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[Forcing] How to Use Hour Counts Safely and Effectively
‘Hour counts’ refers to the practise of tracking the number of hours spent forcing. They were a common practise in the past because the oldest guides instructed the reader to use them, however they have been given a bad name over the years with people perpetuating the idea that they are detrimental to the tulpa creation process. These fears are not entirely unfounded, because with the wrong mindset they can be very detrimental, however with the correct approach they can be a beneficial tool that gives you schedule and structure, especially if you struggle with laziness. The purpose of this guide is to alleviate those fears by clearing up the confusion about them and giving you a list of dos and don’ts to consider while using them.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Hour Counts

DO use hour counts as a scheduling tool rather than as a progress tracker. – If you are someone who suffers from laziness, scheduling your forcing sessions in advance may increase your productivity by keeping you on track. Hour counts are an effective way to do this, e.g. “I’m going to spend 15 hours on vocality forcing, 1 hour per day Mon – Fri over 3 weeks.”

DO remember that your targets are flexible. – You can change your target number of hours at any time for any reason, whether you are increasing or decreasing your targets and/or the time period spent on them for reasons related to tulpamancy or not.

DO remember that hour counts are entirely arbitrary. – Unless you’re using one of the old guides’ recommended hour counts, your hour counts will be based on random choice or personal whim and therefore will have no bearing on the progress you make during the time spent. Even if you are using one of the old guides, those hour counts will have no effect on your progress either because it’s the process itself, not an arbitrary number, that matters.

DON’T take the hour counts from old guides as gospel. – The authors of the old guides even said that you shouldn’t follow their guides exactly, referring to them as guidelines as opposed to rules. I would even go as far as to say to disregard any recommended hour counts from any guide entirely because it may only cause anxiety for the reasons listed below.

DON’T worry if you don’t see results after a certain number of hours. – This can cause discouragement. Not seeing results after a while isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it could encourage you to analyse what you’re doing and try something else that works better for you, but you shouldn’t be discouraged by not seeing results after a certain number of hours because your targets are arbitrary anyway.

DON’T worry if you do see results before a certain number of hours. – This can cause doubts that you’re doing it right and can even cause parrotnoia if your tulpa becomes vocal before you anticipate. A tulpa isn’t going to wait for you to achieve your arbitrary hour target before they speak to you.

DON’T compare your progress to others. – This is the main reason why people have had bad experiences with hour counts. People progress at different rates. Someone who put more hours in comparing their progress to someone who put less hours in and finding that the person who put less hours in had more progress could easily become discouraged or think that they are doing something wrong. Conversely, someone who put less hours in comparing their progress to someone who put more hours in and finding that the person who put more hours in had less progress could develop doubts of their tulpa’s sentience/sapience or could develop parrotnoia.

DON’T think that you need to do a certain number of hours minimum per session. – This can easily cause fatigue, which could make your forcing sessions less effective. For me, 30 – 60 minute forcing sessions were optimal, however everyone is different in this regard and many people can force for longer periods with ease. Consistency is key in tulpamancy, doing a forcing session for 30 minutes a day for a week is better than doing a forcing session that lasts for 3.5 hours only 1 day a week.

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