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Describe Your Imposition

Apollo Fire

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[align=justify]This is daily thread #11


If you've achieved some form of imposition, what's it like? How does it feel to to it? Which of the five senses can you do it with and how well?


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All of them, it was great, but it happens randomly with normal visualization and presence imposition. Just like real, but fleeting.

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we impose visually, and our mindvoice "comes from the direction of" our imposed forms, and of course we impose our "sense of presence" which is the most important one


I dunno how exactly to explain what it looks like, people use terms like "transparent overlay" and stuff but really it's a brain thing and just doesn't have a perfect existing description. It's a "knowing" of the senses that sort of gets put into the sensory information, like actual light -> your eyes -> brain processes it (+ imposition added here) -> conscious experience of it, I guess, so you still have/see what's really there but you sorta experience both and can easily learn to ignore the blocked information (we easily focus our eyes on the air where the imposed person is despite our very poor visualization clarity)


the "sense of presence" makes up for the lack of information coming from our visualization clarity, like even if we're not technically seeing someone imposed on a particularly bad visuals day we still "know we're seeing them" and "know they're there", plus that's what makes it feel like you're not actually alone in the room or such. I think it comes with practicing imposition-of-tulpas automatically (if you went the weird route of imposing objects first, I dunno if you'd get sense of presence as easily/quickly, maybe)

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For us it's mostly sense of presence and location. We also have a bit of touch to the point where I can feel it but not entirely, like their form isn't entirely solid.


We haven't been doing imposition much but we should really get back into it

(as many of us have said a thousand times).



Edit: Forgot about this. Damien used to impose himself in cub form and sit around on my shoulder. Only problem was he was heavy and that shoulder would actually start getting a bit sore.

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We can impose all 5 senses and we can impose each sense identical to reality, however in practice it gets a bit more funky.


Our imposition can block out stimulus, however things that are considered high priority still go through, so if something is flying at me, but Miela is in front of it I would still be able to see it, but if there was just a stationary object then I couldn't.


With visual imposition, as long as we are looking at the imposed object it just looks like anything else, but if we looked away so that it was out of our field of view, we would still be able to see it. I don't know how to describe it better than that, it just remains in place despite being out of our view. Also, mirrors don't always work right, they take special effort to make reflections happen, and the reflection doesn't always do what the object it's reflecting does.


Tactile imposition itself works just fine, however since it is used to touch intangible things, I sometimes accedentally reach right through whatever I am trying to touch and it is quite jarring. We've built up a reflex to not apply pressure to imposed objects, but I still beak that every once in a while.


We generally are able to tell that something is imposed because of the aforementioned "glitches", and also because things that we impose aren't things that we would normally see, but I have almost dropped things a few times when trying to hand them to Miela.

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I do understand the out of view but still see it thing, that is how wonderland is sometimes, or it's like my FOV is over 180 deg. (even 360 deg) but everything is, not just certain objects because everything is generated.

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We can do the five senses except for sight. If I try to do sight imposition, I will get excited to have a blob to morph around.


Our touch imposition isn't the greatest, but that's because it's not perfect either. I can feel weak sensations of me drawing on my hand for instance, but it's not strong enough to match the same action in reality as of now. Weight and pressure are easier than texture since it's a more subtle and easier to miss. It's not enough to reverse pain, but it can be used to suppress pain a little bit, depending on how severe the pain is.


Auditory imposition is something that came fairly naturally to me since I mishear everything all the time. One time I pulled out my phone while playing a videogame and thought it was strange that I couldn't turn the music down, only afterwards realizing I was imposing the videogame music. Unless you have a good memory of how the song goes, it won't feel as real or be dismissed. Scent imposition is pretty similar here since I have a poor sense of smell. Both of these skills are not strong enough to overpower real sound or real smells. Our taste imposition is only a little bit worse than our smell imposition.


The only other thing we can impose is presence, which has had some stunning results. Even though I can't hallucinate Ranger looking right at me, I can feel he's there standing beside me or riding my shoulders. Since my visualization ability has slowly improved over time, Ranger looking more and more realistic in the mind's eye has lead to a stronger sense that he's there.

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...No imposition here, but sometimes I smell something that's not there. So scent might be a good sense to start with. I actually have a really good sense of smell, and when I smell something that's not there, it smells real as opposed to an imagined sense which is much fainter and over powered by whatever my real senses are experiencing.

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