't completely close them or you stop the airflow (made them close and he did flinch like air suddenly stopped rushing in against his will). I tightened them so that there was just a little gap, told him that this is how you speak. I then released by grip and told him to try, listening closely. He talked - which of course was suspicious - but it was him. Gotta believe and all that. I can now say that it was him and things are just great.


Do note that it is still mind speech and not actual speech for me, but it might help with audible hallucinations as well. But I feel like your brain wants more foolin' for that. He also was very much sapient at that point and we could communicate via all kinds of methods, just not speech. Doing this to a tupper you just started might not give quick results, but it can't hurt. It might also be you that this method is helping, actually starting to believe that now they are able to talk and they will. Because obviously before vocal cords they lacked them and weren't able to talk, but now they are because they have them.



The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Beautiful and yet disturbing at the same time.


Another vocals related but non anatomy related trick I use it to give you tupper a mic and a speaker connected the to mic. Get them to talk into the mic and listen to the speaker. It's gotten me some pretty good results. I find that if you are having trouble with it, make the speaker a bigger, heavy duty one and turn up the volume.


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Personally I'd think Artist's anatomy is more important than Biological anatomy, because we're not looking inside of our tulpas, we're looking at them.

Here's a crash course to save some folks the trouble of googling.



>the width of the head is five eyes

>the width of the nose = width of an eye

>there's a vertical line between the inside edge of the iris and the corner of the mouth

>the top of the nose and the corners of the mouth are an isosceles triangle

>the corners of the chin and the bottom of the nose are an isosceles triangle

>the face is divided into three equal parts:

Hairline - Eyebrows

Eyebrows - Bottom of the Nose

Bottom of the Nose - Chin



>Divided into three different parts:

Vertex of the Clavicle - Xiphoid (nub in your breastbone)

Xiphoid - Navel

Navel - Pubic Arch


Average person is 7 heads tall.

Arms are 2.5 heads long

Legs are 3.5 heads long


I find this structure of equal sections, relationships and lines as much better a scaffold than a human skeleton.

Jackie, formerly known as Ava: Getting feelings and notions and the rare complex thought.

Our Tumblr

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So Rai and I gave this a try, organs are a good idea stomach, lungs and heart all make Rai seem more alive (Breathing, pulse and she can now eat).


Also Rai was saying that her old body was a little "Floppy" that without bone structure it tended to stretch and warp, this was easily fixed with new bone structure, also mussel structure made it very easy for her to understand how her body moves (or is suppose to) without bones she said she was essentially copying what she had seen other animals do in my memories.


Finally understanding your Tulpae body a little better helps with visualization and movement and using the technique mentioned (The hands on approach) is a great way of bringing you and your Tulpae together as it forces you to imagine how they feel and how they move quite nicely (I often asked Rai to try out her new body and limbs to see how they where working in X-ray)


TL:DR its a good Idea do it



Me and Rai also added a Nervous system now she can feel more than just change in temperature, and with that a brain.


Here's where things got interesting, I added the brain as part of the nervous system and two days ago I realized that it was "dead" or more appropriately switched off, so with a little zap of electricity I turned it on.


Rai says "it was like suddenly this void opened up in my head and everything that use to surround me in terms of memories just got sucked up into my head at first it was kind of scary all of this new information but eventually I started to rationalize it to understand it a little better"


"Well before I use to just have ideas randomly pop into my head now I have thought patterns trains of thought, sometimes I can just sit inside my own head and think for hours"

Tulpa's Name: Rai

Form: Female rabbit with white fur.

Currently Working on: Imposition


Tulpa's Name: Ashie

Form: Female pale Green eyes, Green hair

Currently Working on: Imposition

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I can see potential usefulness in this guide for those struggling with the details of visualization and/or imposition. I like this guide and have used it in the past with success, so I approve of it for [Visualization]

My guide on tulpa creation


Please consider making a private grant to tulpa.info to keep the community alive.

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