What Form of Imposition is the Hardest to Achieve?

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Another thread I came up with inspired by some discussion LOTPW thread:


What form of imposition is the hardest to achieve? I assumed visual imposition is the hardest, until I found the response to this FAQ in r/Tulpas:


Can I (grab, slap, hug, etc.) my tulpa?


Yes, within reason. Imagining or enacting a given action against a tulpa, imposed or otherwise, will carry all the meaning and weight you associate with that action directed at them. In the case of an imposed tulpa, the actual feedback you feel will depend on how developed your sensory imposition is, as tactile hallucinations do not come as easily as visual ones.


Not only is tactile imposition not that difficult for me, it came to me rather naturally. Slowly overtime, my tactile/touch imposition skills have slowly become better and better. But visual imposition? Even though I know how to force visual hallucinations to happen using the Ganzfield effect and catch myself hallucinating more often, I don't feel any closer to achieving visual imposition than I did several months ago.

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In my experience, and in the experience of everyone I know with imposition goes, from easiest to hardest:

Olfactory ≈ gustatory > tactile > auditory >>> visual.


Visual imposition has always been reported to be the most difficult. It is interesting that, though auditory hallucinations are the most common overall, it is the second most difficult to intentionally cause

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For most people it's likely going to be visual imposition, but I've read of a few instances where people struggled more with auditory and tactile hallucinations for whatever reason. This is why I sometimes respond to imposition questions by saying that things differ from person to person, and what you might find difficult will be a breeze for others. But I guess you could say that's anything related to tulpa creation.

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