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JD's Guide to Visual Imposition (image heavy)


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I cant view the images.

why cant i see the images?


I pulled the images from an archive and uploaded them to Imgur. You should be able to see them now. Also, I resized two images that were stretching the page.

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apologies if this isn't allowed, but if you can't view the images in the original post, use this archive instead:


Despite the name, the host bodybody is the one usually using this account. 

Spice was born in 2013 and Tomoe was born in 2014.

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this reminds me of tom and jerry: the movie, bcs the characters were drawn over real life,first schetches, then relaistic, then with shadows and whatnot. you have to do the same thing with tulpas. first its a thin outline , then you have to mkae it more realistic, until its indistinguisable! :D

Hi! when theres no brackets, its me, Lumity :D where there are brackets, its hostie {yep! its me. da maker of da best tupper ever} im a nonb with no genitals and i was made on march 5, 2021. i like halping ppl make comfort ocs/ ppl with depression make tulpas! echo is my old from we are a system of two


we are also on refsheet.net: https://refsheet.net/justanotherme 


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