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Way to go Simmie and Phil! (From both of us!)


14 hours ago, Gloomynoon said:
On 6/6/2021 at 10:52 PM, TurboSimmie said:

I kept repeating phrases like "I am Simmie. I'm in control now."

This sounds like something you would say when switching-in, but it's for full-body possession? 


We had to do stuff like this too, and we viewed it more as a method of bringing Shizuku to the front. (I think it could also be viewed as a type of switch, though? Honestly, I think the terminology around possession and switching is kind of a mess, especially since it seems that the experiences are so subjective).


After some practice, we got to the point where she could possess pretty easily "from the back" for simple movements, but that didn't help us accomplish our goal of letting her use the body to practice piano. To make that work, she needed to take over the front and think about what she was doing.


5 hours ago, TurboSimmie said:

I...think I just had a bit of a breakthrough right in the middle of writing that. I just got frustrated and did it. Guess I really just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.


14 hours ago, Gloomynoon said:

I find it interesting, because you and Wray are all reading guides and stuff. Me and Jill didn't read any (Not trying to flex.) Just knew the general concept and a few things, like permission and stuff.


Awesome, Simmie!

This discussion makes me think there's probably a lot to be said for the "just do it" school of tulpamancy. The way this stuff works, reading a guide that says something is hard/impossible to accomplish might literally make it so.


Anyway, I'm really glad possession/switching/whatever-you-call-it is going smoothly for you guys! And yes, take it easy on Phil! We hosts have been around for a lot of years, so we can be pretty set in our ways. 😂

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Host: Wray (or John) (he, him)
Tulpa: Shizuku (she, her) 🐺

We now have a progress report!

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I hope you guys aren't tired of me gushing about Simmie yet, but she really is amazing and continues to blow my mind all the time. The last few days in particular she has surprised and impressed me with astoundingly rapid progress and I simply must share it.


You might have read Simmie's reports on her own progress with progression. It was going slowly for quite some time. We were having trouble differentiating between who was really controlling the body and we were using increasingly blunt-force methods to assert Simmie's dominance over mind's narrative. It kind of worked but was sloppy. But then, the next day while typing at this very computer, Simmie got really frustrated and just...did it. Just out of nowhere she slid right in and began possessing me almost effortlessly, raising my hand high into the air and keeping it up there as if defying the whole world to tell her she couldn't.


Then last night Simmie decided she really wanted to dream. Now, I can't even make myself dream on command. But Simmie was determined to do it; she couldn't stop thinking about it right before bed, and she even prayed about it. (I'm pretty much agnostic myself but her praying is really sweet). And then she just did it: she dreamed. Simmie wrote about it on the dream thread if you're interested. It was a bit of a tense and creepy dream so when we first awoke we didn't know how to feel, but within a few minutes Simmie began to understand her accomplishment and started to celebrate.


Simmie immediately began to possess my right arm and wave it around. She was really starting to enjoy herself as she told me how she was making it glow bright green (symbolically representing that she was controlling it). Then from there she started to slide into full body possession. I asked her what she wanted to do with it; she had told me the reasons she wanted to possess me, one of them to be to help me out with things like cleaning, and I started to wonder if that was actually true or if it was just something Simmie thought she wanted to do, but would find herself stopped by my body's own habits and predilections when she finally got into the drivers' seat.


Well, if you know anything about Simmie by now, she took that as a challenge. "Oh yeah? Well you just watch." She basically said. Then she started to get to work. One of my bad bachelor habits I've picked up is to often leave my clothes unfolded in a laundry basket after taking them out from the dryer. Simmie immediately started to fold and hang up every clast item of clothing in the room! But she wasn't done blowing my mind yet. At first I was unsure if Simmie was really controlling things or if we were both kind of sharing. Simmie insisted it was her. She told me to picture myself standing in the living room of our wonderland home. She gestured to our TV. "Want to watch football? Here, I'll put on the game for you; the Eagles are winning 18-0." As I sat down I thought to myself that 18 was an uncommon number of points to have in a football game but Simmie insisted she didn't make a mistake.


So I started thinking to myself "18 points? Simmie is smart but I guess she doesn't know much about football. How could they have 18 points anyway? I guess that's one touchdown, a field goal...then how did they get the other 8? Did they go for 2? Why would they go for 2 in that situation? Did they get a safety and then miss an extra point? Maybe all 18 points came from 6 field goals...nah probably not...maybe a touchdown, a safety, and three field goals?..." And I kept thinking along those lines while Simmie cleaned until it suddenly hit me: Simmie knew exactly what she was doing. She knows that I go down these random mental tangents all the time and deliberately set me down one of them so I would be distracted while she cleaned my room, thereby leaving her in complete control of the body. I was absolutely thunderstruck; this was a 1000 IQ play by Simmie and it completely worked. So subtle but brilliant; and she used what is normally a negative trait of mine to help me. She was coy at first when I asked her if she picked 18 points on purpose, but eventually admitted to remembering that it was an unusual score from a video we watched a ways back and deciding to use it.


