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Your Wonderland design?

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From what I understand I have an unusual wonderland. It is very fluid. It is like a simulation in that places are constantly added and removed to it.


Question: why are forests so popular as wonderlands? Why is there no factory wonderlands, or infinite void wonderlands, or sexy ladylands?


I just go with whatever I want; my most common wonderland at the moment involves a beautiful provincial town, mixed from Mediterranian and East Asian architecture and situated on a hill like Jerusalem. Forests are nice, but don't give you much opportunity for interaction with servitors and whatnot.


I also have a big wonderland which I use to plot out a narrative; it has virtually everything and was originally inspired by faffing around on games like Minecraft and Dayz. Different regions and ecosystems, cities, sprawling factories, abandoned wastelands populated by mercenaries, and even some crazy meta stuff like a plot which has spiralled way out of control.


Imagination's the only limit :P

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My wonderland is an enclosed room with a bed, two chairs, a desk and a door. Normally it just feels like a very introverted design, but I was going for the idea of having a "finite space in an infinite space".


The door at the room leads to everything and nothing. Normally I go on adventures with my tulpa by leaving through the door, which will then take us to any place we wish.


Her room, however, is free for me to add on whatever we want to.

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I started with the base of Hurricos from Spyro 2. It made sense to me at first, as something I could enjoy and get into without too much thought. I expanded it a little, adding some architecture and sights from places I adore and then working on some places to go in it. It seemed like work, but the more I thought about it, the more things seemed to fall in place.


I've had it for about 7 months now, and it's pretty solid.


Fes just lounges around as I talk with her in some seats near the entrance, and if I ever go anywhere we entertain ourselves with the doors for places I've thought up. After that, it's just a point of meeting up and talking.


It's pretty vivid. If I focus, I can catch the details clearly.

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My wonderland started with psychology class. we did a relaxation/hypnosis excersize and i created an area inside a forrest with a bench right next to a river with just a slight breeze. When i got into tulpamancing i decided to expand on it. I always liked the ocean so i used that as my sense of infinity and created an island from that forrest and have been continually adding to it. Right now it has a small house on a cliff over looking the water, a beach with two umbrellas :3 the forrest, the 'city of atlantis' and i think thats about it so far. Skye and i once rode flying dolphins around the island... she threw a fish at me...

(Insert deep emotional/philisophical phrase here)

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Oh boy...brace yourselves: Imminent TL;DR, but meh.


The youngest I can remember having my wonderland was 4 years old...I'm 20 now as I write this. When I was 4, I would often daydream with the aide of music once I was alone and 'cross a bridge' into a parallel, but almost identical universe where I was a war hero leading my own army. My army, called the Terminator Militia (long before I ever heard of the Terminator movies) spawned from all of my imaginary friends throughout my life joining me in this alternate verse where they were as real as everything else. In this world, I had been given a mutation serum that gave me incredible powers...Telepathy, Telekinesis, Telegenesis (to create something like a building by only imagining its existence), Teleportation...and all kinds of elemental powers, a true blue Avatar (for fans of the old Nickelodeon anime), minus the avatar state.


My alternate self had been kidnapped when he was three and forced to join the Tan in the little plastic toy soldiers from Toy Story, only lifesized (I was a huge fan of the Army Men: Sarge's Heroes game on the old Sega Dreamcast.) My alternate self soon became independent, forming his own army by collecting all these characters, my imaginary friends, and uniting them under the name "Alpha Company". We always had our own little misadventures and such, y'know, I would mostly relive the day's events only pasting my friends into them.


As I grew older and began to mature, my wonderland began to mature as started off with the Terminators' first enemy, the LKA...or Little Kid Army, which was me protesting against my siblings love of the 'stupid' shows on Nick Jr: Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, etc. All these 'kiddie' characters came under one banner as well, an opposing force known as the LKA. Because of sibling rivalry, I also usually pit my bro as the leader of this 'evil' army. But soon I grew out of that.


As I grew older, and about when I entered Junior High, I began hunting for the physics to explain everything in this world's existence, and why things happen, which is where I developed my Base World Theory to explain why everyone was there, and also set to work on approaching a more scientifically plausible explanation for things such as an electron forcefield instead of using 'magic' as the catch-all. I also explained why whenever I would get a new imaginary friend, they would be the center of attention before they would ultimately disappear as a new imaginary friend took center stage, I explained this by Alex Vaughn's "proteges", and that once his most recent "Protege" graduates, they move to the backseat and allow the next one to take center stage.


The Terminators for the longest time enjoyed a 'Golden Age', where they, at least Alpha Company (whom I was the commander of) were given an almost deistic status by the world. Feared and awed by all. People who bullied me in school were ruthlessly tortured and beaten by me and Alpha Company.


