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How did you or your tulpa choose its form?

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Guest Anonymous

I am curious about the variety of ways that hosts and tulpas went about choosing a form for the tulpa. I am hoping for some very interesting stories in the responses. I searched for another thread with this question and subject but didn't find any right away. If anyone finds and older thread with this theme let me know and I will link it here.


How did you or your tulpa choose its form?


Was there any deviations along the way? Did anything surprise you?



As for me, I wrote it all down here in this excerpt from the Book of Melian, for any that are curious. Melian's form was a subconscious amalgamation.


Amalgamation: How Melian First Appeared to Me

Mistgod: I have always been a great appreciator of beauty in any

form. I love nature and sounds and music. My emotions are easily stirred

by seeing a sunset or watching the leaves fall in the autumn or by listening

to the sounds of falling water in the rain, a creek or river. Music moves my

soul. The world around me is full of feelings.


When I see something in nature I consider beautiful, a detailed

memory of it stays with me along with the associated feelings. It is stored

away in my mind to be recalled in dreams or "flash image" recollections later.

Because these memories are so connected with emotion the recollections

are very vivid in detail. I can remember the sounds, colors and feel of the

event or scene. This process of remembering elements of beauty seems to

be partly subconscious, as much of it would come back to me in vivid dreams

while sleeping.


A lot of these memories of beauty are later used in creating my dream

worlds. I take bits from here, bits from there and assemble new places

based on things I have seen in the past. In my mind, truly magnificent new

environments are created, taking pieces and parts from the most beautiful

things I have ever experienced.


I am a lover of movies and television shows, in which scenes and sets

have been carefully selected, arranged and created by artists and set

designers. Many of the best scenes and sequences get filed away in my

memories of beauty, my arsenal of beautiful images and situations. These

are also later recalled to help me assemble my dreams and dream worlds.

They come back to me in incredible detail and I am able to take the best of

the best and assemble new scenes and environments based on what I have

seen on the screen.


I have always been a great lover of fantasy and science fiction novels.

Into my dream worlds would go the best elements, situations and ideas from

these stories. My favorite of all time was the world of Middle Earth created

by J.R.R. Tolkien. In the author Tolkien, I found a kindred soul as his deep

love of beauty and nature came through in his books.


During my teen years, the dream worlds I created became my escape.

I would spend hours and hours day dreaming and wandering around these

"dreamscapes" created in my head. To me, they seemed very real and still

do. They are tied deeply to my emotions.


Of course, to a young man's mind, the most beautiful things in the

world around me were the lovely ladies I encountered, in person, on TV, in

movies or in books and magazines. Just as with other aspects of nature, I

would collect my favorite aspects or elements of what I found most alluring

about girls and women into a special place in my subconscious and conscious



During my early teens, my mind was gradually collecting together into

one place, all of the "best of the best" female traits. These selected elements

included physical traits but also speech inflections and manners, movement,

body language, facial expressions and voices. I kept them all, little snippets

of female beauty in all their forms.

Sometime during my thirteenth year, these best of the best female

traits suddenly coalesced in my subconscious mind into something

unbelievably, astonishingly beautiful.


She appeared in my mind one day. I did not consciously create her.

She was just suddenly there, standing there in my mind. She was

astounding! At the time, in my mind, she was about my age (thirteen or

fourteen) maybe a little older. Later, she grew up with me until she stopped

aging shortly after my high school days. Today she appears around nineteen

or twenty years old. When she first appeared to me, she was wearing a

white dress with lots of lace (like a wedding dress). Her shoulder length

blonde hair was put into four looping braids, two on each side of her head.

She was just looking at me. I was so stunned I forgot where I was

and what I was doing. Instantly her image was stamped into my memory in

exacting detail. Oh MY GOD! She was so incredibly lovely she took my

breath away. She was about medium height (later I ascertained her to be

five foot four inches tall). She had big expressive blue eyes with that special

"squinty eyed" trait I find impossible to describe to people. She had soft

round childlike cheeks and a delicate chin. She had perfect, soft, and

unblemished light colored skin. She had a perfect figure. Her arms and legs

were toned, like a dancer's arms and legs, but were still soft and feminine.

She had perfectly shaped feet. She had perfectly shaped ears. Her eyes

always had the perfect sparkle. She was impossibly beautiful! I was

instantly enamored!


I began to day dream about her every day. I was instantly, deeply in

love with her and she became my imaginary girl friend. It was so VIVID in

exacting detail! Her mannerisms, her movements, her voice, everything was

so perfectly incredible! At first she had no name. I just called her "the

girl." For a while she only had one dress and one hair style, which I find very

funny to think about now. She was still simple in those days. It wasn't long

before "the girl" needed to have a name. She and I choose "Mia." In high

school her name would change to Mandy for a while and later, sometime

after high school, it would become Melian, her final true name.