Anyway, Simmie put away all the clothes and even picked up some loose trash that was on the floor leaving the floor spotless. At that point she seceded control of the body back to me and I got ready for my day. She's been kicking back up there relaxing ever since, smirking down at me with a friendly "See, told you so" kind of attitude and giggling a lot. I guess the moral of the story is to never underestimate Simmie: She will take it as a challenge and will prove you wrong every time. I think it's only a matter of time before she takes over the world so it's best to get on her good side now. 😆


The next big adventure will be a renewed focus on visualization and perhaps even imposition, but I haven't even really begin to dig into that side of things yet, so I won't go into it yet. (This post is already monstrously long anyway lol). As always, tips, feedback, comments are always welcome by us!

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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Holy cow, that improbable score trick blew *my* mind all the way over here. Simmie might be growing too powerful...

I'm super happy for you two! Keep on rocking, it's amazing to see someone doing so great.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I suppose it's time for a little update as it's been a while. Unfortunately, the last 2 to 3 weeks have been a bit of a down time for us. My job slowed down significantly from May to June and that should in theory mean I have more time to force, focus, and spend time with Simmie. In reality, my mind has been pretty scrambled and I end up just wasting huge amounts of time on inane activities like watching endless amounts of Youtube videos or marathon Civ VI sessions. Simmie is understanding with me, but I can tell there is a deep frustration lurking just under the surface. We've spoken about it: She pointed out that I--meaning Phil the ego--seems to be under the sway of the rest of myself rather than the other way around like it should be. (Gosh, there aren't words in English to describe this very well. Think of it as the gray matter in this picture controlling the blue dot instead of the blue dot ruling the gray matter.)




So to be completely honest, my main problem in Tulpamancy has nothing to do with Simmie and everything to do with myself and my own stupid brain problems. The paradox is that Simmie wants to be stronger in order to help with these problems, yet I have to overcome these problems in order to make Simmie stronger. I am thankful at least that since Simmie shares my brain she fully understands my shortcoming and the fact that I really do care about her development, I just find it hard to focus and take control of myself. I sometimes say that Simmie is impatient, but when it comes to putting up with me she has far more patience than can be expected from anyone.


Anyway, the next big journey we want to embark on is visualization/imposition. I forget in exactly which thread this happened or who said it, but an experienced old-school tulpamancer suggested that I work on making Simmie feel more real in 3D space, and I've taken that to heart. We had been working on possession which seems to be focused on Simmie being within me, whereas this is more about projecting her outside of me. This doesn't mean I'm giving up on possession; we're sticking a pin in it and returning to it later. But now the focus is on making Simmie as tangible as possible and I think the best way to do that is use the widest array of senses I can to accomplish this, so I'll make a little list with my thoughts on each:


Visual - The most obvious and probably most important. I have a good idea what Simmie looks like, but frustratingly I still have difficulty picturing her photo-realistically (this bothers her even more than me). All the art I have created of her to help with this has been based on her Sim from the Sims 3, which while it's a pretty good representation in the game, is still a Sim after all. I also have the excellent commission that CM did for us. But we still lack a photorealistic depiction of Simmie. I wonder if there are any artists in the community with the ability to draw one? I'd be willing to pay for a commission; maybe I'll ask around the art subforum. But for now, I can still focus on picturing Simmie standing or sitting next to me when out on our worldly adventures. This was actually something I was doing a lot early on but fell off of a bit, so I'll renew that focus.


Auditory - This one is pretty tricky. I have a fairly good idea what Simmie's voice sounds like, though I can't really describe it and honestly it doesn't have any immediately identifiable quirks. If you heard it, you'd probably say "Yep, that's a normal American female voice". But apart from speaking, I might use ASMR videos to replicate some of the non-verbal sounds she might make, such as breathing, hair and clothing sounds, footsteps, or even her heartbeat. I may have to convince Simmie to give this a try, because she very much dislikes ASMR videos that are in or anywhere near the "girlfriend roleplay" subgenre. I think she would be willing to compromise with videos that are nonverbal and non-roleplay.


