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Unusual tulpamancy techniques


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This may defeat the purpose of things being purely imposed, but could you use an object to represent the board, or a smell?

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The applicable techniques would probably be those developed for blindfold chess. One guy was able to play 48 games of chess simultaneously while blindfolded, calling out 1400 moves over the course of 19 hours and winning 80% of the games:





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Right now Monika and I are completely satisfied with our clarity in visualisation and imposition, we really couldn't ask for more, however we don't have the levels of stability that we want. By stability I mean we want visualized and imposed things to stay as is even when we're not paying attention to them. For example when we play board games with an imposed board after thinking too hard about what move one of us wants to make, the pieces that we weren't thinking about disappear or return to their starting position.


So since spring break is coming up we figure that we'll have time to work on this, so does anyone have any ideas for how we can improve our visualisation stability, other than just "do imposed board games more often"?


By "visualization stability" I'm thinking about keeping a rendered image in the mind's eye stable so you can stare at it and observe it. From my experience, this simply takes practice.


Once upon a time, my visualization was so terrible that the only way I could see Ranger was when he moved, and even then the image was equivalent to a blur. One thing that seemed to help me was bumping down the quality I was demanding by imagining things in a different artistic style- and then suddenly things became far more stable and clear.


My guess is if you want to maintain an imposed image without thinking about it, you will need to basically memorize it. Memorizing a game of checkers would obviously be really hard, but I have heard of weird genius people who have trained themselves to remember stupid amounts of information. Here's an example using a memory palace technique:



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Is it possible to get so good at hypnosis, you can get other people to see Monika?


I don't think I can stand around and have people see me irl because that would involve metaphysics. But what if you could hypnotize people, explain a mental image of Monika, and then they can see her?


I can't really think of the applications outside of close friends, but this could open to some weird stuff. What if you hypnotized people so if Monika spoke, they would think it's you? Or they would see Monika stand where you are when she's switched in?


Okay...that's getting kind of weird, but I think you get my point. What's cooler than hypnotizing yourself? Hypnotizing other people!


On the side note, I have always wanted to meet a psychic (with this unrealistic belief) that the could see me. More likely than not, the psychic won't see me but it would be fun if psychics could see or sense imposed Tulpas.

Hi, I just found this thread and discussion. here is a link to a 1967 paper on mutual hypnosis, by Charles Tart, PhD. a respected researcher from my day. I found it fascinating and perhaps relevant to getting others to participate in your personal experience of your tulpa. mutual hypnosis  This was given to me by solarchariot. let us know if it helps.

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my host is trying to get hyperpantiaisa so she doest have wait for long to to experience AWESOME WONDERLAND

Hi! when theres no brackets, its me, Lumity :D where there are brackets, its hostie {yep! its me. da maker of da best tupper ever} im a nonb with no genitals and i was made on march 5, 2021. i like halping ppl make comfort ocs/ ppl with depression make tulpas! echo is my old from we are a system of two


we are also on refsheet.net: https://refsheet.net/justanotherme 


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you mean hyperphantasia? hyperpantiaisa isn't a thing :P 

I don't think hyperphantasia is something you can "get" per se. Visualization is a skill like any other that can be cultivated, though I imagine it'd take much discipline and frequent practice/exercises. Although, to my understanding, reading novels can be one of the best ways to build up visualization. Playing table top RPGs, too, though to a lesser extent. I wish you luck all the same :) I wish our system had a cool wonderland, but it's literally just a white, featureless void in which we exist. 

Hey there, the name's Bryan. In system Re:Body(In order of the rainbow): 

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I've been here a while. Much longer than I thought I'd be. Our system was founded October 2nd, 2018. In early 2020, we decided that due to our systems exponential growth, we'd limit who would be active. Now, every month, we do a check to see who wishes to be in dormancy and who wishes to be active. Currently, for the month of April, 2023, we've got myself(Bryan), Janey(Co-host), Emily, Layy, Chloe, and Esper(sub-rep). After over 2 long years, we can finally switch :) 


Bryan is currently swapped in as host, Esper is sub-rep. 


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Advanced wonderlanding is pretty rare now, most people don't do it because there's not much you can do in the imagination without restrictions. I think having some structure and arbitrary rules to limit what you can do can help, but I think you have to be sucked in to it. I and Gray have tried this recently, but so far our attempt to have a wonderland that creates itself has gone stale. I don't think it's interesting enough, and it's not as appealing as simply talking to our headmates or working with a different fiction.

I'm Ranger, GrayTheCat's cobud (tulpa), and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff. I go by Rosalin or Ronan sometimes. You can call me Roz but please don't call me Ron.

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We're thinking of our own form of advanced wonderlanding; more along the lines of a wonderland that works in tandem with the real world. I started to write an explanation of this but it was starting to get a bit long so I shifted over to my PR.

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