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Yo, guys. Sparky here to share something I found while researching imposition. Whether or not this has been seen or discussed before, long forgotten in a thread in the catacombs beneath our forum is unknown to me.


But it's not mine, so I'll post it here first and, if it's deemed better posted elsewhere, that's fine too.


Guide Link


I wasn't sure exactly where to put this so if it needs to be moved feel free to move it to where it needs to go. The goal of this tutorial is to enhance the amount of control a lucid dreamer has over his/her senses both while dreaming and also while awake.


Ok I would like to start by saying that almost everything I have learned about controlling my senses has been learned from personal experimenting on my own. Because of this I do not have near as many terms for things as I will after being on this site for a while but I will do my best to explain things in a way that can be understood.


This technique when mastered allows you to have complete control over all of your senses while either dreaming or awake. I believe that practicing this technique while awake will carry over and allow you better control while dreaming if you are already able to become lucid. This technique is my own personal way of manipulating my senses that has been slowly developed over a period of around 15 years. I will include information on all of the senses at some point but for now I will focus on sight because after getting good at controlling what you see the rest should fall into place fairly easily.


The Technique

The technique is simple enough. Basically what you are doing is directly overiding the images your brain sees. This is easiest to do while dreaming because your eyes are not picking up any light. While awake the less your real eyes see the easier it is to cause yourself to see whatever you want to see. With a bit of practice you can easily trick your brain into seeing something that is not there. I am also not talking about mere visualization which allows you to see images within your minds eye but instead any images you create should be seen as if they were actually there. One thing I would like to warn you about is after you are able to consciously exert control over your senses you may have issues with your subconscious creating things on its own. At a certain point these subconscious hallucinations could end up being a very bad thing. Ever heard of schizophrenia? Most likely the worst won't happen just be aware that if you practice this method of control it may open a door for your subconscious mind to create objects or entities that while real to you may not actually exist.



While Awake


Step One - See The Canvas

When you first start practicing I suggest trying either in a dark room with your eyes closed or wearing a blindfold. Make sure that your eyes are not picking up a lot of light. What do you see? Really pay hard attention to what you see. You should see very small dots that may look something like static or small pixels on a computer screen. Do you see any colors or movement? I see these all the time. The few people I have taught this technique to reported not noticing anything at first but then upon further inspection they were all able to see what I am talking about. My theory is that anyone can see this but most people will automatically tone it out and not notice it.


If you can't see anything then try closing your eyes, placing your palms against your eyelids and exert a small amount of pressure. You should see a lot of movement and colors even though your eyes are shut and there is no light to pick up. Try to recreate the same effect without exerting pressure on your eyes. You should probably try doing this at least one time but do not do it regularly. Your goal is to reproduce the strange visuals you get from putting a small amount of force on your eyes but without having to touch your eyes. After you get this down I would not suggest putting too much or for too long the pressure against the eyes because that may be bad for your eyes. You just need to learn to create the same things that caused you to see by using your mind.


Step Two - Paint With Your Mind

After you have managed to see the static each of these small particles can each be manipulated by your mind. This is the first and hardest step to using this form of sight manipulation. It is also the hardest to explain. It's similar to training a muscle that you have never really controlled before. Try turning them into a certain color or bringing them together to form simple shapes. You may not have much luck at first but if you keep trying you should get better.


You can use visualization to help but the object here is not to merely see an image in your mind. If done correctly with little to no light interfering you should be actually seeing an image. Try looking at an image on your computer screen. Stare at it for about 10 seconds then quickly close your eyes and observe what you see. You should be able to see the image for a while before it gradually fades away. If my technique is done correctly then you should be able to form images completely on your own that should look similar to what you just saw with the picture. At first the images you produce may be very hard to create and may be a bit blurry but you will become better as you practice. To use visualization as an aid, first picture any image in your mind and hold it there. This image can be used as a blueprint to fill in the actual image you want to create. Try to create those particle things I talked about and then color and shape them to match the image. If you are getting better at this then by holding the blueprint in your mind you should be able to fill it in easily by just allowing the pixels to kind of get sucked into the image making it solid.


If you are having trouble getting it do what you want keep this in mind. Telling yourself you know a group of particles are blue and in the shape of a circle won't work. You need to find out how to directly manipulate them. You have to manipulate them simply by doing it. It's like lifting your arm. You don't look at your arm and ask it to move.. you just move it without thinking too much into it. My technique should be done about the same way.


After you get the basics down try forming more complex images. Try forming images that move. Just experiment with it and try to give the images overall better quality.


Step Three - Expanding Your Canvas

If you think you have the skill down pretty well and you can create more complex images without light interfering then start trying to do the same exercises but gradually add in more light. Start off in a dimly lit room with your eyes open. When you paint an image into the air that you can see, you should also be able to see the dimly lit room at the same time. While you see both at the same time you can work on the ability to focus on only one imput.. Your imput. Solidify the image in your mind until you can only barely see the room you are in. Then slowly bring the real world imput back up until you can see the room again. Doing this regularly will increase your control.



