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Tulpa Anatomy


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This isn't a guide. But the entire thread is full of interesting things that could help people, so I think it has potential to go to Resources. And really, people should post more of these things, it has turned into a sort of a community project by now, so why not let it be that. Post your pony anatomy all you want, guys. This is the place where it could be helpful and easily found.

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Dissaproved as a guide because it's really not a guide at all. However, I vote to move the thread to resources because some helpful stuff was posted in the comments.

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Approved, Resources.


One of the image links is dead, but it doesn't seem to be something truly essential.


The idea of giving your tulpa anatomy can be an useful symbolism for making the form's behavior more stable or making the tulpa feel things more 'accurately', or sometimes even make things clearer for the host - I can think of one example where it helped with vocalization.


People might want to give it a go if they feel their tulpa's form or behavior is too unusual, or if their visualization/mental "physics" is misbehaving. Although, personally I would recommend doing this preferably pre-sentience/independence, because after that, messing with a tulpa's form/senses without their consent may be a bit rude.

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