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Initial Foot-hold of Switching?

Apollo Fire

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Very often when focusing our mind on switching, we induce this strange feeling. It's like the host is in a weird fog of some kind, the world becomes more derealized and unfocused for him. This usually goes away within moments, usually caused by whoever's fronting turning their attention to something else.


We theorize that this feeling might be indicative of a very, very early switching stage. We think if we can somehow prolong/increase the feeling, it might lead to a switch, eventually. This seems to be the most tangible switching-related progress we have: just this weird, fleeting feeling of derealization/dissociation, kinda like how one might feel falling asleep while trying to stay awake.


Does that sound right? Has anybody else experienced this feeling? Do you have any advice on how to keep it going or to increase its potency? Do you think doing so can help switching?


(p.s. if you reply then pls answer the question and don't respond to just say "I can't help you")

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I know what you're talking about. Cat calls it "cloud mode" were she feels like the world isn't real, she looses focus of the outside world, our visualization ability spikes, and mindvoices / presence become more distinct. This usually happens when Gray is really tired or sleep deprived, and is sometimes triggered by anxiety. We think this is some kind of dissociation.


"Cloud mode" has also been triggered when Gray has tried to force one of the other Grays, but usually Gray is already tired when this happens and it doesn't always work.


However, we're not sure what the exact cause is or how to induce it. It's unclear if these events will lead to switching or if we will incorporate this into a future switching attempt.


I don't recommend trashing your sleep cycle if you can avoid it though. Cat has had some success trying to mimic this feeling by standing in her room and trying to visually impose streamers of color as she moves her hands around.

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It sounds to me like you're able to induce dissociation. Dissociation is a pretty vague term for feelings of depersonalisation, derealization, or a general disconnect from the "real world" aka meatspace.


The fact that you're able to induce this is a good part of what most people use to switch. I used to involuntarily dissociate all the time, now that I'm aiming to switch with my tulpa I find it hard to induce on purpose, so you're quite lucky.


EDIT: I kind of mansplained what you already knew instead of addressing your question entirely sorry. I'm not sure how to increase the feeling other than "practice moar" with a note that you should take breaks and not try to induce this all the time, involuntary dissociation sucks.


In switching, as the host dissociates, the tulpa steps into the body and tries to take control of it. This usually means the tulpa pushes their form into the body or might use a metaphor like turning into liquid and filling up the body instead.

Despite the name, the host bodybody is the one usually using this account. 

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To be completely honest, I didn't require anything special to start switching. The dissociation I practice is just a more applied/intentional version of what you should already experience when immersing yourself in visualization or wonderlanding.


On just the topic of what helped initially switch though, in my case it was definitely the self-help/philosophy stuff I'd read and taken to heart about identity, namely that "You" and the rest of your mind and body are totally separate things. When I learned about switching, it immediately made sense, because I already considered "Me" separate from my mind itself. You may or may not think that's super relevant or useful, but considering we got switching down with so little effort I can't even remember there being a process of learning how (only my tulpas themselves practicing being switched, which did take some getting used to), chances are it was a big deal. Mindset, that is. Above all else I think mindset - believing "You" (the host) can be separate from the rest of the mind's activity - is the most important aspect to learning to switch. A lot of people are focusing on dissociation recently, but if I'm being completely honest, they're the people who aren't able to switch. People who can switch have rarely ever talked about achieving some incredibly intense meditative dissociative state prior to switching. Usually just the regular kind of dissociation associated with ignoring the physical senses and focusing on either visualization/wonderland or just "inner space", but applied just a little more than normal, should be enough.


Absolutely, problems with the host accidentally "stealing" back the front ie re-associating with it are possible to experience still. But I just wish I could see you guys struggling with perceptible issues, and not forever chasing the very start itself. It feels like such a "It was right under your nose" scenario to me.. Like if/when you guys do figure it out, it won't be from some advanced dissociative state achieved through a unique and specific practice, but rather a realization of some sort.


But on that front, I can't say much I haven't said before.

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I agree with Lumi, though we came to that understanding as a result of our experiences with switching, not in advance of them. We switch like breathing with no dissociation process at all. We *can't* dissociate separately from one another, as we're all tied into the physical senses identically, regardless of switching.


Maybe what you are experiencing can help you. If it can make you believe that you have switched, then it is definitely what you need, because that's the key element in actually switching. But everything we've learned over the course of thousands of successful switches says that a mindfogged host is not the right track.



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