While Dreaming

After you get better at your control while awake you can try bringing it into your lucid dreams. While in a dream using this method you can fairly easily control everything that you sense. While your eyes are open you can modify whatever you are currently seeing just by using the technique described above kind of like when Neo from the matrix started getting good at his powers. I'm talking about things like the scene where he was jumping into people and making walls bend and such.


For another way to apply this to a dream you can swiftly change anything in the environment or even everything in the environment merely by closing your eyes, creating a blueprint in your mind, and then solidifying the image using the technique. Open your eyes to find yourself looking at whatever changes you wanted to make. With some practice you should be able to do this instantly. The only thing that should take some time is deciding what exactly you want to do. For me I usually skip the eye closing part I just constantly manipulate all of my senses to have the dream I want. I still use a blueprint on occasion though when it comes to creating more advanced objects. Like maybe I will practice splitting my focus and create as many chess boards as I can floating in the air. I would also create enough people to have as opponents and I will give them each a slightly different play style.


After the game starts keeping up with where all of the pieces are can really start to hurt your brain but the more you push yourself the better you will get. The craziest I got with that exercise while managing to not forget positioning of the pieces at all was when I played against 30 opponents at the same time. To get to where you can do that all you have to do is start low maybe play against a single opponent for a while and then add just 1 opponent. When you get to where you can handle the current number of opponents add another opponent and just keep repeating.



Ending Notes

I have much more advanced techniques I can get into including info on the other senses but for now this is the basics of this advanced vision control tutorial and should be all you need to get started as well as all you need to start expanding your mental abilities. The exercises should help get you to where you will be able to handle a second much more advanced tutorial. Feel free to ask any questions and I will attempt to answer them as best as I can. Any comments are also welcome.

For questions and comments ect either just reply to this thread or send me a pm. I have my email on my phone so anytime someone posts on one of my threads it gets emailed to me and sent to my phone so I can probably get to your questions soon even if I'm not online.


I hope that the information I will be giving on this site will be useful to someone.


-Written By


Your thinking needs a readjust; total concentration is a must.



Imma Reportin Mah Progress!


And, please, call me Sparks.

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I've seen this guide before. It was making the rounds on the IRC for a little while last year I think. It seems considerably longer and harder than other methods, though I suspect it might work for more people if they have the required persistence. It certainly deserves more attention than it's been getting.


Not sure if this should go in guide submissions.

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Vos kindly brought this to my attention, so I'm moving it here now. Approved for guides, by the way. This is a guide for what we'd call imposition, but using a fairly different technique. I'm not sure how well it works, or how easy it is compared to usual methods, but it's worth having here, I think.

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Well the guide itself is obviously not really made for tulpa creation to start with, but I guess it could be quite useful for people which lack understanding of visualisation. I can't tell if it would work for imposition, but we have a lack on guides for that matter anyway. It surely can be a helpful exercise.


Overall it looks well structured and solid. (But it bothers me that the word input is written wrong every time.)


I guess it could fit into the guide section, it is a great ressource at least. So yeah, approved.

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[shock, member of Hail] First, note that I am NOT GAT. Tri of my system is. They are not available right now, but when they become available, they will post here with their opinion on the matter.


This method seems like it should work and the guide does do a good job of describing how to do it. It is very different from other imposition (also called projection in other communities) guides since it is meant for a very different community. I personally think that is a good thing, and makes it quite useful, especially if someone is really struggling with all the guides made by this community (another perspective can help).

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[Tri] We are finally here.


We approve for Guides.


It seems to be a sound guide in most respects, and the fact it comes from a very different community and perspective is a plus.

Tri = {V, O, G}, Ice and Frostbite and Breach (all formerly Hail), and others

System Name: Fall Family

Former Username: hail_fall

Contributor and administrator on a supplementary tulpamancy resource and associated forum, Tulpa.io and Tulpa.io/discuss/.

