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Early Parroting Worries

X shaji X

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It's day 2 since I created my tulpa and I have been talking to her for an hour today ( I have been really busy )

After I talked to her and stopped visualising felt a bit.. woozy? I don't know how to describe it. Woozy is the best word to describe it. I only felt like that for a few minutes but on to the main thing. When I was talking to her I was visualising her and me in our wonderland and seeing her through my point of view and occasionally seeing us both. I talked to her about her personalities and how she had every right to make her own choices about well everything tbh. I asked her a few questions and I tried playing rock paper scissors. I explained the rules but every time we played she would only choose rock. I'm sure I didn't parrot since I only focused on my choices. But I do feel like I was parroting like when I told her a joke and she smiled Or when she laughed I'm certain I was parroting her. How do i stop? And am I doing everything right?

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There's no need to put so much pressure on the whole situation this early on. You don't have to play games or talk with her when she's this brand new. All you have to do is talk to her, don't worry about her responses or if they're parroted or not. Just focus on making sure you talk to her.


On a side note, I do not believe personality is anyone's choice, tulpa or host. Nobody "chooses" their personality traits, they grow and change over time. Don't approach her personality like something to be assigned to her, it's something that will develop naturally.

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You can have an idea of who your tulpa will be to start out with just fine. But they'll change at least a little on their own. Once they're a living person, they get far too dynamic for anyone to just "think of" ahead of time. They'll probably still be similar to what you first imagined, though, it's just the fine details of personality that could be "lost", ie change on their own.

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Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's you parroting them, proxying them or them, it takes time for the doubt to subside. Truly it can 'stop' for the most part when you stop worrying about it and they have other means to confirm that you're not parroting. Such as audio imposition, emotional confirmation, head pressure, or other sensory means.


For example if you get a thought from them and 'translate or proxy' their intent incorrectly, they might become upset or offended, that's pretty good feedback. That kind of feedback will come with time. So to do this, pay attention for tulpish, which will feel like thoughts coming from them rather than you. (But i must add the disclaimer that early on these can be random intrusive thoughts mixed in as well.)

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I don't know if it's good thing to do, I'm still very new, but every time I think I'm parroting or puppeting, I ignore the answer and ask again, maybe a bit later (10 minutes?)

It works for me, so dunno (maybe cuz my tulpa can't speak/fully make opinions)

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