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Quantum's Nametag method


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Blank vote (leaning toward disapproval, if can't opt out of this vote), Tips and Tricks.


The tip is mostly fine, although I question its usefulness:


I had asked my tulpa to do something similar, long before this guide was written, and it sort of "worked", but it didn't really make me trust that the answer really came from my tulpa. What worked instead? The tulpa learning to communicate emotionally and having that person "essence" feeling - if a thought was theirs, you would end up implicitly knowing it came from them and it would usually be surprising as it wouldn't feel caused by you - it would feel as if the thought is theirs, no matter how simple or complex the thought was.

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There aren't many guides on the forums about making the initial connection with your tulpa. This can be a time of great stress for many, and it seems odd to me that there aren't more guides out there.


I'm really bad at forcing. Both with keeping a schedule, and with staying focused. So I went about 3 months without much serious progress with communication. Then I thought of this, and told Eris to try it.


It worked literally overnight.


It works this way: I never think of myself by name. Ever. It doesnt happen. But I usually address Eris by name when I talk to her. I'll think "Hey Eris, blablabla" or "Eris, look at th-blabla."


I told her, quite simply, to address me by name when trying to tell me something. I have a pretty serious case of ADD, so I constantly have a barrage of thoughts running through my head. It wouldn't be difficult for her thoughts to simply get lost or drowned out in the mix.


But if she tags a thought with my name, it would stick out to me.


The very next day, I was derping around in Art class, starting a new bit of work without enough time left in class to really get far on it.


Somewhere in the whirlwind of my mind, something thought, "Noah, we don't have time to start this now." It was most definetely her.


This is my method for helping start initial communication. After she said that, I sort of 'traced' where the thought came from, and currently we are working on strengthening the whole system.


I hope this helps anyone who has the same problem I did.

Ill have to try this one out. I recently started forcing again (I took a huge break and nearly forgot about RD), and I have a lot of catching up to do.

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I'll try this for Magaska, maybe they'll say something in regular mindvoice pretty soon! I feel like they might be going to, although right now they're mostly communicating in tulpish.

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This is a good concept, one which I began doing from the start for different reasons. I have been enforcing the concept that we are 'equal' in the system, and that using eachothers names is better than using a term which might indicate a power shift, such as "master" or "teacher".


Will keep this in mind for vocalization in the future :]

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My gosh, this trick is going to be a game-changer for me for sure! I have confidence that it’s going to work wonders for me since my thoughts tend to be quite cluttered and difficult to sift through, much like the OP’s. 

I know I’m really late to the thread, but I just wanted to let others know that this nifty little trick is still relevant and useful even all these years later! 

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