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Soft for tulpaforcing


Do you use anything except your mind?  

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  1. 1. Do you use anything except your mind?

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Hey guys! I wonder if any of you use some software in tulpa creation, forcing? Audiodrugs like idozer, any music, video, anything.

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Unless you count music playing software like Spotify, then I don't. Usually I just sit down and force.

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Weren't audiodrugs confirmed to be placebo? Anyway, we tend to experiment with things of that sort, but so far I found that it is easier for me to relax and be comfortable without any extra sounds.

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I've used audio "drugs" sometimes. Placebo or no, they seem to help get me into the right mental mode sometimes. Since I don't like to force in front of a computer, I use Binaural Player, which is an Android adaptation of SBaGen. The GUI is slightly glitchy in places but it works well, is fully compatible with all SBaGen files, includes a primitive editor, and doesn't violate the GPL.

(Note that I-Doser itself is a scam. It stole code from the free GPL program SBaGen and does not release its source. Its .drg files are actually just SBaGen format files that have been encrypted, and add an image and description. I-Doser files can therefore be decrypted and used with SBaGen, which can also edit and customize them. SBaGen files are also pretty easily edited in Notepad since they're plain text.)


I've used Fede's tones, which help in a similar way. I wish he would bring them back instead of deleting them to help push Eye-bo, which does not help me. Different stuff helps different people.


Music also helps me. Certain songs seem to make me feel more alert and focused.

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I've never tried binaural beats while forcing. Nor pink noise either. I'm usually distracted by my mom's tv in the other room.

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Mostly, I do passive forcing, sometimes with music at my phone, or bit of active before I go to sleep (because SILENCE). Pink noise? Distracting actually. What's for music, always pick ambient.

And may the fears keep away from you.

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I used to use binaural beats but now instead of just sitting and active forcing, I'll read with Markus or watch tv with her :P I will, however, occasionally just hop into our wonderland and hang out with her. I usually don't because I never know what to do and tend to get bored easily

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I just listen to various sorts of music, but at a really low volume so I can hear Kalium if he decides to mindvoice me.

We don't need drugs to hallucinate.


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