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PsiQss' thought's relocation as a general forcing booster


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Hello everyone. Before I start, I'd like to say that this entire idea is based off of a guide I was reading last year: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-focus-concentration-removing-doubts-and-general-meditation-technique. (Much thanks to nice people on this forum who helped me find it) I hightly suggest reading it to have a good understanding of the thoughts in your own mind, because in my method, we'll be trying to manipulate them instead of simply silencing.


The lost guide


The guide itself was about a method of dealing with intrusive thoughts but we're going to reverse it here and use it to strengthen thoughts instead of killing shooting them down.

The idea is to feel the thoughts as they form and destroy them before they are strong enough to distract you. You want to feel your tulpa and you know how her thoughts are different from your own, intrusive thoughts. You want to focus on your tulpa but identify and annihilate any thought that feels different, before those thoughts even reach you.


The guide explained it with words (well, duh!). You think of a word and say it in your mindvoice. You have to get the idea of where is this word coming from. Now you cut it before you're done saying it. You keep repeating the word and cutting it shorter and shorter, until all that's left is the intention to say this word. It is important that you start the word with intention to say a complete word and then cut it, you shouldn't initially intend to say just half of the word!

Now after that exercise, once you get the idea you should be able to cut the intrusive thoughts right away, when you feel a "spark" of the thought. That's pretty much it.


I'd be really grateful if we could find the actual guide though. It was explained far better there but aside from that, I really feel like I'm using someone else's work here :/

But let's move on to using this method to our advantage. Once you get the idea of where the thought is coming from and how they feel, you should be able to (instead of cutting it short) focus on how those thoughts feel and "stimulate" them. You could use it to strenghten your tulpa's voice or even take it a step further and proceed to my relocation method.


How it works


And what does this actually do. As mentioned in the title, this method is a forcing booster, which means it is not much of a forcing technique of its own. Once you get the gist of it, it's supposed to take from one to five minutes before your actual forcing method. By relocating the thoughts (if done correctly) you're forcefully changing your beliefs so that you subconsciously know (not 'think') your tulpa is there and you can get the right mindset for forcing. If it doesn't go so well, you should at least get a better feel of your tulpa, which is always a bonus. But it's still experimental, so far I've only tested it on myself, so worst case scenario your head can explode, implode or both. You've been warned.

Origins of the relocation method


(If you want you can skip this paragraph and go to the next one right away as that's where most of the practical information is)


I have discovered an odd thing with my mind few years ago. I've been thinking of something related to my potential future, it was something along the lines of what my future job could be after a few years, doesn't really matter. What does matter though, is that it was something real. Something that could really happen. But this all felt like I didn't really believe it could. I knew that it was realistically possible, but I've been thinking of it as if it was not. And I didn't know why.

Few days later I've figured this out. I was about to have an exam of some sorts and I kind of imagined myself passing it with no problem, just visualized it to kind of let go my worries and to believe I can pass it. But it didn't feel right, I've been thinking of it, again, as if it wasn't going to happen. So I began analyzing this - the thought about the exam taking place felt real, I knew it WAS going to happen, while the thought about me passing it felt like a wish, fiction. It wasn't a difficult exam too, so I wasn't really worried about failing it. I didn't know why but even though both of those felt realistic, I've been thinking of them differently. I've decided to focus on actually learning for it though, and left those issues for the next day.


After the exam itself I came back to thinking of thoughts. And now, the thoughts about the exam and me passing it felt completely different - they were in the past now. I started messing around with thoughts, thinking of different things to find out how they 'feel'. And I've noticed that certain thoughts have something in common, they feel similarly real. I didn't know why but my mind seemed to be "categorizing" them.


The next time I've had a similar situation to the exam one (which btw I've passed, don't worry) I've tried to make myself believe more. I wondered why isn't that thought in this or that category, while it felt like it should be there? So I've tried to move it to that category myself. After few minutes of concentrating on those thoughts and analyzing them, I managed to make it feel right, to really make myself believe in this (can't remember what it particularly was though, lol).


