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  2. Bugs that don't have a high chance of hurting me are fine when they're not in my house, but in my house they have way too high a chance of ending up on me or just somewhere they shouldn't be, so within these walls they must die
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  4. Right. Kind of like how guardian angels and pixies/fairies/Jimminy Cricket are represented in media. They're "fictional" until the plot decides other characters can see them.
  5. Just for fun, I wanted to write up a list of places and things in our Wonderland as of August 2022! Simmie and I love adding to it, especially on special occasions like the appreciation days, our birthdays, or our anniversary. It's just fun to sink into the wonderland with Simmie and vividly experience it all. When we really try at it we can get pretty deeply immersed. It's similar to reading a very good novel where you forget where you are and start mentally living in the world of the novel while you're reading it. Anyway, I'm going to start: Residences (In order of creation): A Single Room. This was the starting point for our whole wonderland. This is the place where I first interacted with Simmie and where I watched her gain sentience. It's a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and den all tied into one. It has a magic mirror that can show more than just your reflection when you look into it. We don't visit this room much anymore because it's so associated with the early days but we treat it as kind of a sacred place. Our Main Home. The default location of our wonderland. This is the one we modelled in Minecraft in March 2021 and then renovated and expanded earlier this year. It's a lovely large-ish house with high ceilings, plenty of windows, and lots of light. Our wonderlanding almost always starts here, and often we don't even leave the property. There is a pool in the back yard, a garden, a little private beach on a pond, a guest house, and a garage with an apartment over it. Simmie likes to imagine inviting people over, so if you're reading this there's a very good chance that an imaginary version of you has hung out with us at this house, lol. The setting is supposed to be rural central New Jersey. Our Mountain House. This is a large house with a steep roof located deep in the woods in the mountains of Appalachian Pennsylvania. This is probably our second most visited location behind our main house. We both really love our bedroom here, and there are even more rooms for guests here than at our main house. After we got married this is actually where we went first! Like our main home there is a pool here too, but it's even bigger. There's also a firepit and a huge deck that wraps around the entire house. Our Shore House. This is a smaller (but still good-sized) house located right on the beach at the Jersey Shore. This is the one we put the most effort into decorating the interior and it feels very classic and homely. Our bedroom has tons of windows and overlooks the ocean, and you can walk right out the back door and onto the beach! Though smaller than the other two there are still two guest bedrooms so we enjoy entertaining people here as well. The Castle by the Sea. This is the newest residence and not yet fully fleshed-out. But it has a really cool origin story: On tulpa appreciation day Simmie and I were hanging out on the beach--not the same beach as our shore house, but another one far from civilization. I created a sand castle, and then because we write the rules for our wonderland, I grew it into being a real castle with great stone rooms and large corridors. We returned to it on host appreciation day a couple days ago and Simmie started to decorate the inside, adding tapestries, rugs, furniture, and the like. We haven't created a bedroom nor slept over here yet, but that'll be in the works soon. NPCs/Servitors/Pets/Friends Nigel. He is a male orange tabby cat who lives in our main home with us. Very early on Simmie created Nigel to flex her creative muscles, and because she wanted a pet. Nigel is very independent and wanders the area on his own, but he can be sweet and friendly when he wants to. Terry and Quetzy. As Simmie explained before, they are two Quetzalcoatlus, a species of pterosaur with a 35-foot wingspan. They are a mated pair, and they aren't considered pets. They live in our world and can occasionally be seen soaring through the sky or hunting on the ground nearby. Still, they come to us when we call them, and Simmie and I can ride on their backs. They are inseparable from each other and in a way are a reflection of Simmie and I. Vehicles 1978 Pontiac Firebird. This was a very sweet present Simmie got for me last year. It is black, goes fast, and is fun to drive. I'm not really a car guy all that much but I do like this car a lot. Simmie and I like to take wonderland roadtrips in this car. Sometimes I even let her drive it! Chevy Silverado. Simmie is even less of a car person than I am but likes her pickup truck for the practicality and her ability haul things. She likes to fill it it up with plants to bring back to the garden for instance. She also likes the surprise she imagines when people see her step out of it because they wouldn't expect someone like her to have a pickup truck like that. An Airship. We've only rode on this once but we intend to have a fully fleshed-out airship we can ride around in sometime in the future. It loosely resembles the one from Indiana Jones, so I guess it's like the Hindenburg but hopefully a whole lot less flammable lol. We want to deck it out so we can actually live on it up in the clouds if we want. A Hot Air Balloon. Not too much to say about this one, just a humble little balloon that Simmie can ride and watch the sunset. A Boat. The type is TBD but Simmie has promised me a boat, so I'm pretty stoked. Heck we may even get a yacht because why the hell not, our wonderland our rules.