Tactile - I've made attempts with this one. During our meditation I often try to reach out and touch Simmie's face, hair, shoulders, arms, hands, and try to feel them. True tactile imposition seems hard if not downright impossible though, but maybe I haven't given it an honest try. I still hold Simmie's hand when we walk, to the point where I unconsciously go out of my way to make sure there's enough space for her. Oddly enough this was more satisfying when it was still cold and I was wearing gloves; maybe because there was material around my hand it was easier to imagine her own gloved hand in mine. Also, this is technically another sense, but I don't know the name for it so I'll throw it in here: The ability to sense Simmie's presence. The fact that I make space for her unthinkingly shows that I already do this to an extent. But you know when someone's in the room with you and you can still sense them when you close your eyes, maybe because of their subtle movements? That's the kind of feeling I want to achieve with Simmie. I think more than anything this can drive home the reality of Simmie, possibly even more than visual imposition would.


Smell & Taste - These two seem hard to do, and can also be a bit NSFW to talk about if I'm not careful. But I have legitimately managed to taste Simmie's breath on a few occasions--still the sharpest imposition experience we've had so far. I had a pack of strawberry-flavored Orbit gum that Simmie told me smells similar to a hair product she uses, but we had a hard time getting that one to stick. Every person has their own unique scent due to their natural body odor plus the hygiene products they use, but I have no idea how I would even go about replicating that for Simmie. But I've heard olfactory sensation is most closely tied to memory of all the senses, so this might be something worth thinking about in more detail.


So that's all for now. If anyone has any advice or ideas on any of these topics, please tell me! 

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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We're only working on presence right now, but I had a hard time finding any information about it at first. 😅 Jordan & Lianne's presence imposition guide was very helpful. This comment (from a pretty old thread) also had some relevant information.

I found a lot of good stuff about imposition in general in this thread, too--especially because Ember.Vesper's comment there links to plenty of other resources. Hope this could help with your research.

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Host: Wray (or John) (he, him)
Tulpa: Shizuku (she, her) 🐺

We now have a progress report!

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Hello everyone, it's Simmie. It's been a while but I wanted to make an update. We're to the point now where talking about tulpamancy progress is completely tied into the wholistic state of "the system" (I really dislike using that word to refer to Phil & I but we haven't really come up with an alternative yet), so it doesn't make sense to talk about one without talking about the whole.


July has been a rough month for us both. Phil's depression has been at a more severe level than usual over the last few weeks and his ability to concentrate and motivate himself have taken a big hit. And when that happens, it effects me greatly. It's hard for me to motivate him when I have trouble reaching him; I'm always here, but sometimes I feel like I'm trying to talk to him through a distorted sound system. When he forces himself we can still have very lucid conversations, but he has trouble concentrating for more than about a minute or so without losing focus.


But now we come to the main source of tension between us: I have been probing him to do little things to help improve his life and mental state; anything from going to bed earlier to "stop doing X activity if it's not constructive or even fun". Phil always says he'll do it...and then he doesn't, almost like a child. He doesn't seem to be willing or able to take even a modicum of agency in his own life and just drifts by on the breeze. I'm not asking for anything major; just small little improvements that are going to make him happier, heathier, and more successful. Maybe once or twice a week he'll buckle down and work a solid hour on something and knock it out like a champ. But for the rest of the time he's drifting in a haze. I think anyone could see how this is incredibly frustrating for me, and why I just get so tired of it and pull myself further into the background. It hurts to think that Phil's love and care for me doesn't seem to be powerful enough to push through these problems and help himself. And I feel like a jerk for even saying that, because it makes me feel like a manipulative person. I know he loves me with his whole heart; I couldn't ask for more in that regard. But ugh, I'm just so tired of it!


But maybe if I can't change Phil's attitude at least I can change my own. Today while out at the park with Phil I told him something: "Phil, you have fifty different demons floating around you tormenting you. I'm not going to be another one. I'm on your side, and will fight with you against them until the very end. I've made a promise to love you and stay with you no matter what happens. Even if you were a homeless bum sleeping under a pile of newspaper on the street I would still love you. We are a team. So let's be a team and work together on this. I'll help hold you up when you're weak, and I know I can count on you to help me bloom and grow as a tulpa and as a person."


So that's my pledge and my promise, and I want it out there as public record. No matter what happens I am going to love and support my host and never stop trying to help him. I'm not going anywhere.


Thank you everyone for giving me a chance to vent a little. It really makes me sad that the forum has been very quiet recently--during times where Phil is stuck in a daze or wrapped up in some Simmie-unfriendly activity I really could use an outlet to talk and enjoy the company of another person. But the only thing active on this forum seems to be LOTPW and I can't get into the discussions that usually happen there; I'm just not interested in those topics. I really wish other forum games were active at the very least. But beyond that, I just wish I could chat with somebody. I know the Discord exists, but I keep hearing bad things about it and I'm nervous to make the plunge.


