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NLD's Hands-On Tulpa Creation Guide v2.0


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hoho here it is :p

well done nld



>not being a spooky brain demon


Hanyuu <3

I am sometimes in the /mlp/ boards and #tulpa-forum if you wish to find me






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One question... just who is Microphone?

Microphone was the name used by a member to troll on the 4chan, /mlp, Tulpa General Thread; back when there was a tulpa thread on 4chan. Since that member does not actually troll here, I'll leave them in peace to heal. Still my favorite troll on the internet, and someone that is trying to recover from many problems.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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Well I'll go ahead and talk about few of the weird things in your guide.


First of all, the part about hour counts and Faqman shouldn't really be in the part about the form, now should it? How you suddenly started talking about that took me off guard and I was sure you were going to talk of the form, except then you didn't until too many sentences in. Pretty weird. And is there a reason for some of the words to be capitalized? Like tulpa?


Why is the wonderland part the only part said to be optional when the form and personality also are such? The forcing part in this guide is quite lacking for something that is supposed to be a creation guide, and I don't think the rest quite make up for it. Also it's almost like you implied personality forcing is active forcing... Which it is but I mean like, it's like you said personality is all that active forcing is, nothing else. And that it's the most important thing, "it" being the personality forcing here, not just active forcing in general. You might want to reword yourself here. Narration was barely mentioned and also slapped together with personality/active forcing as you implied.


Also "expect them to surprise you to be surprised!"? Uh, what? If this is you walking me through tuppers, you already lost me.


You also seem to have a very rigid order in which to do things. Maybe you might want to remind people that there is no order and that a lot of what is written in your guide is just symbolism, which is very subjective?

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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This guide is fine, I think, so approved.


Sands mentioned a few odd things, which I mostly agree with. Your guide's structure is a bit weird. You're telling me "Don't worry about time" in the form section, and everything past personality - i.e. narration - just seems to be slapped on as an afterthought. Last thing, like Sands said your capitalisation is weird and you have a few typos dotted around that Word would pick up.

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