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Parroting Syndrome


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Confidence is the key to stop parroting

Believe in your might... and you can overcome any foe... even parrots...

Opinionated stub.

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Yeah, so, I did this and it worked. Awesomely.


I also feel the need to post this.


Name: Elyse (Elly)

Birthday: 29th May, 2012

Physical description: 5"8 thin human girl. self-identified age 18. ~1ft, vivid red hair sometimes in a ponytail. light-skinned. green eyes.

Progress: entirely vocal, speaks often, but only 1 hallucination; her saying "Hiiii". Great at possession.

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What the hell, are all chinese lords going to make a tulpa now?

It is a sacred tradition amongst the Han people to create what you entitle "mindforms." I think Liu Bei is a coward, however. The reason he came here in the first place is me daring him to after I won a sword duel against him the other day. Now, I'm mocking him so I can show off in front of the gang at military art school and totally embarrass him.

Opinionated stub.

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Listen to my story. This may be my last chance.

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I act like everything it does is the tulpa's decision. I don't ask questions so that way if it replied to my monologues it would be done without me expecting it. Basically if I think everything is the tulpa then it will be the tulpa. After all a tulpa is just a big trick on your mind so...

Rem ad triarios redisse

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At a glance, especially since this was posted way before guides started to stream in and out, is useful. You made the objective clear on what you wanted to inform the readers, which is to have the host convince themselves that they can’t parrot anymore (at least consciously for those who may garner the predisposition on subconscious parroting).


With anything to deal with the paranoia and exponential doubt newcomers may face, it’s all about looking at things in a different light/perspective. There’s not really many major mistakes, but to point those parts of the submission:


Also, I'm not going to say I have devised a way to know if you are parroting or a way stop parroting altogether, but I just want to share a way to at least make you parrot less.


I guess at the time when options and methods were few and people were experimenting with all sorts of ways to conceptualize the whole experience, you were being humble. However, now this would be a good way to alleviate the parroting syndrome. Of course, seeing things in a new perspective to reduce those fears of potentially parroting is a common practice now, but that doesn’t mean this submission shouldn’t be recognized in its own right.


There’s not really anything you need to change here, it’s just something you may want to take into consideration given the usefulness of this guide submission.


It's dangerous to keep questioning yourself wether it was real or not


Minor spelling mistake that can easily be fixed.


Now, the bitter virgins like me will start having lewd thoughts, so I suggest you fap before attempting this u.u


Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with this seeing how the community probably has a lot of virgins in the first place. Especially since sexual thoughts that aren’t taken care of may lead to unpredictable behaviors for some. But it may be something that might have to be taken out depending on what other GAT members and other members of the community might respond to this.


You cannot c[/size][/font]ontrol it anymore. Anything it does is because of it's own will.


Guess you had a BBCode hur dur moment. That can easily be fixed of course.








  • You have minor spelling mistakes and the “c[/size][/font]ontrol” thing, but they can easily be fixed


  • I’m not sure how other GAT members would respond to the bitter virgin aspect, unless they’re virgins themselves. But joking aside, mentioning that part with fapping and all may have to be altered


If those elements can be fixed, I’ll approve of this since it needs to be made clear that seeing things in a new perspective can make ALL the difference. But for where to actually shift it, I’ll leave a blank vote if more GAT members can give their opinions on which section would be more pragmatic to place this.

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