So that's what I call the relocation, the process of reorganizing your mind, kind of, to make yourself think about stuff the way you want. From this day forth, I've been using this method whenever I wanted to really believe in something, I've even done some fun experiment like relocating my past memories to the future. Nothing big though, just recent events, but to my surprise, even though I knew those things happened already, I was expecting them to happen tomorrow.


I don't know why, but even though I've kind of been using this method for a while, only recently did I think of applying it to forcing. And here's how I did it.


Location of thoughts in the mind


Even before I started forcing, I've noticed that different types of thoughts have a different feel associated with them. I'll call it "mind location" for the sake of simplicity. So, the locations. For forcing purposes, we'll focus on a few basic ones.


The first "axis" is time. We have:

Past - those are mostly your memories, and generally everything that's related to the past, pretty straightforward.

Present - everything you think about your current life, including short time memories and plans for the upcoming days.

Future - those are mostly your plans for life and things that will, or could potentially happen one day.


The next "axis" is reality, things get a little tricky here:

Real - those are things that seem real to you. Things that you do every day and things that very much can happen. Or things that did actually happen.

Fiction - those are things that you consider "real" but you don't really believe that could happen. For example, thinking of winning million dollars on a lottery or even imagining yourself taking revenge on a bully if you don't really believe you could do it.

Fantasy - those are things that are not real, not possible and cannot happen in the world we know.




(Much thanks to Twilight for formatting this for me :3)


The relocation


Before we proceed further, you'll have to pinpoint all the mind locations mentioned above, in your own mind. Think of something from a particular category and try to understand how it feels. Once you've got the gist of it, you can do a simple trick.

If you have problem with something related to your tulpa, for example vocality, try to imagine how would it be if you were actually able to clearly talk to them. This will probably be somewhere in Future Fiction or Future Fantasy area, depending on how you think of it. All you have to do now, is to forcefully "relocate" this thought to Present Reality. Again, this doesn't mean throwing the thought from right side of your brain to left. You have to understand the difference in how you think of reality and fiction, and simply "think it differently".


Don't misunderstand me, this won't instantly make your tulpa vocal. Nevertheless, it can significantly speed up the process. The purpose of this trick is to make you FEEL your tulpa being there and speaking/listening to you. Once you feel it, it should be much easier to actually hear them. It's like tuning in to correct wavelength to speak to them properly. It makes you feel exactly how it would feel if they were really there. And most importantly, it weakens your mind barrier that blocks their thoughts - your subconscious takes it as real, not a fantasy, so why would it filter it out, right?


This method has worked for me so far, extremely well. After the first try I felt like my tulpa was really sitting next to me. I felt it the same way I feel someone's presence when I close my eyes and I know they are still there. But I'd like you guys to try it out for yourself and share your results so we can all make sure it really works. I've had huge progress recently, so it probably does, at least to some degree.


Happy forcing, and I hope you find it at least slightly helpful. Remember to read alot of guided, combine them and find what works for you best!


Chart back-up:





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This is interesting, and it reminds me of several things I've read.


First is a webcomic, Frogherder. Some of the author's stuff is still online, but not the bit I'm thinking of. The character (Timo, I believe?) was learning from a crow how to use his powers. The crow said that he should remember where in the brain the energy came from. I believe his line was something like "For example, I have a memory of my mother that comes from just behind my left eye."


This guy's theories on magick work like this too. He talks about mental muscles, and says that if you can figure out where these muscles are, you can stimulate them directly, then throw out all the ritual that most people focus on, and get the same results. At least I think that's what he's saying -- his web site is confusing, and he's very meta.


I believe I've also seen this on psionics websites too. Perhaps PsiPog or Psionics Online.


I don't think I've ever seen a tulpa guide like this though. It's a neat idea, and it's cool to read about it without having to wade through a bunch of meta stuff.