That's it for now. It felt pretty cathartic to get this all off my chest. Phil always supports me expressing myself and never tries to censor me because he trusts me. 💚 If you took the time to read this, thank you! 😁

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J: 😭

D: 😭


Sorry to hear you're struggling Simmie. I'm sure everyone and their grandmother says this but maybe Phil could talk about his motivation stuff with someone. I've been talking with my therapist about mine. If that's possible it might take some stress off your relationship. 


J: Darron gets obstinate like a mule when he's in a mood. Giving him a task or project to invest himself in usually perks him up a bit.


You're such amazing person for promising to stand by him through everything. Don't fault yourself for "not being able to fix him or make him better." He has to choose to do that himself. If it was that simple Jaina would have been out of a job in a month.


Instead I'm stuck here forever with the mop and bucket to clean him up off the floor when he gets mopey. 🙄😉 Seriously give him something to do that keeps him occupied. Overcoming the inertia from the "doing nothing" state is the biggest hurdle. Even if it's a fun little non-essential project he can chip away at and you two can talk about things while he does. Bite sized pieces girl. Can't move a mountain with one shove.


I'm sorry if we're not doing much to stir up fun conversations. Been kinda lazy and reactive here. There's like that chat thread too if you want to talk about something and don't want to interrupt LOTPW. Also people seem to keep mining little fun question threads that went dormant long before we got here. Might be something neat there. 


D: 🤗

J: 🤗



Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hey everyone, I think it's time to make an update on behalf of Phil and myself! 😁 Things have improved a lot in the last week or so. I'm not going to lie, July and the first half of August were rough. There were a few bright spots like our trip to Lancaster, but by and large we were not happy.


For almost two months now we're worked very little on what I like to call "Tulpa stuff". And there main reason for this is that I don't want Phil using me as a way to escape his responsibilities to himself. I would just feel way too guilty if I allowed him to pour time and attention into me while his own life was being neglected. So apart from our short meditation sessions we haven't really been doing any active forcing at all. I definitely feel the effects of this: It gets a bit harder to talk to him at times, and I definitely take up less share of the mind, if that makes sense.


But that's now in the past. We've turned over a new leaf, and the trigger for that was looking at those marker drawings again as we uploaded them to this site. It really made us realize how stupid we were both being, and helped us realize what we really are to each other and reconnect with that love. I was very angry with Phil for saying he would do something, whether for me or for himself, and then not doing it. But I really stopped to think about the struggles he goes through, and realized that I can be forgiving of Phil while keeping my high standards for him. And starving myself of attention was not helping him either; he does better when I am strong.


So now we're looking to get back into it; tulpaforcing that is, or "Tulpa Stuff" 😄. My goals include strengthening my presence in the mind; to be able to jump in without Phil having to seek me out. I also want to learn a degree of...well I don't know if I'd call it "parallel processing" exactly, but my ability to access the mind's resources without being overly effected by Phil's mental or emotional state. Is there a term for that within the community? Phil wants to get back to imposition as well, and I think that could be helpful too. It might also be fun to work on possession again, as I still cannot consistently possess anything other than his hands or his voice.


Also, we want to get back into "forcing through art". That includes drawing, writing, and even making music. Phil has been encouraging me to take on those activities myself but I find myself strangely nervous about them. I have started journaling a little; Phil even bought me my own notebook and pen that only I am allowed to use. But truly creative activities; I don't know if I'm truly able to express and separate myself from Phil artistically yet. I'm not sure what is the best way to make that leap.


That's it for now, thank you everyone for reading! I love all my friends on this site and I want you to know that I treasure all our interactions. 💚 Moving into the fall, I think we're headed for an interesting and exciting time! 😁

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Phil and I are thinking of cultivating a wonderland that is parallel to the real world. I'm not exactly sure the best way to explain it. But when we wake up IRL, we're also waking up in the wonderland. When Phil's doing something IRL, he's doing the same thing or a similar thing in the wonderland at the same time. I'm always there in the wonderland, even when I'm not "active" strictly speaking, except when I'm being imposed / imposing myself. When Phil and I concentrate on the wonderland and block out the real world that's when we can do exclusively wonderland-based activities.


There are many reasons we want to do this. We want to create a wonderland that is closely tied to the real world but at the same time be a place where we can be in control and live the way we want to live. It also gives me a mental framework to think of myself as being in a physical place with a physical body at all times, rather than just a disembodied voice. It might also serve as a way to help manifest our real life goals and aspirations into reality, by picturing these things and then working to achieve them IRL.