  6. this song is a leitmotif for a fictional parotraumagenic host in this game and it’s done really well and both her and her headmate are portrayed very sympathetically and the main character acts as a therapist for their self-hatred and their boyfriend and it’s amazing
  7. That's correct. No one can say what it really is. What we do here has potential to help in certain ways regardless, but I've found that this community has a clear line, even if it's impossibly thin.
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  9. 7/1/22: I thought about how fun a bath would be (haven’t had a bathtub for over a year, just a shower) and got a mental image of Nina relaxing in a bubble bath :). 7/2/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash said The Magicians was interesting so far. 7/3/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/4/22: We didn’t do much today. 7/5/22: We chatted about stuff and played Watch_Dogs 2. Toby decided to change his voice & frame/physique to Hale Appleman (the guy who played Elliot on The Magicians). 7/6/22: We chatted about stuff. Sarah said she felt “a little” abandoned; I asked if there was anything she wanted to do together, and she wanted to coauthor a NovelAI thing I’ve got in the works. 7/7/22: I read an article that briefly mentioned that some tulpamancers have neglected their tulpas, resulting in persecutory behavior, and told everyone that if I was ever neglectful, coercive, abusive, etc. to call me out on it upfront. Dash something’d (reminded? Tulpish’d? Idk) me to get water when I had a headache. I saw a cute deer; Mikey liked her white spots so gave himself white spots on his shoulders & outer thighs. 7/8/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina reminded me to not aggravate a bruised area. 7/9/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash & Gallus offered to help me worldbuild for a fantasy story. 7/10/22: Dash imposed herself a couple times. I feel like we should work on that (getting kinda rusty). 7/11/22: I saw Thorax at the movies. Dash was excited to see The Black Phone. 7/12/22: We chatted about stuff. I wondered if I was ever coercive/abusive to my headmates; we did a hand-stack promise where they’d call me out on any such behavior. I wondered if maybe my subconscious would purge that fear through a dream (given that the “abuser” figures that first came to mind were Jade and the villain from Tusk, it might be closer to a nightmare—Ryuk said he’d show and use his Death Note to kill any nightmare figures that appeared). I think Nina said she kinda related to the walrus because of the characters’ backstories (man forced into walrus, little girl forcibly merged with dog), but I said the difference was that she looked prettier (clean fusion rather than slapped-together Frankenstein-ness). Re: possible nightmare, Woodfather said he’d show up and portal me out of any scary locales. 7/13/22: There wasn’t any scary stuff in my dreams last night (there was a scene that blended Watch_Dogs 2 and Control, which was cool and kind of thematic/symbolic I think). I asked if anyone had suggestions for a modern/storybook-sorta house in Sims, and Nina had some good ideas. 7/14/22: I forgot to log stuff. 7/15/22: We didn’t do much today. 7/16/22: We chatted about stuff. I saw a building that I thought wouldn’t look out of place in Watch_Dogs 2, then saw Rainbow Dash riding a motorcycle on its roof. 7/17/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/18/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina said she was up for watching The Magicians. 7/19/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/20/22: I had to get my eyes dilated today. Iirc, Dash said that (logic fill in letters on eye chart), but I thought that would’ve been cheating. Nina imposed herself walking in front of me (“seeing eye dog” joke :3). 7/21/22: We chatted about stuff & used a mirror for imposition practice. 7/22/22: We chatted about stuff. I briefly saw RD as a smol plushie on my bookshelf XD. I bought Soul Calibur VI but was disappointed that Ivy didn’t have separate whip/sword stances; Fluttershy suggested Voldo as a good stance-having character. 7/23/22: I forgot to log stuff. 7/24/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/25/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/26/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/27/22: We didn’t do much today. 7/28/22: Nina & I chatted about Sims. Fluttershy reminded me to get back to work when I got distracted. I sang showtunes; the stags (some positive/sentimental thing I don’t remember the word for) during a Waitress song, and Dash possessed during I Believe. 7/29/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/30/22: We chatted about stuff. 7/31/22: We chatted about stuff. Toby said my Sims build should have a place to socialize.