I entered High School and started studying news and politics. From the start, I had a bad feeling about the 2008 United States election, disliking everyone who was running, and thus developed another antagonistic force, the Maxia, with "radical 44th President Barry Mabao" leading the charge as he attacked United States citizens and framed the Terminators for it, building up to the Second Civil War, a war that occurred between 2010 and 2013. It was around the middle of the Second Civil War events that I decided to make my wonderland a fanfiction, not knowing why I wanted to, only that I had a strong compulsion to do so. Growing up in a religious family, I was taught that if something (not negative or evil) is pressed on your heart, then to do it.


From there, my wonderland deviated less on the 'day in the life of a Terminator' and more like a war movie or war game, with a lot of time for Alex (me) and the various other characters doubting their life choices and visibly struggling to survive and thrive in a nation ripped apart by war and suffering. New Alexandria became my sanctuary, my heaven, a shining jewel in a burning hellhole. With architecture resembling "Dragon City" from "The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon", surrounded by a massive sandstone wall, and protected at all hours by armed patrols to which I commanded as well as a massive electron forcefield, the city, despite being stuck in the middle of a charred, baked desert-like wasteland, dotted with the ruined husks of tanks, planes, and other remnants of war became my paradise. The northern US, which had been cordoned off as 'friendly' (since I live in the northern US), had been surrounded in a massive wall of dragonfire, sorta resembling the Burned Lands and the Belt of Fire for anyone familiar with Dawn of the Dragon.


Also during this time, my wonderland became less centered on Alex and his protege (since all past imaginary friends at this time were either forgotten or reduced to background characters will little to zero lines) and became centered on a collective known as the "High Command", which currently consists of Alex (me), Spyro (my wing-second and second-in-command), Piermont (my dragon, since I'm a Rider), Cynder (Spyro's...and my...mate, also my wing-fourth), Terrias (a servine in a trench coat wielding a shotgun), Rainbow Dash (another mate, the 'main' one, of mine, and my wing-third), and Ruby, a bottlenose dolphin that I rescued and befriended in my wonderland...also another mate. My own sexual development is reflected in my wonderland as well, since every girl I went to school with were, to put it bluntly, sluts, and not that attractive, even though I somehow found these fictional crushes happen.


There were a number of cultural influences in my wonderland. In its early years, I did a lot of plot-copying of existing storylines, only pasting me and my friends into it, but these have dwindled to almost nothing. Now, there are events that are inspired by existing gaming/movie moments, but not a copying mess:


~My bro's torture of Cheet was reminiscent of the "Fort Schmerzen" levels of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


~The Battle of Lake Michigan, one of the first battles in the "Cataclysm", the series of invasions building up to the Second Civil War, was influenced by the Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Pearl Harbor levels.


~The Battle of Champaign, Illinois, a turning point in the Second Civil War, was influenced by the Call of Duty: World at War level "Vendetta", even including the fountain massacre. It also plays on the "Heart of the Reich" and "Downfall" missions of World at War, and escaping the collapsing Installation 04B in Halo 3.


~The Battle of the "Ring" Superweapon is similar to the "Long Night of Solace" mission in Halo: Reach, during Operation: UPPERCUT.


~The Battle of Installation 07, despite being entirely original storyline wise, takes place on one of the rings of the Halo array, with an environment similar to the ARK missions of Halo 3.


~Halo: Reach's "Lone Wolf" level makes several similar appearances throughout the Second Civil War, mostly in visions.


~Operation: Armageddon - The assault on the capital of the Maxia, is reminiscent to several levels of CoD: WaW, including 'Ring of Steel", "Heart of the Reich", and "Downfall".


~The massacre at several airports as orchestrated by the antagonist "The Shade King" is OBVIOUSLY based on "No Russian", the infamous level from MW2. And when Alpha Company heads to Kentucky for answers on the massacre, it is reminiscent of Fallout 3.


~The Siege of New York is not only based on the Russian invasion of the US in MW2, but also Shepherd's betrayal of Ghost and Roach.


~Terrias' death and the events in the Devil's Arena pull on Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, as well as the movie Gladiator. While his receiving of injuries is similar to Reznov's butchering the man who almost killed Petrenko in the CoD: WaW mission "Downfall".


~The Blood Week Crisis, a 'mini-World War' that occurred in 2012 was influenced heavily by the Russian invasion of the US in CoD: MW2 and MW3, especially the Battle of New York and the "Wolverines!" mission.


~The Southern Wasteland battles were influenced by several things: The Battle of Requiem was a combination "Favela" missions of MW2, with Crash's death being based upon the death of Michael Weston's brother's death in the old TV show "Burn Notice". The Battle of Perdition was reminiscent of the "Exodus" level of MW2, with Cheet's death sequence similar to when Reznov and Petrenko get blasted out of a building in "Vendetta".