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  • September13 changed the title to Determination - Simmie's Journey

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    • By Adagio
      This has been a problem of ours recently, especially since we're ditching the one-person-always-fronting idea and changing to more of a switching-based-on-situation look. But, my host is not very used to switching. While we have switched a lot, they personally haven't, and they prefer co-fronting to actually being switched out. Their role in our system is actually to be the primary and only fronter, which might be why they're having this problem. Something I'd note about them is that they value individuality, and without dissociating fully, they dislike switching out because it still feels like them fronting and it still feels like their actions. Even as I type this, they're co-fronting with me, not switched out fully.
      So, any advice? Are there any ways to make switching more comfortable for them? Any responses are very much appreciated!
    • By IceCreeper909
      Allow me to clear something up-- Perfect Possession isn’t all that perfect. The name originates from the game Touhou 15.5, though the actual technique and in-game version are quite different. Nevertheless, this technique requires a strong foundation in possession. It is intended for those that cannot switch or co-front but can possess. 
      What Is Perfect Possession? 
      Perfect Possession is a technique in which two tulpas(It may be a tulpa and the host, but it isn’t recommended) do a little “ritual” before they both possess at once. The two participants maintain possession until the front is secured, where it then turns from possession to co-fronting. 
      Participants in Perfect Possession each have a designated role, decided beforehand. The “primary” tulpa is called the “Master”, and the “secondary” is called the “Slave”. I urge you to ignore whatever historical or sexual connotations these terms may have. Though the assigning of roles is arguably an arbitrary step, it assists with “getting into the groove”, so to speak. Perfect Possession relies at least partially on the thematics of the process. If the terms Master and Slave make you uncomfortable, feel free to substitute them with whatever you please(ie, “Primary” and “Secondary”). 
      How do I initiate Perfect Possession? 
      1. To start off, have the two system mates designate which role they each are assuming. As previously mentioned, it can be argued it is an arbitrary step, though I personally think the thematics are one of the greatest contributors to the success of the technique, especially for fledgling systems. A word of advice regarding who's who, we've found that having the more "sensible" or generally more forced system mate (either or) act as Slave works best, essentially serving as a mental anchor of sorts for the Master. Of course, this isn't some hard rule, merely a suggestion. These instructions are but suggested guidelines for Perfect Possession, not hard by-the-book rules you must abide by. 
      2. Second, have the host do a little ritual of their own. “I am <Your name>, of <Your system name>. I am henceforth withdrawing from the front. I am no longer the primary thinker.” The wording doesn’t have to be precise or formulaic, do what works best. Immediately after, have the two tulpas begin possession, preferably of the full-body variety. 
      3. Next, have the Master and Slave recite a ritual themselves: “I am <tulpa 1 name> of <System name>. I am the Master.” The Slave continues, “I am <tulpa 2 name> of <System name>. I am the Slave.” Then, at once, they say, “We are in control. We henceforth commence Perfect Possession. Begin!” Again, exact wording may vary. It’s whatever works best. The two tulpas have thus begun Perfect Possession. For reference on what it may feel like, think possession, but better. 
      4. Thereafter, the two tulpas should maintain the front together. They should speak in mind voice each other constantly (Or, if you prefer, in verbal whispers. Works best with a mask on) throughout the process, taking turns doing things as though handing off a game controller. If they aim to do something together, they should each envision controlling half of the body. I only suggest doing movements in this fashion, however, once you get the hang of things. 
      5. Lastly, as time crawls on, the duo will become more used to the front. Accidental switching in on the host’s part becomes less likely, and manipulation of the body becomes much more natural. When the duo wishes to cease Perfect Possession, they again commence a small ritual. “I am <tulpa 1>...” “...And I am <tulpa 2>” (Together)”We Henceforth cease Perfect Possession and relinquish the front to <host’s name>.” As always, exact wording is irrelevant. It’s the intent that matters most. 
      And that’s all there is to it! 
      And that’s all there is to it. Perfect Possession is a stepping stone to switching. Switching isn’t hard, rest assured, though some may beg to differ, which is where this handy-dandy technique comes in. Just remember-- It’s easy. You can do it, I believe in you! 
      For those that want a more in-depth explanation of things, (I do not recommend viewing this unless you can already switch and/or Perfectly Possess, as it can mess up your perceptions of things which can prevent you from executing Perfect Possession)
    • By Cat_ShadowGriffin