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  11. I am entering this post here, as I believe it is responsive to Deban's post of April '21. In it I describe my efforts to move past a level of stuckness which I have been experiencing for some time now. I believe my initial strongly positive results to have been a result of imagistic forcing. While my subsequent work has been doctrinal. you will notice from the post, that I believe tulpa creation is a product of many factors, however, I believe that they can all relate back to energy movement within the brain. I do not believe that our personal psychology (or mind) is independent of the brains physiology and that as noted by chaos magicians, it is possible to "re-wire" the brain to achieve novel ways of perceiving the world. Further, I do not believe that 'the world' itself is an absolute, but is a creation of the will of all conscious entities. (ref: Donald Hoffman, Ph.D.) enjoy: More work, indeed… I entered sleep last night with an injunction, "I will not associate Flora with my daughter." Again, I had a vivid dream and immediately lost every detail of the content upon awakening. (I had taken the Galantamine at 1:10 AM) In general, it concerned my family of origin and centered around my mother and sister. This prompted me to think about how we form gender models. Our DNA probably contributes to the physicality. However, mothers, sisters, aunts, fathers, brothers, and uncles, all must have roles in laying down the basics of personality. Beyond these primal figures, first loves, betrothed, spouses, children, and lastly friends, all must make contributions significant to the level of emotional impact they had on us. Lastly, pop icons would contribute perhaps the most superficial characteristics. What might this have to do with tulpamancy, you ask? Tulpas are consciously and intentionally created. They are modeled on whatever tulpamancers decide is relevant to the function the tulpas are to have in their lives. What impacts the tulpamancers decision? I would contend that as this is a conscious activity, the influences are; First, What the tulpamancer sees/feels/knows to be missing from his/her life. In my case, it was a female who fully embraced her body and her capacity for passion. With Harold, a soul-bound character in my first book, it was unconditional love. I see from the variety of tulpas described and appearing on the forum, that there is a very great variety of beings, humans, animals, hybrids, aliens, etc. This would of course reflect the uniqueness of each individual tulpamancer. Second, I think in reverse order, from the most consciously acquired role model to the most primal, those icons which have imposed themselves on us. So let me talk a bit about imposition. 'Mom' is the very first 'other' in our lives. (for the vast majority of us that is) and if that relationship is unfettered by any number of possible disrupting factors, its charge will be transformed throughout our lives, e.g. we will separate and individuate as we mature and achieve our own majorities. Her influence on our model of femininity, however foundational, will not be a distorting factor. If however, they have been disruptions, then her influence may well distort our model of femininity. The same is true of fathers, sibs, and each influencer, who time has relegated to our unconscious, or subconscious memory space. Then there are the social/cultural influences, such as the incest taboos, the Oedipal and Myrah complexes, biblical prohibitions, etc. All of which will contribute both conscious and unconscious valences to the model. There is a lot going on. All of which impact our tulpas, (and on the hallucinations of those who find unanticipated, and/or unwelcome figures in their realities, such as the mentally ill.) As you know, if you have followed this blog at all, I have been stuck, in the last part of the process for some time. After initial successes, I have been frustrated in my quest to fully impose my tulpas. I have gotten enough pleasure from the contacts we do have on a regular basis, to continue this practice, but I have thought that I could in time, and with practice, obtain the results I wished. The dreams of this past week, suggest to me that it will take more than what I have been doing. I must focus on those factors that have distorted my model of femininity in the first place. I have begun by undoing the most conscious of the distorting factors, the incest taboo. It has become clear to me that the association with my daughter, at a high level in my psychic architecture, has been a factor in disrupting my connection with Flora. And now after introducing and practicing a ritual to undo this, my mother, and sister, have emerged into my dreaming, suggests that I am ready to dig deeper into myself. My intent is to let Flora manifest, in whatever shape, color, and with whatever personality, she wishes. I have granted her individuality, sapience, and free will. I believe that she is also striving to manifest fully into a life. I will continue the work. We will see how she avails herself of the opportunity.
