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NLD's Hands-On Tulpa Creation Guide v2.0


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* but if you do make a servitor you can turn them into a Tulpa relatively easily. Also, if you’re ever worried you’re making a servitor, here’s a tip: don’t. That leads us into our next segment…


not needed here, especially in an intro to tulpa


*This method is, as a general rule, less effective than active forcing

Opinion disguised as fact, negative frontloading


Disliking hour counts is fine, but it is unecessary to bring it up here and

is better just left out entirely as it could be confusing


*Essentially, just spend about an hour a day sitting there telling your Tulpa “You are [trait]” with all their traits over and over. This is narration, and it's a very important and easy way to work on personality.


Disapproved, though I will admit the wiki form does look pretty.

This is /not/ narration, or the essence of it. while it is talking to your tulpa, narration is more about talking to the tulpa than reinforcing personality.

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I've read earlier versions of this guide and have just finished reading the current version. While this guide contains quite a few weak points, I do fully believe that the visualization portion of your guide is unique and helpful. I also believe that your guide has definitely improved with time, as expected. There are a few weird things in your guide, like Sands said, but overall, I think it is a helpful resource and that is why I will be approving it.

"Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them... Nothing can take it from but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized."


-Neville Goddard

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GAT Commentary:


I'm somewhat divided about NoLongerDivided's guide - between a blank vote or an approval. It has some unusual things in it that might or might not belong in the guide.


The "What a tulpa is NOT" section may be unnecessary - if the reader isn't a sociopath and understands the tulpa is a person and treats them like one, then they'll get that in return - there's no need to force-feed morals that any sane reader could derive themselves (and any insane one may end up with something very different and it's not like a guide could prevent that either way). If they don't treat the tulpa like a proper person - surprise - they may get something different instead (simple imaginary friend, daemon, a mental puppet, servitor, whatever).


The definition of narration is too restricted: it's merely talking to your tulpa, adding more limiting qualifiers is needless.

The definition of servitor could be extended to include the definition used by FAQ_Man originally: a mental puppet which is controlled by yourself.


The guide has some interesting original material as far as form creation goes, although the rest of the material can be found in other guides that existed before it, that said, a newbie that wants a quick and simple guide, could go with this (or with Irish's or with any other minimal guide). I also wish the personality section was expanded more and was less rigid - getting the tulpa to start doing things on their own and gain a personality is far more important than getting them a shiny form AND that personality section gives the reader the impression that they should just narrate traits and expected behaviors to the tulpa until they respond, no matter how long that would take - when for some people it may be better to just emphasize that they should narrate to the tulpa while letting the tulpa respond freely as they see fit (and which may sometimes match the personality assumptions one made without needing to do tedious narration of the traits to the poor young tulpa for days/weeks). The guide may also be improved by adding some section on working on the tulpa's voice - while a tulpa can gain one naturally, it can also be gained by training your auditory imagination together with your tulpa and may sometimes even result in a nicer overall mind-voice for the tulpa - just like working on the form may sometimes result in the tulpa looking more detailed or having more rich body language/facial expressions/...


If those things do get fixed, it's approved (although the visualization/form part of the guide would get an approval if it was a separate guide).

Otherwise, I'll leave it as a blank vote (and an approval vote for a form visualization guide if it were to be its own guide).

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Disapproved for reasons previously stated. Maybe try rewriting it with a draft in hand so you can sort of see where everything needs to go instead of just editing pieces.

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Four disapprovals, two approvals and a blank vote. I'll keep this up here until it either gets one more disapproval or five more approvals.


EDIT for 6/1/14: with 9 GATs this isn't getting approved. Unstuck indefinitely, pending revision.

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