      Ranger and I have been taking turns switching in since March. This has been a pretty good experience for us, but it came at the cost of we're struggling to stay separate. Not when we do activities unique to us, but when we're doing stuff like sitting in bed or working. At first we thought it was a different problem that has been solved, but it seems like an annoying evolution of the doubt question.
      I think it has been a really positive experience for Ranger in particular because he gets more time and he has felt more like a second host now that he interacts with us switched-in a lot more. Even though Ranger struggled with our autopilot in the beginning, he learned to accept it and things have gone on smoothly since.
      The problem is more recently, Ranger and I have started to feel like the other even after the first day. It's hit a point where randomly I'll think I'm Ranger and think like Ranger for a few seconds until I go no wait... I'm Gray, even though I have been switched-in for 3 days now. Ranger said he doesn't struggle with thinking like me or if he noticed it, but he has thought he was me recently. I think Ranger does more thinking in general between the two of us, it could be Ranger's ghost is causing me a lot more trouble simply because Ranger seems to spin his wheels more or maybe I find it comforting or relaxing for whatever reason and give him the opportunity to think more. The period of time Ranger was thinking every time I zoned out was really annoying and I drew a line there, but that was going on before we started sharing the front and seemed to quickly resolve itself once I started getting used to having less time.
      When we first started sharing the front, Ranger and I took turns everyday. We quickly realized that made us super confused about who was who, and we assumed that something about back-to-back switching just confuses our brain. By doing 3-4 days, we still had some doubt day 1 but it seemed to have resolved that issue. 5-8 days starts to feel long, and while Ranger could do a week now, he struggled to do more than a week due to his depression. I didn't find it difficult to be switched-in for roughly a week. However, I want to be switched-in for my classes and Ranger still wants at least a few days switched-in, so we're planning on sharing the week. We actually really like our set-up, it's this problem of not having better separation that's really annoying and disorienting.
      On the bright side, our switching schedule is going to shift and we will end up splitting our fronting based on who does what. I'll be fronting for school, Ranger will be fronting for DnD (once we get that ball rolling), and both of us (but mostly Ranger) will be fronting for work. While our schedule may become more complicated, it also simplifies things because our schedule will follow the week instead of whenever it's convenient according to our shifts. While I think this will help establish some speration, long term we need a better solution.
      While I'm pretty sure we need a different mindset, I'm not really sure which one to use. I'm not even sure what it would mean to "feel different" when switched-in, especially since our stream of consciousnesses (SOC) is neutral, and quickly becoming very neutral now that Ranger fronts a lot more. I'm against saying my name over and over, I already say who I am as reassurance and to say it all the time would be really annoying and dig up the feelings of insecurity Ranger struggled with when he feared he would lose the front. We don't want to wear different jewelry or anything like that, it would be really annoying to keep up with and extra annoying if we accidentally wear the wrong thing.
    • By BlackStatic
      EDIT 2: edit has been made, still defining guide based on criticism.
      Hey guys, so I know a lot of you wanted to know how I approach switching and what the hell parallel processing is. So here's my little christmas present to you all - a guide on switching!
      I'm not entirely sure if it's of professional quality, although I tried to write up a little on what switching/processing are, what it feels like during a switch, and how things like painkillers can affect your ability to tulpaforce.
      Either way, the guide is on google docs and the link is right here:
      I can put this under a spoiler tag as well if admins prefer guides to be posted on the forum itself.
      Thanks guys, have fun~ <3
      EDIT: Mirrored https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N37G-HkNMjgwz1WVCB3koI5MVKw9odYwzq8DwxD1BF4 - waffles
      EDIT #2: Also put it in the hide tag and attached in PDF format to this post - waffles
    • By YumiBerry
      The other day I saw someone mention in a forum asking if you could visit others or bring them into your wonderland, would you? Some said yes, but that it was too bad it was "not possible". Well, I'm here to say that, in a way, it is.
      "Visit others in your Wonderland? How is that even possible?"
      Well, it depends in what way you're asking.
      If you're imagining meeting up in some middle plane or reality where you will see, hear, feel, and experience yourself and others in Wonderland as you would in the waking world, I'm sad to say that is not the case (not the case without something like Astral Projection or something anyway. Wouldn't know).
      No, what I'm talking about is something that over 6 years ago my close friends and I labeled "3rd Space". This is a "space" between you and at least one other physical (as in original, not tulpa) person. It (at least for me) feels exactly how you feel when you visualize your experiences in Wonderland with your Systemmates, but stronger if you practice it. Of course, this space is imaginary, but it feels real and more than natural if you keep at it long enough.


