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what if you cant keep an image in your head for a second? like i can visualise an apple for a millisecond and it flickers out to darkness and i need to intensly focus on bringing that image back. its hard work and 5 seconds is my record. so my question is that any way for me to keep the image stable im my head? sometimes it flickers out so fast i doubt i even have a minds eye.

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Here are some tips or things to try:


-Move the object around, picture it in motion, or transform it from one object into another. For example, imagine the apple on a table rolling off and hitting the floor.

-Narrate out loud or in mindvoice what you are imagining. Describe it in as much detail as you can.

-Read a novel or listen to an audiobook and imagine what's happening in your mind.

-Look at a photo, picture, or object and describe it in detail, then hide the image and recreate it in your mind, using descriptions if you need to.

-Practice Image Streaming (you can google this for more info). Have a mental image come to mind and describe it out loud, as the image morphs or changes on its own, keep describing it.

My tulpa Aya writes in this color.

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