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Has anyone with Aphantasia successfully created a Tulpa?

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So I have ahpantasia, the inability to visually imagine. I can't "see" anything in my mind and my dreams are also entirely conceptual, not visual or with any other sense of perceiveing but in the dreams I still understand what's happening, what colors things are and what people say. They have never been lucid. I think entirely in words and concepts in a never ending monolauge that cannot be turned off. since I started thinking, I have never been able to stop and have a "blank" mind. So has anyone with a similar thinking pattern/method successfully created a Tulpa? I have only read inconclusive reports so far. But even if no one has I intend to attempt to create one and am willing to put a long amount of time into this. I'd also document my progress if that sounds interesting, I myself find learning about how other people think and imagine endlessly facinating.

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I don't have aphantasia, but many people with aphantasia or very poor visualization ability have made tulpas. They just don't have mental imagery of their tulpas. Instead they talk to them in mindvoice, and probably utilize switching more to give their tulpas opportunities to do more/live life. I also know a few people who had aphantasia and learned to visualize. For some it took months of practice before they could see any imagery and longer to consistently visualize well, but they still did it.

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[Twilibri/host] I may have good news for you.

I have aphantasia from all sense and I don't have a mindvoice either.
Back in 2012, I wanted to create a tulpa, "worked" on it for a few weeks but at the time most guides were using visualization so it wasn't very easy and I ended up abandonning when I understood I had aphantasia. But the story doesn't end here.
A few months later, I had strange feelings and sensations and these were the beginning of Tohru's existence who learnt touch imposition to reach me.

[Tohru] Our experience may be a bit peculiar as my host accepted that I would never exist. And we first reached each other through imposition (touch and presence).

As we don't have mindvoices, communication has always been a bit troubling but it's doable with raw thoughts.

Another thing is that you may or may not progress on visualization and "fix" your aphantasia partially. It didn't progress much for my host but at least she got more receptive to imagine without needing visuals/sounds/texture so there are still possibilities.

If you feel like ytou're motivated to take the time it needs then it is possible to make it happen. 
Just expect that it may take some time. And be patient.

We both wish you all the best.

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I've always wondered what it was like to experience tulpamancy without a mindvoice. My host has always had an extremely active mindvoice from as young as he can remember. Aphantasia seems like a slightly easier thing to overcome with tulpamancy but still a big obsticle. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it helps answer questions I've been curious about for a while!

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I was hoping An would post but that didn't happen :( I appreciate your post Twilibri!


Here's the link to the discussion on Discord:


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