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Tulpa Vocalization Practice

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My only peev is that the mind will come up with things to fill the void. For instance, Exercise #1 will probably not be efficient when it comes to practicing vocalization, since it can either be the tulpa or the mind itself.



Agreed, but that's where the "explain your answer" comes in, which is probably the most important part. The tulpa can decide "oh, wait, that wasn't me" or "I just came up with it out of the blue" if they want, as long as they're talking and thinking about it. Exercise #1 is marked as a warm-up since it's mostly to get the tulpa's activity going, rather than anything intensive. I probably wouldn't do Exercise #1 on its own, but using it as a stepping stool to the better ones is probs good. Our host did something similar with Apollo way back when.

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keep in mind that your tulpa’s voice won’t sound like some alien noise in your head. Vocality, at its core, is just the tulpa creating verbal thoughts, just like your own. When a tulpa speaks, it’s simply them taking control of the conscious mind and creating thoughts as words/sentences, so don’t expect something too foreign as they learn to speak, and don’t expect them to have a different voice right away.


Some of the most important advice for a new tulpamancer to understand. Very good start for any vocality guide.


you should try to let go of and ignore your doubts while filling this out on your tulpa’s behalf. It’s alright if you have them, that’s totally normal, just try to ignore them. Set aside those thoughts and let them speak their mind freely. If you’re not totally certain about something, just ask them if that’s what they really meant, and trust their answer.


One thing that hosts often get frustrated with is the fact that they know what their tulpa is going to say before they say it. That’s totally normal: thoughts occur before verbalization for tulpas and hosts. Simply allow them to speak their mind, don’t get irked by that fact. If anything, it’s a good sign: it means they’re actually thinking through what their response will be before they give it.


Okay, this is complete A+ stuff right here. Even without the exercises this is already proving to be an excellent intro for vocality.



As for the exercises themselves, I can see their utility but I'm not especially impressed. I feel like most of these are more useful as prompts to encourage talking rather than exercises that might make it easier for a tulpa to talk in the first place. Additionally, I feel like I would never use the example prompts for each exercise. All that said, I've met plenty of tulpamancers with vocal tulpas who probably needed these for early tulpa conversations anyway, and this kind of thing probably works better than unstructured "talk to the void" approaches to reaching vocality. I'll also give a quick shout out to exercise 10, those questions are ones that a lot more tulpamancers need to ask early on.


Approved for resources.

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Overall, this is an excellent resource that encourages for the Tulpa to think, gives a really solid basis for vocality, and goes over the potential issues a struggling Host would encounter. I also like the fact that this work sheet gives the host and their Tulpa conversation starters that can lead to future conversation and help the Tulpa grow. Honestly, I wish this was available when Cat was trying to figure out ideas for forcing sessions a long time ago.


As it stands, approved for resources. I found a few minor things you may be interested in going back and changing for polishing reasons, so I left them in a hidden tag here-



For exercise 2, I recommend using a/an/the instead of "a" in general. and for some reason the addition of this is inconsistent.


12. This zoo is full of (adjective) (noun)!


It makes more sense grammatically to use (plural noun) instead of noun here.


02. What’s your form?

12. When were you created?


These are facts rather than personality questions. As it stands it's fine for approval, but it seems to break the theme of the excersise since all of the other statements are questions asking for the Tulpa's opinion. It may be better to say something along the lines of "02. What do you like about your form?" or "12. Does the date of your creation have a special meaning to you?"


010. School/work


I found this minor formatting typo where there's an extra zero. I figured it was worth mentioning because I realized you were trying to keep all the numbers aligned by adding a 0 in front of the numbers 1-9.


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