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    • By endoalir
      I wrote this guide, to describe the method I came up with to impose my tulpa. It works very well for me. I hope that it can be useful to some of you as well.
      Backup link 
      - Apollo
      Tulpa Imposition Guide (endoalir) PDF.pdf
    • By NED
      I whined that we needed an imposition guide so I decided to experiment with my own methods in order to make one for you guys. I did not have to experiment for long as my first method was very successful.
      Basically this leash method is similar to FAQman's method of imagining your Tulpa behind you and eventually mastering that and over time you become good enough to imagine it in your central vision and then it becomes real.
      This method is just like that. But wait! There's more!
      A leash; basically imagine a leash/chain/rope/any other form of physical attachment or linkage and tie one end to yourself (waist or wrist reccommended) and the other end to your Tulpa.
      Now because you are now attached to eachother, you cannot escape eachother as easy. When you walk around you are able to feel the 'tug' of the leash as you pull your Tulpa around. This is very helpful.
      This method is also great because I noticed that whenever i 'forgot' my Tulpa and she was drifting away from my mind, she is able to tug on the rope, catching my attention and making me remember her again.
      Because she is able to simply tug a rope and remind me that she was behind her or wanted attention; this has greatly benefitted my progress. I can now imagine her nearly all the time and I have seen her in the corner of my eyes 3 times. All in a space of nearly a week.
      -Draw a chainlink or some other symbol on your hand to keep reminding yourself of the chain, this seems to give bursts of clarity in visualising her behind me
      -Don't forget to pull the chain yourself if you feel they are drifting away or you are losing them.
      Warnings and reccomendations:
      -This leash is kind of oppressive to some or maybe offensive so make sure you Tulpa is okay with it
      -Make sure you and your Tulpa have the ability to remove the leash. You do not want to develop an unfree Tulpa
      -Make sure to take breaks from this method as the Tulpa will most likely want some alone time from this.
      -Make sure your Tulpa is sentient enough to change the length of the rope at will so they are a little more free.
      I did this method well into sentience (she can speak and move perfectly) and got fantastic results as my Tulpa can now gain my attention in the real world at any moment she wants, all she needs to do is make a small bit of pressure around my wrist simulating the tug of a rope, (she even claims its simple and makes her life alot easier, she says without it, it was very frustrating) I do not know what will happen or if it would work if you did this at an earlier stage.
    • By Purlox
      I made this time a while ago while trying to make a guide for people on touch imposition from what I have done in the past when I was learning to do it few years ago (before the tulpa community). I'm not sure how good it is, but I thought it would be worth posting anyway.
      Note: It often helps to believe that what you are imagining is really there. Closing your eyes and thus not knowing if it is there or not can help as well.
      1. Basic principle of this method
      2a-4b. How to start doing controlled hallucination of touch
      5. How to continue getting better at this
      1) The basic principle behind this method is recreating the perception created by one of the senses, in this case caused by touch, of something you have experienced already.
      2a) An easy way to start is by recreating a small focused (on a small area) feeling that you can control to some degree (caused by you or someone who wants to help you). For example you could start by doing a circle by going with one of your fingers over your palm of your other hand and then stop and recreate the feeling. When you can do that well enough, then try making a spiral or another more complicated object.
      2b) After you get that down well enough, stop recreating a stimulus and instead start feeling (without actually using your finger to do it or feeling it beforehand) new shapes, that you haven't tried yet, or just seemingly random movements. You can try making anything you want, but it should be something that you haven't caused yourself to feel yet.
      3a) Now, recreate more than one small focused feeling at once. For example you could use more than one finger at a time. Start with two fingers and trying to reproduce the feeling, and move up to using all of your fingers.
      3b) Let's stop recreating feelings again and instead start creating multiple small focused feelings created by something that you have used in 4a), but in a way that you haven't felt before.
      4a) When you are able to do those well enough, then you should move onto recreating a feeling that focuses on a bigger area. For example you could put one of your hands over the other hand in any position you would like and try to feel it as much as you can and try to remember that feeling as well as you can. After that stop feeling that feeling and try to recreate it. In the case of using your limbs, I would recommend placing them apart from each other and in a way that they aren't touching any part of your body and then try to recreate the feeling that you got first on only one hand and then on both hands.
      4b) Now, stop recreating those feelings and start creating it in a way you haven't felt before.
      5) Continue this general set of steps (in Xa and Xb) and do them with more and more complicated feelings. You can of course try creating feelings that you have never felt before and aren't possible to feel in physical world like having wings, being out of slime, having animal ears, tail, paws, etc.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      So I've been reading imposition guides and I was wondering if basically all you do is "paste your tulpa over reality, and how long does this take? Also can my tulpa make me hallucinate things other than her form?
    • By Baldy
      Hello, I haven't seen it anywhere, maybe my searching skills aren't so great, or maybe I keep missing what's in front of me.
      To make a long story medium-length, I'm having trouble deciding on a form for my tulpa, she's alright with either or, but I don't want to touch her in one form, feeling fur where skin should be, or go to grab her hand and feel a hoof, that would be very uncomfortable and confusing, my question is, would it be possible to impose the feeling of touch/feeling certain things for specific forms, (IE: Skin for human, and fur for pony) I apologize if this question's been answered or my search skills were just poor.
      I've heard very little on this specific topic, I feel, and before I decide on a form for life, I really need to sit and think about, unless I'm worrying my head over absolutely nothing, and I can impose both forms and I don't have to make a life-changing decision it just depends on me imposing even more/longer, not that the latter matters to me, I'm very anal-retentive about these things and like to make absolutely sure.
      Thank you!
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