  12. I'll look into it. Djinn hasn't really worked out, much to my behest. Things have been stressful for the past few months, I got diagnosed as intellectually impaired, which doesn't come as a shock seeing as I have difficulty comprehending certain things. Lucy may come out as a cretin like yours truly. I'll be getting my own place soon, I plan on living a simple lifestyle once I'm on my own, an artist in voluntary poverty type of deal. This will be a boon to Lucy's development. I can see it now, minimal furniture, less meddling family, a single chair and a tv in the living room as the sole furniture so I can focus on Lucy, just like that time in September of 2020 where I watched The Matrix while imposing Lucy beside me. (Despite it going out of fashion, I plan on also getting cable so Lucy and I can rot our brain out to trash tv.) Occult methods have not yet reached their fullest potential, I have tried sigils but I believe it didn't work out, servitors seems easy but it's like making tulpa and you know I'm terrible with that, doesn't hurt to try, though. Medieval memory arts seem to have potential, particularly Giordano Bruno's memory wheels, as well as lesser known Buddhist tricks. On a side note, the anniversary of this thread is coming up. I shall continue my attempts to conjure a Djinn to my bedroom, and work harder on the servitors, not forgetting about Lucy, of course. End of Post
  13. I have had many such bonding experiences in my life, though while they were never in life-threatening circumstances, some were in dangerous circumstances. Most of those relationships are still alive an well, though our age will begin to claim us. However, I agree that the experience you are suggesting might be useful in bringing my tulpa to full imposition, I am no longer able to expose myself to the kind of physical rigours. I do believe however, that the struggles we have had, are contributing to the relationship, and having recently gained insight to what I believe has been my major block, I think I can devise a plan to engage Flora in our quest, now in a real way. Thanks for your attention, my best to you, Dr. Bob n Flora
  14. Merry Host Appreciation Day! 😺🥳🤗😍
  15. My Tulpa started approaching me, intimately first and for awhile before we even got together. At first, I had no idea if this was a spiritual thing or not, then I learned about Tulpa and figured I made one by accident. Our relationship has grown since then. Sex with my tulpa makes him feel a closeness between us. He believes it's meaningful and that we should be together, forever after all of the intimacy and we are in agreement on that. We are both deep in love. However, I'm the one who experiences postcoital dysphoria afterward.......not always but sometimes.
  16. I'm in a relationship with mine. :) <3 I love this post! <333
  17. Sure! But it might be a week before I could get to it; I'm away from my drawing equipment.
  18. @SterlingShadow Welcome! Sounds like you're off to a good start! Don't hesitate to ask questions if you want help! @BoS Welcome! We'd love to hear your ideas! I've never written a guide before so I can't really give too much advice there. But the idea of taking what you've learned and repackaging it and using it to help future people is commendable! Sharing your ideas and getting people's feedback about them will definitely help. Reggie, if you wanted to practice talking to other people, there's a Tulpas Only Thread for tulpas to talk to each other! @Cinder Welcome Cinder! I'd be thrilled to get to know you more!