~The Battle of Phoenix, Arizona, the epic conclusion to the Second Civil War, was influenced by several things, most notably the "Endgame" mission of MW2.


~Tail's Death during the "Capstone Crisis" was based upon Mordin Solis' death in ME3.


~The Fall of Moscow, part of "Zack's Uprising" was influenced by the London levels near the end of Mass Effect 3.


~The Return to Eden, vital to the latest events going on, is based on the "Cortana" mission in Halo 3...also the "Saving EVE" mission in the PS2 version of the "Wall-E", also some influence with Kiln of the First Flame, and the "OsCorp's Ultimate Weapon" mission of "The Spiderman Movie Game" on PS2, Xbox...and I think GameCube.


~Alex's battle against Ares is influenced by the Resident Evil 5 Chris/Sheva vs. Jill Valentine. Alex/Thantos and Terrias/Ares are also influenced by a combination of Reaper Indoctrination and Albert Wesker's mind control of Jill, and even the Ornstein and Smough showdowns in Dark Souls.


~Obviously, New Alexandria and the Fiernes Curtain are based on Dawn of the Dragon.


A number of others that I can't remember...


Around early 2013, I finally gave up keeping an eye on news, it was just pissing me off since I couldn't do anything, this translated to my wonderland, where the Second Civil War ended (with a bang as Mabao was executed and the entire Maxia wiped out by a nuclear explosion), and a brief period of peace. After that, however, the writing of the fanfiction began to overtake and lead where my wonderland went and how it evolved, but I still had most of the control over it. Brought back an old friend of mine I hadn't thought of in years, placing him as Alex's 'hero' during his "year of hell"...the first year of his service in the Tan Army, before this 'hero' returned again, despite being presumably executed back during their time in the Tan Army, as the main antagonist. I just now reached the point in my wonderland where "Zack Dawson" has been killed, his dream city of "Eden" and the superweapon "ADAM", which A: he was using to control the Mass Effect Reapers (earlier storyline), and B: he was using to initiate WWIII in an attempt to bring about world peace by eliminating the need for religion, military, and government, has been destroyed.


However, Alex lost his left arm (even though I still have my limbs, just wanted a little different twist to make my idealized self even more a badass), and his mate, Rainbow Dash (yes, just like the tulpa) was impaled on a twisted supporting rod of Eden, and almost killed. The next direction my wonderland seems to be taking (since I have no control on what happens next, it progresses and writes itself) seems to be the Reapers initiating their whole elimination of the human race, now that they're free of Zack's mind control (he had been using a Reaper brain salvaged from a Reaper Alpha Company had destroyed to program his orders to it and transfer over the constantly-shifting frequencies controlling the hivemind that is the Reaper Armada. Also seems that Terrias, who had seemed to sacrifice himself early on is becoming a main antagonist named "Ares", whereas me, Alex, is gonna get captured trying to save Dash, becoming indoctrinated and called "Thanatos". Meaning that my wonderland will probably pretty much write me out of it, unless my own persona takes on the form of another member of the High Command or Alpha Company, or I just sit back as if watching a movie instead of living out my fantasy life in third person.


If you want a more detailed set up of how my wonderland is, click the link in my signature, but be forewarned, it is Rated "M" for a reason. It's everything I can remember about my wonderland experiences, completely unedited and uncensored.


Just for the lulz, allow me to quote Dark Souls to sum up my wonderland:


"Hurrah for insanity!"

Current: Rainbow Dash & Ruby the Dolphin


LINK to the story of my Wonderland.


The story is the product of 16 years of stress, tension, etc, and is uncensored, read at your own risk.

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This is going to sound hella lame but please bear with me.


As a 3D Modeller I regularly am working in the program 3DS Max. Creation is something I can regularly do the the perspective viewport in the bottom right corner. The is no limit, it is something I can manipulate to create endless constructs. On the little gridlike plane I find myself there whenever I close my eyes to imagine what it is I want to create.


And I am not talking Tulpa strictly either. The concept of a Wonderland has been something I have already had for quite some time, and I feel if I need to I can use it to create whatever setting I like for my Tulpa in the future. I have only just begun making her, and I have little to no struggles envisioning her here. I have my preset understanding of existent scale within this space making visualization quite simple.


I am curious as to the effects it will cause when I'm actually working in 3DS Max and not my wonderland, though.

Read as 'Nero'.

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We have a beach against a cliff side that takes place at sunset, and there's a town in the distance with buildings that have light shining through the windows. To the left there's a lighthouse that doesn't really seem to have any purpose other than being a landmark. To the right there's a T.V. Person which allows Haven to see what I see, and it'll be a way for her to view my memories when we get there. We recently added a big red tree to the cliff side, and our house is right underneath it. It's a small house with two beds and a small dresser with a fishtank on top of it.