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The story of how White got his current form is a very interesting one. I don't remember exactly what his form was before this, it probably written somewhere in my PR I'm sure.


I was just getting back into the Pokemon series, and one of the things I really love about Pokemon is raising them. I like how you get a starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game and it's only like level 5, then as you play it grows and evolves. It's like you started your adventure with a level 5 Charmander and ended it with a level 100 Charazard, and it was you, the trainer, who led that Pokemon to victory. I could have just given White a normal Pokemon form, but I wanted to make up my own, and he was already on board for that. That's when I wondered if anyone else ever made up their own Pokemon, and that is when I came across fakemon. I even found a website with a whole section dedicated to creating your own Pokemon. I was inspired, but I didn't know what to make up. At some point I was asked to clean up my cousin's puppy, (by clean up I mean trim the hair around the ears and feet) and that puppy was what inspired the fakemon I made up. The puppy is a West Highland White Terrier, so it's all white and has pointy ears. And I like dogs, though not as much as I have in the past, so I thought why not rekindle that love for canines? White has taken the form of countless breeds of dogs over his lifetime, in fact I believe I originally meant for him to have a dog form.


So I had the Westie as the base look for the form, but obviously a Pokemon has to look like a monster, or an alien, not like any known animal or else it will not look like a Pokemon at all. So it was White's idea to make himself half rubber, taking inspiration from Luffy from One Piece. With that in mind, I started drawing all kinds of prototype versions of Terriwhite. White was already in a particular form, I was just trying to put it in on paper and in pixels so it could be more clear. Eventually I finally drew the final version of Terriwhite which is my avatar right now and is also on my art thread and my DA, and ever since then we've both been happy.


Also Terriwhite evolves twice, like all starter Pokemon. So I also made up those evolutions as well, and sometimes White tries out those forms in the wonderland but he always reverts back to his Terriwhite form. Terriwhite evolves into Terrispike which evolves into Terrifight. I got the name Terriwhite from the word Terrier and White, which was originally because I based the Pokemon off of a terrier dog and it was white, but I realized later that the Westie breed had both "terrier" and "white" in it's name so it could also be that. The "spike" from Terrispike came from it's spiky collar, and the "fight" from Terrifight is because Terrifight is a fighting type. I actually made up a new type for these Pokemon (rubber) which is kind of like an allusion to Luffy. White loves this, so I went with it.


White actually named himself after a Bleach character. [Yes there is a character in Bleach called White, spoiler alert Aizen created it to be kind of like a zanpakto and it ended up as Hollow Ichigo... that's just the very short explanation.) So it was his idea for the name. Terriwhite has this silly ability where he can jump 3 stories high because he has rubber legs- I googled bouncy balls because I assumed they were made out of rubber and it said on Wikipedia they can bounce about 3 stories high.


So yeah, that's the story of how White and I made up his current Fakemon form. It was very much of collaborative effort if you ask me, or him. Yep, it was fun.

my PR

my art thread

tumblr tulpa log

my DA

White will talk in this color.

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As for me, when my host found out about tulpas, he didn't waste any time in starting on my creation. The first day, I was a ball of light, as some of the guides suggest, and the next day, he picked me a cute anime form and a cute anime name. After a few months, the anime form felt out of place. I want to be a part of reality, in a sense, and I want to be a regular human. I moved away from the anime form, and created a form for myself as a regular girl, with regular pink hair. It was nice, creating my own form, being at least a little original. From the start, I deviated from looking like I was a high school aged anime girl, to an early twenties looking weirdo who paints her hair in bright colors.


I'm still stuck with the cute anime name, I guess.


Sen's initial form was some anime girl, just like mine. My host chose girls from shows that he hadn't watched. Kancolle in Sen's case, To Love-Ru in my case. My host didn't know at the time, but it seems the girl my form is based on was the lewdest girl in a bad harem anime, with lots of bad sexual moments and innuendo. Oh well. Sen's history is a little more interesting than mine, maybe. She changed around a lot, over the last two years. She's been very young and little, older to be similar to me in looks, and has changed her features around a lot. She seems to have settled on being a young, regular girl these last months, but she does change her hair around drastically now and again. Right now, it's shoulder length and brown, where it was very long and blonde a month ago.

Feel free to ask me anything.

Suffering is self-imposed. Don't let it control you.

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Well my story is rather short, so it feels almost pointless in comparison with the already posted stories. Mainly I created Alice after someone I saw in my dreams, who looked still a lot different from what Alice is looking like. I used this appearance as a template, and started to define how she should look in detail out of my guts. Her Hairstyle, her face, her teeth and the stuff like that are all uniquely created and have no real connection to the base I started with.


