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JD's Tulpa Method


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It's for the better of the community. How I phrase it is an entirely other story.

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You tend to also be rather rude against people and their methods, thus they give back what they receive.


thats possible.

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This guide is best guide. Make sure and quit playing puppet master when you get any sort of signal from your Tulpa or you'll start pissing her off. . . .

Velf is Tulpa, aka Cat. Zylq is host, please message me if I can offer any assistance, relieve some qualms, or answer your questions.


Status: Fully Imposed

Appearance: Large snow leopard

Creation: June 2012

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Thanks for the great guide, JD. I just finished creating my first tulpa with this guide. I've found it a lot better than any other guide I've read.

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