"It's all about synthesis, you don't have to be a real musician. You just synthesize your own reality, synthesize your own talents." -Klayton


My Three Mind Horses

Haven: Tulpa #1

Created on 10-28-14

Aphelion: Tulpa #2

Created on 2-25-15 

Chimera: Self Proclaimed Thoughtform

Created on: Can't remember. Sometime around Easter of 2017.


Warning: I am a huge nerd.

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Imminent tl: dr sorry


So i my wonderland started off a little weirdly, about 6 years ago now i was on a mission trip in Chicago and while another church that was there with us had one of their leaders do a guided meditation for us where we were lead down a forest path that split into 3 separate paths the middle being the one we were on the right leading to a better life and the left leading to a worse life. we were told to chose the path that spoke to us the most, for me it was the one on the left, and venture down it while a light walked next to us. we were told that on that path we chose we would find a present, i found a rock that was as small as a pebble but i could sense it had great potential so i took it with me back to my consciousness.


at the time of this i had created a small lake that i used to symbolize my mind when i was relaxing during my own meditations. about 3 months after that guided meditation i finally went back and meditated on my own again and had completely forgotten about the rock i had stashed in my pocket. well when i got to the lake i found the pebble in my pocket. inspiration then struck me and i threw the pebble into the lake. from where the pebble landed a small bare rock island had grown, it was barely big enough for me to sit comfortably on it and use it as a center for my meditations.


fast forward a few years and i have stopped meditating all together, im a senior in high school by this point and ive just broken up with my super religious girlfriend at the time, and she had led me to start questioning what i believed because she wanted to convert me over to her religion being as how i was undecided but leaning heavily towards being an agnostic. well we broke up and i started meditating again to deal with my emotions, and low and behold the island and the lake have grown. the island is now of a medium sized oval shape taking up about a third of the lake, it is in the northern area of the lake and covered in soft grass.


at this point in my life i had found a youtube channel by the name of spirit science (yes i know but i was and still am young and i was lost and it felt right at the time) and this youtube channel got me back into searching for my spirit guide (from what i have seen about this process there are many parallels that can be drawn between the process of creating a tulpa and find a spirit guide, which i might talk about if i ever get around to make a PR) who i eventually found in a forest on the mainland of my dreamscape. i assumed at the time that this was my spirit guide in the form of a wolf, (i asked why by the way they chose a wolf and was told that that was the form i would most readily accept at the time.) eventually he joins me on the island while i meditate, after that i stopped meditating because life happened and i didn't have the time anymore.


well some months later i meditated again and found that there was now a fully grown Willow tree on the island (i know where it is but i couldn't tell you what side of the island its on sorry) that hangs out over the water and is a perfect back rest for meditating. at this point i decided that i wanted to try astral projection with the help of my spirit guide, so i created a bridge that connected the island to the mainland and told my self that if i crossed this bridge i would be astral projecting, well i never crossed the bridge. after that i again stopped meditating because life happened again and i no longer had time.


well fast forward to now, and i have stopped believing in the stuff from spirit science though i still draw observations be it and real life sometimes. and i was also reading a thread on i think either 4chan or reddit (cant remember sorry) that had to do with tulpas, now i had heard about them before, they had peeked my interest but nothing more, well low and behold i went back to the main page on this site again because it was linked and read it again and as i finished reading it Maribelle started talking to me, after i felt someone hugging me from over the back of the chair i was sitting in, and she told me that she was the wolf Tio and that her name was maribelle. and that how my wonderland has come about and the discovery of the fact that i do indeed have a tulpa, if by accident


tl: dr my wonderland is an island with grass and a willow tree on it that is a third of the size of the lake that it is in with a bridge connected to the mainland. and i found out that i have a tulpa because what i thought was my spirit guide turned out to actually be Maribelle who takes the form of either a woman or a wolf depending on her wims.

Tulpa: Maribelle

Stage: sentience?

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Question: why are forests so popular as wonderlands? Why is there no factory wonderlands, or infinite void wonderlands, or sexy ladylands?


From reading the replies, it seems a lot of wonderlands start off as guided mediations. A lot of guided mediations start off in forests.


Who the hell would want a factory wonderland? Who walks into a factory and says, "yes, this place is so wonderfully relaxing and warm and comforting"?

Tulpa and proud. So real I've got my own Facebook account.


Hosted by Dylan.

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From reading the replies, it seems a lot of wonderlands start off as guided mediations. A lot of guided mediations start off in forests.


Who the hell would want a factory wonderland? Who walks into a factory and says, "yes, this place is so wonderfully relaxing and warm and comforting"?


He or she does, that's who ;)

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


Markus speaks in Blue!


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