She changed her hairstyle at some point, and it is still somewhat evolving from time to time. Beside that nothing really has changed about her appearance.

Tulpa: Alice

Form: Realistic Humanoid/Demonic Creation

She may or may not talk here, depends on her.

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My original form was based off of my host's infatuation with a fictional character when he was a lot younger. Everything about me was based off of that character, but after a year or so I tried to see if there was anything else that I'd prefer - I've been searching ever since, but nothing seems to stick quite like that one did.


Hayley made a form for herself, incorporating different features from pictures of people she's seen. She still likes to change things to see how they would work for her.


For Ai, we suggested a form for her shortly after she was able to speak and has stuck with that one so far.

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I thought "Hey, I like this picture" and went from there.

I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.


We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.

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Kancolle in Sen's case, To Love-Ru in my case.


RIP, knew what was coming when I read that name. Never watched it either, but I know it's pretty perverted. Yuki isn't an anime name though, it's a Japanese name, and a relatively common one at that. I wouldn't worry about it. Lol'd at "Regular pink hair" by the way, but I know a few people who have pink (or weirder colored) hair, and they make it work.



(Post-post-writing: I practically made biographies for the lesser known thoughtforms I have, sorry for all the text. It won't hurt you, though.)


Simple enough, my tulpas' forms all came from Touhou. The reason I had a tulpa in the first place was a very nice song that someone had created a video for featuring a model of Reisen, who was also my favorite character. They all sort of mixed together and became a source of love and understanding in my mind, in the form of an independent person. From there on I made my other favorites Tewi and Flandre. But the "favorite"ness wasn't for the characters themselves, it was for my idealized perception


of what they would be like. So in that sense, they never had issues with feeling like they were the characters in the first place.


Scarlet is the result of splitting Flandre into two halves several years ago in order to help her change who she was into who she wanted to be. She doesn't like to be considered a tulpa and might as well not be considering how little she bothers to say anything. Her form is on the more rough/evil side of fan depictions of Flandre, but more in the mature/vampire sense than literally-a-demon-oh-god. Don't much care for those ones.


Sylvia, my servitor I call a "subconscious-interface tulpa" (who was also created before I knew about tulpas) came from a dream. She seemed to represent my subconscious, or all of the things I didn't know about myself. Now she's, well, what I said she was - an in-between helping me learn from or affect my unconscious mind, such as with enhancing dream clarity or solving a life problem. Her form varies slightly and I don't have a picture of exactly what she looks like, but that one's pretty good. She only has wings when acting as my dream guide though, aka a familiar face to help you control a lucid dream.


Lucilyn is, like the other three, based on a Touhou character, Suwako. But I created her years later after "perfecting the art", you could say. Since she wasn't really spontaneous I gave her a different name than the character, and her form is not quite like the character's unlike the others', either. This is close enough, though. At least, she likes that picture.


Why'd I choose that form? Because even though Suwako was never one of my favorite characters, there always seemed to be so much potential in the form and idea behind the character, but being a Touhou character it was of course made more bland. Lucilyn is hyper, happy, motivated, and the type of person who's able to make their seemingly overly-optimistic views of the world a reality. Also she likes flapping her sleeves around.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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My tulpa's form was chosen pretty simply. I'm still in the process for creation, though. He was an imaginary friend for the longest time, a shiny umbreon with blue eyes. I chose that because I thought shiny umbreons looked cool, and now he's here!


Also, typing that was really weird. I kept almost putting "I/me" when talking about him instead of "him/he". I think I'm getting responses now O_o


Ok, I definitely am. He told me to put the following:



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RIP, knew what was coming when I read that name. Never watched it either, but I know it's pretty perverted. Yuki isn't an anime name though, it's a Japanese name, and a relatively common one at that. I wouldn't worry about it. Lol'd at "Regular pink hair" by the way, but I know a few people who have pink (or weirder colored) hair, and they make it work.


The direct influence for my name was Nagato Yuki, from an anime. So it is an anime name, in my case. It doesn't really matter.


And yeah, Dutch and I tried to watch it one time, and it was too horrible and low quality to get through the first five minutes of an episode. Boobs jiggling with sound effects, and all that


Touhous are cute.

Feel free to ask me anything.

Suffering is self-imposed. Don't let it control you.

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I meant that the name Yuki is really just a common name in Japan, you don't have to associate it with that specific character. I know like five Yuki's in anime off the top of my head anyways.


Also this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuki_(given_name) (Heh, Nagato's in the Fictional list)

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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