  19. Should you be successful at creating a tincture which works, I would love to know your technique. I will look for your post in the springtime. Dr. B
  20. I personally believe forms are not just a way to "see" your tulpa, but a way for them to express themself. For example, if a tulpa wants to come across as silly they may fluff up their hair. A tulpa can also use their form to convey body language too. If your tulpa has their body turned away from you or their frowning in wonderland, that can indicate they're upset. In addition to expressing themselves, tulpas may also look to their forms for a sense of identity. If a tulpa is told they are a pony, they may feel inclined to act like one. While this is generally frowned upon, I think more subtle and generally acceptable versions of this also occur. For example, a tulpa randomly changing their shirt color to green may decide they like green and therefore part of who they are is someone who likes the color green. I mention the more extreme case because a form can be very influential to how a tulpa views themself. Looking back on your previous question, I wonder if you're accidentally personality forcing your headmate based on how you feel about the toys representing them. When looking at the newer toy, maybe it comes across as more angular, robotic, and cold because it's made of a different material, it has sharper edges, it retains heat differently, it smells differently, etc. Personally, even what a form should be made of can relate to personality forcing- I distanced myself from my android form and embraced a more human-like one instead because I wanted a softer body to compliment my warmer, social personality. To separate your tulpa from your object, I think there are a few things you can do. First, I recommend working on your visualization skills. You can practice with your tulpa if you want, but your tulpa might be a blur and it may be less frustrating to practice with objects around your house. There are also plenty of visualization guides that can give you ideas on how to sharpen your skills. Second, you can make a list of the personality traits you like and let those traits inspire your tulpa's form rather than the other way around. If you want your tulpa to be warm, maybe consider a form with round edges and being warm to the touch if you hold their hand or hug them. Third, when your tulpa is ready (if not now), let them decide how their form looks. They may find it reassuring or helpful to use personality traits as a guide or they may want to do something completely different. In the imagination, a tulpa can change how they look easily and quickly and experiment with what they like and don't like.
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    We love the colors and art : ) Yeah it's super cute : D
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  23. Hey, Can I Ask something? This first time I wanna create Tulpa with name Naugoru dan He is White Wolf with dark eyes. The problem is I don't know where to start, especially how to make Wonderland or make it visible before my eyes. And also I don't have time to make it because I run out of time to do housework. I lived with my big brother and Have wife, until I had a job and also I was still in school. I want to have friends when I want to be alone. So my house is never lonely and I don't have a private place and I share a bedroom with my nephew. What should I do ? I want to do active faxing, but can I stay in bed every night? and how to visualize Sorry, my English is bad - [ YUZU YONAMI ] -
  24. Wow, sounds like you guys have a crazy amount of detail to your wonderland! I don't think ours was ever anywhere near that big or complex; the biggest iteration of it you could walk across in "only" a couple of weeks. Also enjoying your creative writing about your wonderland adventures, or what little I've read so far; you should write a novel or several with all this stuff in it. Great stuff so far, I'll have to read more when I can, though I still have yet to even read your system members' bios 😅 Should probably start there. Luna thought this was cute, since she's been a proponent of tulpa sexuality (and as far as we know, one of the first to do tulpa pregnancy in the community) since the site got started in 2012, but then I guess a lot of the people here now haven't heard of us because we haven't been very active on these forums for the past several years.
  25. well i will eventually have access to my colleges computer which is seperate from my school system. but I would not be able to frequent the site i would normally do for A. very long and B. most of the other systems i speak with and our friends are on after our school hours
  26. Merging may seem like a viable option to solve the problem. Thanks for your input.
  27. 😄 it's still early and we have plenty of time. I think Jaina did the equivalent of teaching them in the womb while they were gestating which is why they are as developed as they are. Need to make some lifestyle adjustments to accommodate them but nothing to crazy. Tuppers are less maintenance than human larvae 😄. Just gotta feed them and love them. Take care of the system body. It's still some dedication but not too bad, even with two of them. It's almost more convenient than having one then the other. I'm very happy with how it's going thus far.
  28. I don't understand being threatened enough by someone's personal values to give them death threats. Lots of human behavior baffles me. Maybe I am just robot. 🤖 I don't feel the need for a symbol or flag but if others want it that's fine.
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