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Me and my three tulpae all have specific songs that we attribute as "our song". I remember seeing a few other people with specific songs for their tulpae and wondered if anybody else had a particularly resonant or chill-inducing song that their tulpa likes. Mine are as follows:


Twi: Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

Dash: Beautiful World by Colin Hay

Scoots: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness

[align=center]Jick Twi Dash Scoots

9/2/95 3/10/12 9/10/12 28/1/13[/align]

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The first song Aurora ever heard was Party Poison by My Chemical Romance. It was the first song I listened to after I decided to create a tulpa. The next time I listened to it was 2 weeks later, when she was barely vocal, and had no access to my memories, and she said "Hey, I remember this!" and started singing along.

I guess that it could be our song.

Her favourite song is Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Also, I think this thread has been done before...


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Either Kiara by Bonobo because it's nice, fits her personality and its her name, or Lady Brown by Nujabes, no particular reason for the second one but Kiara loves it especially.

Fate doesn't care for music and Alice is developing.

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I'm not sure what it is about this song, but it just fits the two of us. When we were just starting out, Miah gave me a lot of communication through emotional reactions to music. It was while I was listening to piano music that she hit me with her emotions the first time. It was those emotions that I knew were not mine that persuaded me to really start helping her develop.


Back when we first heard this song, she gave me some of the strongest emotional waves I had, and have, ever experienced. I knew the song was ours. I hate the idea of people having songs, but I can't deny the fact that this song really just speaks to the both of us.

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Kouroh and I primarily have You Are Loved by Josh Groban as our song. We first heard it within a month of his coming into existence,and it reminded us of how he supports and unconditionally loves me.

Amanda- Host/human/original - 23 - female

Kouroh- Tulpa/daemon/secondary - came into existence 8-4-06 - male

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Guest Anonymous

Is it alright?


Vriska says she likes Borgore -

, and Kanaya likes the Hundred Waters Remix of
by Neil Davidge.
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      The thing is, H. simply manifested herself, she was never on my mind during my Tulpa creation, and she's like incredibly powerful? Like, when she appeared I saw her freely moving, she had her own voice and mannerisms, and I was like mindblown because obviously, a) first time feeling that strong of a reaction from a Tulpa(J. was like flashing images in my mind's eye and more like an internal feeling, not a full blown hearing, feeling, and close-eyed hallucination) and b) at this time J. became much clearer as well and started speaking out against H. whom, at this point, was basically assaulting me. 
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