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Switching and Fatigue/Tiredness

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Lumi suggested that this topic was better suited for BQ than LOTPW, so here we are!

Many switching systems report that when they first start switching, the tulpa feels incredibly tired after a few hours of switching in. This fatigue can almost entirely be eliminated by having the tulpa switch out, and seems to reset after a good night's sleep. However, many switching systems work up to the point where the tulpa can switch for a whole day without becoming tired. My question is: how long does this take? How much switching practice do you need before switching-related fatigue disappears?

After less than two week's practice, Cornelia was able to switch from about 7:30 to 5:30, though she got tired wayyyy before she switched out. My guess is that getting yourself to six hours without tiredness can be done in a couple of weeks, but getting it up to a full day could be a matter of months

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13 hours ago, Luminesce said:

I can't quite remember anymore, but it was a very blatant problem when we first started. Flandre for example would get tired after 4-6 hours the first few days, to the point where she could literally fall asleep (one of them did once, which is incredible as I can never fall asleep outside of actual bed time), but it would be entirely alleviated upon switching back with me. I'm unsure of whether this took a few weeks or a couple months, but it was a gradual process of them being able to stay switched for longer and longer until they eventually hit an entire day without tiredness, at which point they were able to stay switched indefinitely. Lucilyn has fronted for two months straight once, maybe twice.


also for the record our fatigue never "reset after sleep", 'cus by the time we could go the whole day, we didn't get tired anymore. I dunno if whoever it was that slept the one time felt less tired when they woke up, but since we can't really nap I doubt it

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I have yet to overcome the tiredness, but I have been rarely switching for the last month. I only switched 6 or 7 times now though.

I went through a similar process with possession where I could only possess for hours at a time. I was very surprised to have to redo this process again with switching.

After I hit my breaking point, I start to lose my grip on the front. I think my comfort zone right now is about 2 hours. After that, I get the sense I'm losing my grip and I have to persevere. I usually try to hold the front from anywhere to 2-4 hours depending on how much I can tolerate, and then I switch out exhausted.


Once I switch out, I need about 30 minutes of non disturbance before I feel comfortable doing anything again, including talking to Gray while I'm in the back.


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A strange thing I've noticed: If I switch in for the morning, switch out, then switch back in later that same day, I feel just as fatigued as if I'd been switched in all day. Has anyone else experimented with/noticed this?

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Huh, well, we no longer have any kind of fatigue from switching, nor just from it being the end of the day. I can't remember anymore, but I almost want to say as little as 1-2 hours after one of my tulpas had switched back with me (early on when they still experienced fatigue), they'd be okay to front for a while again. Whether it was for less time than the previous time that day though I couldn't say anymore

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Vesper: Back when an hour switched in was fatiguing for me, not only did switching out immediately remove my fatigue, in half an hour I would be fine to switch in again.


Ember: Shortly after picking up tulpamancy, we started having terrible insomnia. When the weeks of insomnia started to pass and I actually started experiencing tiredness and sleepiness again, I found I no longer had the stamina to front for a whole day. But Vesper could switch in for half an hour, be completely awake and alert, and afterward I would feel better.

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When Possessing for long periods of time (maybe 8-12 hours), the both of us (host and myself) would get tired not after stopping the possession, but the day after, after sleeping, so i guess people respond to overexertion differently. I haven't had anytime to see whether doing it a lot changes anything, since I only do it when I'm hanging out with friends, but I assume its something people could improve at if given practice.

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