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Perfect visualization from the half-sleep state.

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Nice guide! Happened to me twice on accident. Fell asleep in school but I could think fairly clearly while dreaming and visualized the classroom by accident.. and it looked so realistic that I thought I already woke up. But, some things were different, so I realized I was still sleeping and got excited, which woke me up for real. I was able to reproduce this again another time, but I couldn't remember to try visualize my tulpa. Anyway, now that the school break is over, I'll try this again (it seems to achieve this state you have to be very sleepy but lay [or sit] in an uncomfortable position. That way you can fall asleep while still being conscious. So of course school is the best place to practice this :P )

Also, thanks Lanpc for that link, once I do this a few times I'll try to set up an anchor for it.

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Since when does society shun dreams? some people just have better dream recall than others, although it can be trained.


I never said society shunned dreams, I just said that people aren't paying attention to them.

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I got my first clear view of my tulpa by forcing really late and nearly falling asleep.

So I decided to try this method. Got to bet around midnight (early for me) and failed. Fallen asleep, than woke up again.

This happened a few times on the same night (how I managed that I don't know). Finally I tried giving it one last shot.

And I failed again and started dreaming. The dream was however illogical and I was able to notice that. I realized I was dreaming and started LUCID dreaming. My first time evar. amazing


I'll also add that I tried visualizing my tulpa during the dream, however I was unable to see her. Each time I focused I was becoming more and more awake.

So I gave up on it and woke up about 1:30AM.

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Just a little something I thought I'd share.


Hypnagogic imagery always come VERY easily after a long day of physical labor on a construction site for me. Seriously, when I get home from an exhausting day of work, I sit on the couch and just close my eyes, and instantly the hypnagogic imagery sets it.


What I'm saying is, it seems that prolonged physical labor, or perhaps simply physical exhaustion, can aid greatly in achieving the "pefect visualization state".

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Eh, sure. Not something I would use myself nor do I really need it, but it has some stuff that might help people. Always the problem of falling asleep to many when dealing with something like this as far as I know, but it's a matter of practice. So despite what the guide says, this might either come naturally or be something you spend ages to get working, just like any other kind of visualization practice. I do like the fact that the writer of the guide does make a point of having this state of visualization when they please, not just when half asleep. But that too takes practice.


I do find the last bit about the other similar guide a bit odd, I thought lucid dreams were all about controlling the entire thing because hell, it's your dream and you know you have all the power. I don't see how that is the thing the guide writer objects to, when the thing they should object to in my eyes should be the fact that lucid dreaming requires the person to be asleep. Kind of an annoying way to visualize, if I couldn't even do it when I'm awake, you know.


Still, approved. Minor typos/grammar mistakes or something but nothing bad.

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