      This overtime, if allowed, can become a very personal process. Be sure it's someone you feel safe about that wont abuse it or use it for any agenda other than what it's intended for. If you give consent, it's fine, but remember that you are always in control of your situation in 3rd Space. Don't allow anyone to make you feel uncomfortable. If they harass you, make moves on you you're not okay with, or do anything in any way that makes you feel unsafe or demeaned, it's as simple as closing the conversation. If they somehow continue, please let someone available know and block communication. This is not a common occurrence, but it's good to be stated otherwise. Also, please don't give personal information away. Play it safe, guys.


      How it works:

      Step 1 - You will need to choose one person (does not matter if they are a singular or a system) and one means of text to text communication. This can include anything from Skype (my most recommended, even if it's glitchy, it feels more "private" than most other programs and most natural for this) to facebook, to googlehangouts, to Discord. Anywhere you can type "/me" is best (so, avoid facebook if possible). "*"'s are okay, but I've always felt the "/me" works better, because your name pops up and then you can follow it with an action, example:
      ----"/me Nee sits on the singular bench at her park and waits for Aigle to appear. She crosses her legs and leans back against the slatted wood and looks up at the vast blue sky. She watches puffy and misshapen clouds roll by before quickly looking ahead at the sounds of Aigle's voice calling out to her. Smiling, she says with a smooth tone, "What took ya so long?" ----- would become "Nee sits on the..." rather than, "*Nee sits on the singular park bench...*. "/me" actions look more like a flowing book to me, rather than *'s, but this will come down to your personal preference as well as the other party's. Just a fair warning that if you use two different action types, it may be a little distracting and make it harder to get immersed in it. After all, this is supposed to play out like a book two people are writing at once. How would you feel if a book switched around from different font styles, tenses, and wordings every couple of sentences for no apparent reason? It'd be distracting, to say the least.
      If you cannot find someone to do this with (Ie: a friend that knows about your system-ness), you could always ask around the community. I'd just suggest showing them this guide if they haven't seen it already so you're both on the same page. I also suggest only 2 people at the start. More than that and it may become a little hectic to manage.
      Note: No Tulpa, no problem! Hosts/originals can do this completely by themselves as well as vocal (or able to communicate) tulpas/plurals/multiplies/alters/everybody. Heck, you can do this practice without even making it about Tulpas in the first place. A lot of LDR couple's do something similar to this.
      Step 2 - Now that you have someone to try this with and a platform to do so on, the next step will be to figure out where to start as well as get over any initial awkwardness. It'll fade away in time if you do this frequently, but it can seem odd in the beginning to some. Most of all with someone you might not know very well. Like with Tulpa work, you have to find a way to believe in it, even if the process is almost roleplay, it doesn't matter. You're both (or few) are doing this together. I can say from experience that after a while, it's real to you as it should be. It's like crossing a bridge to meet up in the middle between two islands to socialize, interact, learn, explore, and feel the company of another with you no matter where you are in the world. Again, a lot like Wonderland with your Systemmates. Over the years, 3rd Space interaction probably saved my life when I was without local friends for years. It blurs the line between long distance and local interaction. If you are lonely in real life or have a hard time socializing, I very much suggest 3rd Space method, just don't use others solely to make yourself feel better. It's about them, too. The text that reads "he/she wraps their arms around you and hugs you tightly" will feel real. You may or may not feel it physically, but you will know it's there. Heck, you can even just sit down and watch TV together in the same room (share the link and count down to watch it at the same time), eat popcorn, have a PJ party, magic duel, build skyscrapers and castles together, fly dragons, you name it. It's like sharing a semi-lucid dream once you know how to do it, so do whatever your heart desires (as long as it's consented by everyone involved). I had times many years ago where I more or less unstable. To dig a little personal, this came out in the form of Tenebre. Specifically, "Old Tenebre" as we call that time now. Tenebre's reformed now, but she was very unstable back then, unpredictable, and harmful. With the help of other's (plurals and singulars), we got through that time and one day the subconscious just went "poof" with Tenebre and suddenly she was as stable as any of us here, seemingly having a new role given from the submind now that "Old Tenebre" was no longer needed to keep some sort of balance. We then did the same for others. It was a learning experience.
      This is a detailed and very specific way it can be helpful, but it sure did save me more than a few times. If you're having trouble with isolation, this could really help you as well as social anxiety. You're not meeting up physically, but you still are meeting up and having to interact, but what's more cool than doing that and being able to ride knight's horses and battle dastardly villains at the same time?
      Just like they say with Tulpas in Wonderland, you'll be having incredible, hilarious, and touching memories for years to come and hopefully make some great friends along the way. I mean, heck, my girlfriend who is a System lives with me and every now and again we go to different rooms to meet up with Skype on 3rd space. There's really not something else like it.