I definitely notice that my mindvoice tends to come from one particular area in my mind, while Fench's comes from another. I'll have to experiment with this.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Guest amber5885

I didn't even realize it before I read this habit Toby's voice comes from somewhere around the base of my skill while mine is more up front.....


I'm definitely going to play with this a but more when I have time

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This is definitely a thing... my mind voice is more central while Sarah's always feels like it comes from the right and a little further away. While possessing there have been times where the mind voices switched positions... it was rather disorienting. Now with three new tulpa (he wants to be called Alex), his voice seems to come from the left... it's really hard to explain.

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Since you mention it, my tulpas's voices all seem to come from different directions. For instance, Hakkyou seems to come from behind me. Which makes sense, as I usually "turn around" to face and speak with her. But the position isn't always the same, probably because I see myself as being usually in one spot while they go about their business- meaning they'll be in different spots. Still, very interesting.

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Guest amber5885

YES!! I finally found the post I was looking for!!


Okay so I have been playing aroun with this for a day or two and already I've found a lot of good in it.


I've been payin attention to where Toby's voice comes from and I've noticed a few things.


1) when I parrot and I did it on purpose as an experiment, the parroted voice always comes from the base of my skull and sounds far away. I can't move it, I can't change it it's fixed in position so now I know what to look for when it comes to "did I parrot or didn't I?"


2) tobys voice comes from different areas depending in where he is. After spending a few days playing around with this I can now not only tell what side of me he is on without looking I can also feel his presence a lot stronger now.


I'm gonna keep playing with jt but I like it alot so far.

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Well, a lot of this is just symbolism. That's why this is so hard to rate in any way, because I'm having trouble finding the non-symbolic tip buried in all of this. "Moving" the "locations" of your thoughts in your mind? Yeah, symbolism.


I think the closest I can think of is that this is kind of like the other tip that got disapproved due to its format. Your general tip seems to be along the lines of "imagine how it would be like if you had a vocal tulpa/perfect visualization/whatever" and for some people, that does work. It's an okay tip and I was willing to approve of it in the other thread if the format and everything was fixed.


I wouldn't approve of this as is because it's mostly just symbolism with a small tip buried under it all, so it won't work for those who don't buy into the symbolism. So I suggest that you would write your actual tip at the start somewhere and make it real obvious. Like, imagining what it would be like if you had perfect whatever, you can use this tip for more than just getting a vocal tulpa, so you could get creative. After that you could have the text you got right now, a symbolism trick for those who might want to take it one step further and use it. I think that way you would have an explanation and a tip as well as some symbolism to guide people through the process, which would help as many people as possible.


I would approve of the underlying tip here for tips, once it's made a bit more obvious. The symbolism never should be the only thing you give people, as symbolism is way too personal. I hope you change this a bit so that it can be approved. In that case, the other thread would also become more or less unnecessary, so it's win/win situation really and you would do us a big favor. You might also want to rethink the title so that it doesn't just have your symbolism process listed, otherwise people might skip it just because it sounds silly.

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Guest Anonymous

I made a copy of this and translated it into Markdown. Is this what you were looking for in terms of a chart?




I have a full copy of the markdown translation here.

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It's not symbolism, Sands, and I know exactly which guide you're talking about.

The "locations" were just a metaphor, it's all about the "feel" associated with particular thoughts. This whole trick is about forcefully making thoughts feel different, not necessarily throwing them from left to right. For some people it may actually feel like they're coming from a different direction, but for me it's more of an abstract feeling. So you think "how would it be blah blah" and you think it as a thought of different type. By doing this, you're making your subconscious "ready" for responses from your tulpa, which in general tears down the mental barrier. But for this to work, you have to figure out what all those 'types' of thoughts actually feel like. With symbolism, you wouldn't have to.

This entire idea is pretty abstract, it's difficult to explain it clearly, sorry :) Thank you for your feedback, I will edit the post later today to try and make it more clear.


And thank you Twilight, this is exactly what I wanted to put there. I'm in hurry to work right now, but I'll edit that in when I'm back.

"Tulpamancy? It's a way of life.

More than one..."

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