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Helixileh As A Forcing Method


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This is a logic game, and the rules are simple. It can be played with an infinite number of players, for an infinite period of time, but interestingly; it can be used in forcing. I am about to show you why.


Here is the board you play on. You start on the red.




First you select a word; it can be any word, but for this example we will use "tulpa". Then your tulpa (or another person), must then associate with a word with all adjacent spaces. In this case you rotate around the center. Like so. Green was Zeni's move.




Now that it is again my move, I have no now associate my next word, phrase, or concept with both adjacent spaces. YOU CANNOT REPEAT THE SAME THING TWICE ON THE SAME BOARD.




Continue to alternate between you and your tulpa. Eventually you will reach a point where you will begin associating 3 words, instead of 2. The blue space shows this, it is my turn (Red Player)




I stopped after 3 rings, but you can do this pretty much indefinitely. It doesn't have to be serious either, it just has to be unique. Just make sure that it isn't you filling in the space, and that it is your tulpa. Have the tulpa answer. It will quickly help develop the tulpa's personality.




I hoped this tutorial helped you some. You can always use google if you are having trouble with how helixileh works.

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This sounds like an excellent way to force. I will definitely be trying it out. Sounds like fun aswell.


When you get around to trying it out. Report back to me anything worth noting, what it was like. Was the method as functional as you thought it would be before and after trying it. That sort of thing.

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This is a very unique method, and it presents a very good, organized way to force. I will try it myself tonight.


However, I would not exactly call it a guide.


Approved for tips and tricks.




Figured this was worth sharing. Found on Incognito mode search for "helixileh"



My guide on tulpa creation


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Definitely more of a tip than a guide, also sort of a game. I'm wondering what we're going to do with games, but I guess for now I'll approve it for tips, as it can easily be very helpful and actually make people spend time with their tulpa and listen to their responses.

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Approved for whatever section we would put games in.


Either Tips and Tricks or Resources. Currently, I'm leaning toward Tips and Tricks.


This seems like an interesting activity to do with your tulpa and get them thinking creatively.

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I approve.


Sure, it could go in Resources. But in this case the OP hasn't given us a new game, only told us to play an existing one with our tulpas. So I think Tips fits better.

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