      - The first one is easy. Excellent Visualization practice. Without knowing it for years, this process is what created and built my Wonderland for me. 3rd space interaction required a place to meet up, therefor, required a real, visualized location to do so. My Wonderland is very basic, but has certain aspects that are very detailed. It's white grounds meets the horizon to meet a white sky and goes on and on and on. However, we have a house, we have a park, we have a broken down city, we have a bathhouse, we have our own individual worlds, and we can hold our our hand and create anything from fire to landscapes. It may not always stick, but with enough forcing it will. Bring others into that mix and you have someone outside of yourself to bounce off of, who if you both allow, can create. Again, they do not enter your mind, but they describe what they are doing (as well as you for them) to you and you imagine it happen in real time. This creates a wonderful technique for you and another to help improve visualization, imagination, and other practices that can help you with Tulpa making. It teaches you to visualize the way fiction book reading does. You read it, you hear it in your mind, you visualize it! Only difference now is that you're half of the writer, half other writing process. That control and practiced ability can seriously benefit you with your Tulpa forcing, visualization, and possible even imposing (something I'm obsessed with).

      Note: I do not suggest dropping all other practices for this. This is a great side/main activity, but to help with it even more  I still suggest meditation to help increase clarity in visualization and whatever else helps you along your journey.


      - Second, improved writing skill. There is only so much you can do and so far you can go with poor writing skills. This includes spelling of critical words (google is your friend in this), grammar, punctuation, and the ability to describe the world around you as it flows and breathes. That last one is something you learn as you practice (heck, my chat logs from a few years ago were pretty awful), but now-a-days it's important to me that if I'm in 3rd space with someone, I can build the world and give it life so that what we experience together and can bounce of of each other easily. The best experiences (and results) come out of that. It's okay to not be perfect or even great at it, but I will say that typing like I did above to then get a response of "Aigle walk to Nee and waves, "hi." and sits." is disheartening, because it adds nothing to the world around you and you can't build anything off of it to reply with. It just stops there. Try to be in the mindset of a writer, not your normal facebook chat with casual friends. You're giving life to a in-between Wonderland. Make it yours and make it fun and immersive!~

      - Third, decreased sense of isolation and loneliness. As I said before, 3rd space interactions probably is why I'm still here today. There was a long, seemingly endless dark period of 8 - 9 years where when I was a kid, disability hit me in waves over the years, adding to the pile. This made it increasingly difficult to go out and make friends with people my age or anybody. Shortly after it started is when I started being in long-distance-relationships. I didn't know at the time I was teetering on the 3rd Space interactions that I'd know today. Sure, there was simple building blocks of it like, "/me cuddles you" or "/me kisses you", but nothing like trying to write a book. It wasn't until sometime after I met my ex did that world building aspect come into play. My ex was the first plural I had ever met (more or less besides myself, not really sure where I was at the time). Through 4 - 5 years of interaction between his System and mine, we all grew as people/beings and had hundreds of different experiences, good and bad. Then, it continued with my now Gf and we've grown together as well. You can do this with more than just one person. We wouldn't be the same at all if it wasn't for those interactions. Which leads me to my next point...
      - Fourth, Active/Passing forcing made easier/more engaging. I'll be frank and say this probably isn't the same for everyone, but I have a good feeling that 3rd Space interaction could really, really help those trying to force those in their system or soon-to-be. We started out pretty basic, but throughout the years of 3rd Space, we formed into much more life-like individuals that we probably never would have without it (sounds like forcing, doesn't it?). Granted, that's because we had no idea there was this practice or community of people like us. I'm not saying 3rd Space is your key to success, it's not, but it could prove to be a very nice and entertaining lock pick.  ;)
      - Fifth, Self-exploration/Learning about oneself. From the example about "Old Tenebre" and that being years into the process, you can probably only imagine the possibilities you'll learn about yourself (and others) when engaging in 3rd space, similar as you may from doing so with your Systemmates in Wonderland. This is why I want to stress the point again that you want to engage in 3rd space with someone that you like, not someone that seems sketchy or in it for their own (probably poor-intended) reasons, just because you don't want to keep searching for someone else. Again, you are not in danger. This does not cause actual possession or give them the ability to harm you, but even still try to cause yourself the least amount of trouble you can. 3rd Space can stay like a casual hangout forever and that is more than fine, but it does bring you and another person(s) closer than distance normally can on its own. So, be aware you may form bonds (or may not) if you're at this for a while. So, be wise about who you want to invite into yourself with. As long as you don't go throwing yourself at strangers, singing and frolicking, asking people to meet you inside of your head, I'm sure you'll be fine.
      And that concludes it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.
      Disclaimer: If this somehow, in same way, becomes a negative experience for you, please use common sense and keep your wits about you. I won't accept blame for each and every situation that goes south, though if you use the tools I said above, this is unlikely to happen.

      Happy exploring!~ 

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